The Rats in the Walls has ratings and reviews. Lyn said: H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker and Robert E. Howard sit in the afterworl. H.P. Lovecraft Reread Today we’re looking at “The Rats in the Walls,” written in August-September , and first published in the March. If you’re a fan of Renovation Rescue or Extreme Makeover and think you’ve seen some horror stories, you might consider The Rats In The.

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The locale itself, Exham Priory, is as much a character as our protagonist, with its rich storied history, and its mysteries held tightly within its ancient depths. A servant reports that all of the cats have got the spooks. He found nothing, and after a time returned wearily to his place across my feet. It was then that Sir William, examining the hewn walls, made the odd observation that the passage, according to the direction of the strokes, must have been chiselled from beneath.

These things were hackneyed spectral lore, and I was at that time a pronounced sceptic. Norrys, his plump face utterly white and flabby, simply cried out inarticulately; whilst I think that what I did was to gasp or hiss, and cover my eyes. During many days in London Capt. Pero realmente las recomiendo, Lovecraft es un maestro del horror y en provocar pesadillas especialmente si lees las historias antes de dormir. We spent the rest of the night in the brilliantly lighted study, nervously discussing what we should do next.

Seeing that Nigger—Man was with me, I shut the heavy Gothic door and retired by the light of the electric bulbs which so cleverly counterfeited candles, finally switching off the light and sinking on the carved and canopied four-poster, with the venerable cat in his accustomed place across my feet.

The Rats in the Walls by H.P. Lovecraft

In the morning I questioned all the servants, and found that none of them had noticed anything unusual, save that the cook remembered the actions of a cat which had rested on her windowsill. I saw him in the faint auroral glow, head strained forward, fore feet on my ankles, and hind feet stretched behind. When the task was done, over two years after its commencement, I viewed the great rooms, wainscotted walls, vaulted ceilings, mullioned windows, and broad staircases with a pride which fully compensated for the prodigious expense of the restoration.


At least one other investigator, Thornton, has gone insane as well. He found nothing, and after a time returned wearily to his place across my feet. Jan 08, Lyn rated it really liked it. The story is narrated by the scion of the Delapore family, who has moved from Massachusetts to his ancestral estate in England, known as Exham Priory.

On the other hand, this is one of the aristocrat-succumbs-to-family-degeneracy stories, which means Lovecraft’s obsessions with view spoiler [family crypts, devolution, and cannibalism hide spoiler ] will make their appearances. At some time I must have fallen quietly asleep, for I recall a distinct sense of leaving thf dreams, when the cat started violently from his placid h.p.lovecraft.

Those nightmare chasms choked with the pithecanthropoid, Celtic, Roman, and English bones of countless unhallowed centuries! Retrieved from ” https: There had been great herds of them, evidently fattened on the coarse vegetables whose remains could be found as a sort of poisonous ensilage at the bottom of huge stone bins older than Rome.

We noted the Roman inscriptions and unknown altar designs only briefly, for three of the savants had already seen them, and all knew their walps. The cat has the heebie jeebies in this house. My father was in the army, defending Richmond, and after many formalities my mother and I were passed through the lines to join him.

We were to begin exploring on the following day, awaiting which I assigned well-appointed rooms to all my guests. Maddened by the revelations of his family’s ib, a hereditary cruelty and h.p.lovectaft anger over his son’s death, Delapore attacks one of his friends in the dark of the cavernous city and begins eating him while rambling in a mixture of Middle EnglishLatinand Gaelicbefore devolving into a cacophony of animalistic grunts.

We found most of them little disposed to scoff, but instead intensely interested and sincerely sympathetic.


Three had tenants, all skeletons of high grade, and on the bony forefinger of one I found a seal ring with my own coat-of-arms.

Others were still bottomless to our searchlights, and peopled by unnamable fancies.

I slept some in the forenoon, leaning back in the one comfortable library chair which my mediaeval plan of furnishing could not banish.

Once I saw him monstrously perched atop a mountain of bones, and wondered at the secrets that might lie behind his yellow eyes. From this terrific vision I was abruptly awaked by the motions of Nigger-Man, who had been sleeping as usual across my feet. That night, dispensing as usual with a valet, I retired in the west tower chamber which H.p.lovecrafy had chosen as my own, reached from the study rrats a stone staircase and short gallery—the former partly ancient, the latter entirely restored.

And, most vivid of all, there was the dramatic epic of the rats — the scampering army of obscene vermin which had burst forth from the castle three months after the tragedy that doomed it to desertion — the lean, filthy, ravenous army which had swept all before it and devoured fowl, cats, dogs, hogs, sheep, and even two hapless human beings before its fury was spent. Lovecraft Historical Society Necronomicon Lovecraft: I must have been musing a long time, for I could not see any of the party but the plump Capt.

Lovecraftian Science

Feb 19, Simon Watts rated it h.p.logecraft liked it. Sleep came quickly, but hideous dreams assailed me. When the war ended we all moved north, whence my mother had come; and I grew thhe manhood, middle age, and ultimate wealth as a stolid Yankee.

There was now no aurora to show the state of the arras — the fallen section of which had been replaced — but I was not too frightened to switch on the light.