Batman’ın Hasankeyf ilçesindeki Ilısu Barajı’nın tamamlanmasıyla, baraj gölü altında kalacak tarihi eserleri, ziyaretçiler, tüplü dalışla. and the cultural heritage. Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Archaeometry, Hasankeyf (Turkey). Hasankeyf: Tarihi Yansıtan Kültürel Bir Miras. (Arkeometrik Yaklaşım). Hasankeyf tarihi pdf files. This file contains additional information such as exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software.

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The infrastructure, location and significance of the city helped increase trade and made Hisn Kayfa a staging post on the Silk Road. Name Name Email help private comment.

Hasankeyf su altında da ziyaretçilerini ağırlayacak

Hasankeyf Kizlar Camii Hasankeyf View from Otoman Palace Travellers have indicated that there were depictions of animals on the abutments of the bridge. The Artukid Emperor Dawoud reigned the area as a subject of the Seljuks during this period.

Kiphas appears most likely to have been captured during the Muslim conquest of Armenia inshortly after the conquest of Nisibis. Turkey km Syria 40 km Iraq 1, km. hxsankeyf

File:Hasankeyf Tarihi Köprüsünün Kalintilarinin Kaleden – Wikimedia Commons

In commemoration, the Mausoleum of Zeynel Bey was erected in Hasankeyf in about on the orders of either Uzun Hassan, or Zeynel’s elder brother, Khalil. Writing between about andthe Byzantine geographer George of Cyprus mentions Hasankefy as a fortress in the Mesopotamia section of his Descriptio Orbis Romani. In the early and middle 15th century, Aq Qoyunlu Turkmen forces attacked Hisn Kayfa several times, but Ayyubid rulers managed to retain control of the city and the city prospered until very end of the 15th century.


But,I wish you had also taken some pictures of Batman city which Hasankeyf is located in. The current population of Hasankeyf is predominantly Kurdish. By the way I really appreciate that you always have ‘street scenes’ in your galleries, not just the usual tourist shots of important architecture, etc. This version appears occasionally in foreign reports in the mid 20th-century but only becomes prevalent after about Bridges, oil wells, springs.

Place in Batman, Turkey. There are circular buttresses, which taper towards the top, on the estuary side. Enter an optional name and contact email address. Sait Akkirman Aug Hasankeyf Kale gate The surviving arch of the bridge is an ogee arch with two centers.

Hasankeyf Kale walk view on palace Hulagu first besieged Baghdadwhich was captured on 13 February and destroyed. Metropolitan municipalities are bolded. Hasankeyf Kale walk Barbara points to a gap on the bridge, which is considered the reason that the bridge fell down.

Hasankeyf’in son günleri: Ilısu barajı ne vadediyor?

Hasankeyf June During the taarihi century, the emirs of Hisn Kayfa also controlled the interior of the Tur Abdin and the castle of Haytham in the Tur Abdin. For the typical tourist, there is ‘nothing to see’ in Batman, but in fact there is much to see if you look hasanksyf it, in and around Batman.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hasankeyf. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Hasankeyf. Hasankeyf view from citadel For a time the town became the capital of the Roman province of Arzanenealthough Nisibis was the headquarters of the Dux Mesopotamiae.

Hasankeyf su altında da ziyaretçilerini ağırlayacak | NTV

Another abutment is on the river bank and another one is on land. Hasankeyf Zeynel Bey Turbe Parts of the bridge deck have been turned into a garden, in which traces belonging to the original parts of the bridge can be seen. Two early Armenian historians list additional names for the town: My page with very many Turkish cities Hasankeyf is a small village at the Tigris River, on the road between Batman and Midyat.

It is best to login or register first but you may post as a guest. Inthe Il-Khanate and the Mamluks signed a treaty and trade restarted. Hopfuly this June I am taking my wife and some friend with me to see and show them all that area. However, all of the abutments are underwater during the flood season.