Fu Hok Seurng Ying Kuen – Tiger Crane Double Pattern Form Whereas Gung Ji Fook Fu Kuen is a basic training form, Fu Hok Seurng Ying Kuen develops fighting technique and stresses the cultivation of the Tiger and Ji Mo Seung Dao. The three main forms of Hung Gar are Gung Ji Fook Fu Kuen, Fu Hok Seung Ying, and Tit Sin Kuen. Even just one form, like gung ji, can give.

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So the reason that the Tang Fung lineages do not practise Sap Ying is that Tang Fung did not learn this form, because it didn’t exist yet. Unlike the fancy, dancelike fan forms of some other styles, the Ngaw Gwot Sin while still being graceful utilizes the hard and soft Hung style techniques to demonstrate the practical yet brutal fighting spirit of our system.

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen (Tiger Crane Fist)

I find it pretty unusual that Jim Uglow does this form, but perhaps he learned it from an outside source. Nobody is wrong in this case.

If you have heard any other stories on thislet me know. Does anybody know about the lineage of Jamal Al Bakkar?

Li Chan Wo Sports Association

Je Lei Sifu http: So what does your Sifu teaches you guys?? Here are a list of books written by Jamal Al Bakkar: Chuen Choy Dai Do. It develops strength, flexibility, evasiveness and precision. Sup Ying Kuen just adds hom more lines of moves.

Hung Gar Forms!??!?!?! [Archive] – Kung Fu Magazine Forums

Cause I heard that Hung Gar concentrates on strong stances and powerful hand techniques. Grandmaster Frank Yee is dedicated to elevating and preserving the art of traditional Southern Shaolin kung fu in China today. Practitioners of this weapon become unusually strong and quick, as this weapon is heavy and difficult to maneuver.


I know that it is important to know these things but if ,for the price of a book, you pick up one or two concepts that enhance your practice then the money is seunb it irrespective of lineage or teacher. Basically, you use your bridge hand to connect to the oponent and your stance work to get close enough to strike. You will note that this sifu has made no attempt to promote his books that I can hko. So my question is, is my Sifu wrong or that site I looked up wrong?? Dat Mo Yit Gung Ging.

Don’t forget Mok Kwai Lan kuan. Hell, the end is exactly that of Fu Hok!! Later Lam Sai Wing added the five elements and the form became the Sap ying kuen. Yu Ga Dai Pa.

School’s started so i don’t have much time for chatting. In Northern China, the Straight Sword and the Spear are the sung commonly used weapons, while in the South, the Broadsword and the Pole are the most popular. Practicing this form strengthens the entire body.

I’m just curious, do any of you have Jeet kuan arrow hand added to your system? Just so happens I’m back from visiting my si-gung Lum Jo and asked this very question. Even just one form, like gung ji, can give you plenty to study and train. Chan Hon Chung did the same, but only for his foreign students e. The guys at our club purchased some of these texts from the ChinWu group that this sifu blongs to. First build a bridge and then cross it with horse.

As with the Kwan Do, this form is reserved for advanced practitioners only. It is traditionally the first form taught in Hung Ga. I certainly had the impression that he is a traditional stylist.


This form trains the entire body through fourteen ‘Hei Gung’ breath training and ‘Pai Da’ beating exercises. Overdemon- The only books that i have are: Tek- the way we build our stances is by holding them for long periods of time.

Considering some of the crap seminars that people pay for it is nice to see someone trying to just write up something about their branch of the style.

The Snake form trains the fingers, promotes Qi circulation, control and teaches strikes to the vital points of the body. To answer the question about Jamal Al Bakar’s Lineage, it is suppose to be: There is a new site out there, www. This is not a core Hung Gar set.

Overdemon, you’re from Suriname? It’s usually pretty dead. Tek- I don’t go to the dragonslist too much anymore. Aside from being a powerful martial artist, skilled healer and unrivaled lion dancer, Grandmaster Yuen Ling was also a master negotiator. Sorry, I rarely go to dragonslist chat anymore. So what do you guys study??

And some branches don’t do sup ying at all. Maybe a likely story would uf that Chiu Kao learned it from someone in the Tang Fung lineage? This form trains the body to open and close, float and sink.

After losing a major battle, this General retired to a temple and became a monk where he adapted his spear techniques to be used with the yihg.