Karl Marx: A Life [Francis Wheen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brilliant book, by a superb author, about a necessary man. Francis Wheen’s biography of Marx, from which this is extracted, even the most devoted follower of Karl Marx will recognise the merit of Francis’s study. Karl Marx has ratings and 85 reviews. Ahmad said: Karl Marx, Francis Wheenتاریخ نخستین خوانش: هفتم مارس سال میلادیعنوان: کارل مارکس؛ نویسنده.

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No mean feat for a man who spent much of his adult life in poverty, plagued by carbuncles and liver pains, and was once pursued through the streets of London by the Metropolitan Police after a rather over-exuberant pub crawl.

Jul 26, Revanth Ukkalam rated it it was amazing Shelves: January non-fiction nomination idea 34 28 Nov 12, When he delivered Das Kapital to his German publishing house, the manuscript had blood all over it.

Nov 25, Rgauthie rated it it was ok. Booknotes interview with Wheen on Karl Marx: The style is humorist and serious at the same time, with a keen eye on the various misdeeds various politically-enclined historians twisted or wrongly presented Marx history and work, which is always nice to see. Nov 21, Safdar Sikandar rated it really liked it. It is pleasing to know that Marx, who understood the workings of capital more than any other, was as wasteful with lucre as I.

A typically precocious and enjoyable romp from one of Grub Street’s real intellectuals.

Marx Myths & Legends: Francis Wheen

Although, there’s enough on the theory in it that can help you pretend what you’re talking about when discussing Marxism with your friends.

This quote, according to Wheen, has been taken out of context: What Wheen does more than anything else is to humanize Marx from someone that is a boogeyman of the cold war to a guy with a family trying to make due in Victorian England.


Trata-se de um ocaso que parece durar um dia inteiro The approach is light and anecdotal, but not frqncis in scholarship which some of the reviews concentrating on Marx’s attacks of boils might lead one to believe.

View all 16 comments. He writes for Private Eye and is currently the magazine’s deputy editor. For the first two-thirds of the book, Marx comes across as a bit of a loser, francia schlemiel: Sometimes you find yourself missing the good old hagiography.

Or, you know, whatever else you could possibly see the life of Marx and his ideas being politicized somehow.

Francis Wheen

Retrieved from ” https: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The biographical obsession, personality-bound cod analysis, has got everywhere.

Karl Marx is an educating idol for anyone who wants to think on their own, to conclude only what their mind understand by const Wheen’s wonderfully written book illustraits, with colors as vivis as possible, the life and works of Karl Marx, warts and all; from blood-thirsty arguments with opponents, to medical details of the various many ailments Marx suffered from to the horrificly true and not-so-nice predictions of Europe’s political future including the world wars and feancis brought them about.

Jun 14, Meirav Rath rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I brought Marx alive to me, and I would recommend it to anyone, who has interest in philosophy, socialism and the history of the 19th century.

Wheen’s Marx is a loveable old rogue Engels emerges as a long-suffering hero ; he may have been hypocritical in the kind of minor details that intellectual pipsqueaks like Paul Johnson make so much of; he may have been a hector and an intellectual bully – there was whren reason why there were only 11 mourners at his funeral – but he was also charming, funny, and a devoted father.


He writes for Private Eye and is the magazine’s deputy editor. The McCarthyite witch-hunt of the Fifties, the wars in Vietnam and Korea, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the invasions of Czechoslovakia and Hungary, the massacre of students in Tiananmen Square — all these bloody blemishes on the history of the 20th century were justified in the name of Marxism or anti-Marxism.

This page was last edited on 17 Augustat Wheen described his experience as less serious than that of other victims, and kzrl only become aware of the scale of Napier’s activities later.

A rowdy, loudmouthed and extremely confused little mannequin whose life-motto came from Rameau’s Nephew I would rather be an impudent windbag than nothing at all. Marx himself also wrote a lot, some of which has o Here is one view on Marx and his influence: Both the way Wheen treats his subject and his writing style make this a very interesting and enjoyable book, whether the reader is interested in Marxism or not.

This book I would prescribe to all – history buffs, political fanatics, and simply readers, because this is an exemplary work.

Biographical information

But, okay, Marx himself was no monster, and Wheen does a good job of humanizing the old bogeyman — almost too good a job, actually: The second is that this is more a critique of Marx’s life and rather personalised a Quite enjoyed this. I think what readers will really enjoy with this one is the authors ability to keep it all in perspective.

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