Eyeless in Gaza, novel of ideas by Aldous Huxley, published in This semiautobiographical novel criticizes the dearth of spiritual values in contemporary. The most obvious and disturbing feature of Eyeless In Gaza is the peculiar narrative technique used 2 Harold H. Watts, Aldous Huxley (New York, I), p. One of Brave New World author Aldous Huxley’s finest and most personal novels, now back in print in a Harper Perennial Modern Classics edition, Eyeless in.

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Quotes from Eyeless in Gaza. It appears to be the turning point of Huxley from cynic to mystic and while there is much cynicism in the book, every character is an ugly caricature there is self awareness of this cynicism as shown as yet another useless ugliness as it detaches itself from the egotistical intellectualism which would otherwise give it a self righteous excuse to feel pride.

These two emotions that the author masterfully makes fun of and yet doesn’t succeed in completely avoiding sometimes felt out of place! Philosophical ideas that suffer from some repetition but don’t lose their charm and freshness. This really is a great work, one of searching, of a subtle, subliminal, but very real dissatisfaction, and of making terrible human mistakes in the midst of many others making terrible human mistakes, a book filled with passionate pondering, with sharp reflections of ‘us’, as always, and finally with a message that eventually finds its fruition in his much later essays and works.

And to answer your question, it is normal that it took you longer than usual to get through this drivel. I do not believe I missed anything important, but I know I will not be re-reading this one. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book more and more the further into it I got as I felt there was more depth to the characters and more narrative context in which to locate them. It is true, that reading this novel required concentration, but not in a bad way if you understand what I mean.

Eyeless in Gaza

The reader is advised to pay very close attention to the dates at the head of each chapter. Aug 23, David Stephens rated it really liked it Shelves: His writing gazaa did seem to transcend the early 20th century upper middle class British intellectual niche that he was born into.


The title of this novel refers to the Biblical story of Samson. It is a must read for fans of Huxley! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I feel like what happens between the two is sickening and disgusting but in some way it is also understandable and almost eeless.

Written in the inter war years the author expounds his concerns and ideas in terms of twentieth century human relationships, socio-politics and religions.

His works are notable for their wit and pessimistic satire, though he remains best known for one novel, Brave New Worlda model for much dystopian science fiction that followed.

A Fable “published Whereas what I was trying to do was to avoid occasions for emphasizing individual separateness through sensuality. It is not sermon like, never patronizing, but very cleverly juxtaposed, almost to the point of a science. Brian because he is too idealistic and places his lover on an impossible pedestal and Anthony because he seems scared of commitment, probably on account of the loss he has suffered earlier in his life and never properly come to terms with.

Eyeless in Gaza (novel) – Wikipedia

Whereas games can be. This is a notion most people probably realize and strive towards but few ever attain. What I got was a deep inquiry into the nature of man through the telling of various social circumstances of a fictional British bourgeois circle in the early s.

Conquering an unknown province of knowledge. He is a figure huzley the society Anthony knows, appearing in a strange land at a time when he desperately needs help and he provides it to him while simultaneously reflecting on the metaphysical nature of the universe! In the eyelesa, this will probably be the last of this author I read as I also did not enjoy Brave New World for different reasons.

Eyeless in Gaza was one of the most profound books I’ve ever read. It has been decades since I last attempted an Aldus Huxley book.


This would of course give it an ironic twist, since Huxley must have been aware that this feeling was shared by the radical intellectuals of every generation and of every political viewpoint.

The novel describes Beavis as he goes through school, college and various romantic affairs, while probing the meaningless lives of the upper-class during the same period.

It is very intelligently built, bringing past events in the present, there are no corny characters, archetypes are absent I wouldn’t think of the doctor as archetype, as long as one may trace down his evolutionRomanul se concentreaza pe viata lui Anthony Beavis si a cercului sau de prieteni din scoala generala, trecuti prin Eton si apoi Oxford, deci intelectuali din stratul superior al societatii: Mark Twain, American humorist, journalist, lecturer, and novelist who acquired international fame for….

For the band, see Eyeless in Gaza band. At that point of my life, I loved feelings, dramas, and life more than I loved ideas and societal commentaries. Getting the better of a problem. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Point Counter Point Get at Amazon: Preferring my philosophy in a more emotional style, I found Huxley’s ruminations a bit too much at times.

At this point, he begins to search for some source of meaning in his life, which seems to be provided when he discovers pacifism and then mysticism. Published July 20th by Vintage first published When a dog falls out of an airplane and covers him and his lover in blood, for example, he jokes about it vaza of commiserating with her, and drives her away.

None of these events actually coincides with important dates in the history of the thirties, as far as I can tell, but they certainly have a symbolic air about them, particularly the dead dog.