EVR. Digital Record/Playback Announcer. Recording Function. • Microphone, cassette tape or CD player can serve as source of recorded sound. • For most. View and Download Toa EVR operating instructions manual online. DIGITAL ANNOUNCER. EVR Music Equipment pdf manual download. Model: EVR CE * Brand: TOA * Category: Accessories The EVR Digital Announcing Machine features a maintenance-free design, and permits both.

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Single-source playback mode and dual-source playback mode 7. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Two different messages can be simultaneously output to two different locations. If such an unusable card is installed, the screen will tell you to the effect that the card cannot be used. Page 73 Page 74 – Setting Operation 7. Priorities are attached to broadcast as follows. About the Memory Card 2. Page 65 Page 66 – Setting Operation 3. Page 49 – Initializing the digital announcer Page 50 – Setting Functions 8. Output Output 1 and 30r 2 A for P Continuous Program PP only Playback Same as program Dv for P numbers B for P B for P 1 sentence only for each program If the program input is not executed, the playback operates in accordance with the initial settings preset at the Cards not formatted cannot be used with the unit.


Playback operating procedure [Playback of the program set for output 1] [Playback of the program set for output 2] [Playback of the program set for outputs 1 and 2] 7.

Turn the Selection dial to select the program number. Recording Setting Procedure Perform necessary settings before recording. Step Input, Erasure And Insertion 8. Use the contact input under the condition of no-voltage make contact, 24 VDC for wv voltage, 10 mA for short-circuit current, and 50 ms or more for short-circuit time. Amplifier for broadcast of Output 2 7.

Sentence title input See p. Exit the sentence In this example, the title stop the recording. Editing The Sentences 9. Page 77 – Setting Operation 8. Up to or 1, sentences changeable can be recorded when two memory cards are installed. Auto Start Recording 6. This does not adversely affect the current playback output. Enter text from picture: Auto start recording Set the recording method for “Auto start. Also, adjust the recording level to the appropriate level with the microphone and auxiliary input volume controls.

Activation Control input All subsequent Activation Control inputs and P Playback Control inputs are sequentially stored and Playback Control played back in input order. Before Starting Playback 7. Usable memory cards 2.


TOA (EV-350R Digital Announcer)

Select one of them when making the setting. Sentences to be ec in the program can be read from either of the cards inserted into Card Slots A and B. Inserting And Ejecting The Memory Card [Backup battery replacement EV-F series excepted ] If the battery voltage drops below a marginal level, either of the following indications is displayed 3350r the screen.

Entering Characters The sentence title, program title, card name, and password can be input using up to eight alphanumeric characters. Recorded sentences can be combined into complete messages and played back as a program.

TOA Evr Digital Announcing Machine price from jumia in Egypt – Yaoota!

Features LCD-displayed operation guides and handy selection dial facilitate recording and playback. To terminate all setting operations, further press the [STOP] key to return to the initial screen.

Power on Insert the memory card refer to p. Playback delay time setting Busy output on-off selection 0, 1, Press the Playback key. Every sound source, such as a message, chime tone and background music, can be recorded into the sentence.

Initializing The Digital Announcer 8.