Perhaps Cortázar’s most famous short stories are those that, like “Continuidad de los parques” (“Continuity of Parks”), have a fantastical quality. “Continuity of. Continuidad de los parques. Date Monday Many thanks. Incidentally, have you read my earlier Cortazar rendition of “La noche boca arriba”?. Julio Cortázar. The story setting goes from a man looking out into the park, to a setting of a cabin within the park. The author blurs the line.

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The woman goes north, and the man goes to her house.

November 8, ZeZe1. November 10, Rakesh. March 1, isaac.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Urgent business made him abandon it for a time; but he returned to its pages while on his way back to the farmland estate.

Thanks for this, it will help me ace my quiz tommorrow.

The translation was excellent. This was a complicated enough story to comprehend in English, let alone Spanish. October 25, Christine. November 17, deeblog.

La Continuidad de los parques by Karolina Grodzki on Prezi

Nobody in the first bedroom, nobody in the second. Nothing had been forgotten: That afternoon, after writing a letter to his attorney and discussing with his butler about an issue of sharecropping, he returned to the book in the tranquility of his study that overlooks a park of oaks. parqued


Siv septiembre 20, en March 7, Marissa. Without looking at each other, they were both attached rigidly to the task that awaits them as they separated from each other at the door of the cabin. You’re very welcome, Sean, and thanks so much for your kind comments! March 8, deeblog.

The door of the living room, and then the dagger in conttinuidad hand, the light of those large windows, the old recliner with green velvet seat, the head of a man reading a novel. Nothing had been forgotten: May 5, Z. Glad to be of help. I feel much better knowing what happens. Francis of Assisi St.

Continuidad de los parques – Wikipedia

Rakesh and K, you’re very welcome and thanks for your kind words! February 24, deeblog. Please help cortazarr this article by adding citations to reliable sources. You can read the original here.

Continuidad de los parques

The ruthless double-checking was hardly interrupted parque a hand caressing a cheek. First the woman came in, mistrustful. Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo. This story was where the namesake of this blog originated, so I thought it would be nice to share. April 5, Sean. What was the whole scene in the forest?


He ran in turn, sheltering himself among the trees and hedges until he was able to distinguish in the mauve-coloured mist of the twilight the tree-lined path that led dr the house.

May 3, Chris. A dialogue ran eagerly through the pages like a stream of serpents, and one felt as if all had been decided from the start. I’ll definitely use this site again soon. May 4, deeblog.