Cast in Chaos. Chronicles of Elantra Book Six by Michelle Sagara. Swirling Chaos Kaylin Neya is a Hawk, part of the elite force tasked with keeping the City of. Cast in Ruin (Chronicles of Elantra, Book 7) [Michelle Sagara] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Seven corpses are discovered in the. Editorial Reviews. Review. “No one provides an emotional payoff like Michelle Sagara. Combine that with a fast-paced police procedural, deadly magics, five.

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Michelle Sagara published a synopsis of the Sun Sword series for readers of House Wars to give necessary background. There is such mifhelle moreish air to the story. Jan 11, Andrew rated it really liked it. The evolution has been gradual, and very realistic, over the course of several books. The Shadows continue to plague the fief – and an oddity of seven identical corpses have been discovered that Kaylin and Severn must investigate.

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Cast in Ruin – Michelle Sagara & Michelle West

Sep 29, Maria Dimitrova rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is my absolute favorite fantasy series. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The huge scope of the story that cazt author is weaving is becoming more clear as bits zagara pieces of the history of the worlds are revealed. Jul 24, Stacy rated it really liked it Shelves: A story that is made up of words, and words are very, very important to Dragons, to the Devourer, to Tara, to the Barrani.

Cast in Ruin

It’s the “heroine pulls out a new magic power every I enjoy this series more every book, and if I try to analyze why I come up with: Each book has really taught Kaylin an important lesson, michlle the focus of the book has not really been the lesson, aside from Cast in Shadow.


With all these happenings, readers can expect a lot more headway in the storytelling. Sagara West’s writing voice and words is a full orchestra with her pen as the conductor’s baton. Kaylin Neya is a Hawk, part of the elite force tasked with keeping the City of Elantra safe. Because why the hell not? The title reflects the state of mind of the citizens of Elantra Cast in Chaos. View all 5 comments.

Not enough Nightshade, but it seems as though the framework is in place got another Barrani book next, to which I can only say YAY. It’s been noticed that Corporal Lord Severn Handred is an ideal partner for Kaylin, for he is so much more diplomatic.

Kaylin still needs to get her head out of her a but she’s trying hard these days. Whoever Kaylin end up with though I obviously hope it will be Nightshadeit is nice that she has to confront their feelings and cannot simply ignore them completely. We didn’t see a lot of Nightshade in book 7 but a deal he makes with Kaylin’s superiors seems to make it clear that he will be a big part of the next book as long as he gets his way.

Marya is a a midwife who frequently calls Kaylin in for help. Write a customer review.

Cast In Chaos is a brilliant tale of redemption and forgiveness, sagarx deep discusions and humourous interludes.

If nothing else, the books are entertaining and they capture your attention and imagination very quickly.

I’m not sure Kaylin can handle it which is why Severn has said nothing for so long. Sep 01, Sharon Tyler rated it really liked it. Kaylin doesn’t continue any of her magic training in this book nichelle is instead spends time taking etiquette lessons with a different dragon to prepare for her meeting with the Emperor which still hasn’t happened.


It feels wrong, not as alive, and when Kaylin leaves it, she falls out of the world only to be chased by the Devourer. I am surprised Sagara hasn’t aagara a book on the Aerians yet and that Kaylin hasn’t got much closer to meeting the Dragon Emperor.

It was a pleasant surprise to see him confront Kaylin about her avoiding him and finally kiss her. Another satisfying read from Sagara. It will be a LONG wait! Severn tells Kaylin why he loves her while she is striving to communicate with the “Devourer.

These are the first books set in the Essalieyan universe to be published. Plotwise I am getting the sagsra we are nearing the all-out confrontation with the darkness inside Ravellon, but personally I’m hoping it will slow down some – I want to spend more time with the developing Kaylin and the various new strands to the empire.

Grethan is his defective Tha’alani apprentice see Cast in Secret3. I want Kaylin to smarten up. It has been a while since I’ve l This series is, at once, beautiful and frustrating. Since Cast in Chaos, Kaylin has been keeping a mysterious egg in her one room apartment that was given to her before the People arrived in Elantra. While she’s becoming better at biting her tongue, her body language is as loud as a Dragon conversation.

I really appreciate Kaylin growing up in the year that has taken place since the first book timeline.