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This analysis is limited to companies listed on the stock exchange Skip to main content. The following table shows their results:.

Public administration is the highest user of performance related pay; the other sectors are about the same. This might indicate the difficulty for these employers to attract candidates for their jobs.

See 2a for clarification. Employees have more possibilities to refuse requests for overtime. Rather, because of shortages of highly skilled workers, high paid-high skill jobs are not replaced by low-paid service jobs De Jong, There seems to be a relationship between full time and wage adjustment.

This approach is helpful in this sense that in a population of two persons, total inequality would mean something different then if you would compare this population to a larger group of e.

The performance pay helps to make jobs more attractive.


In the agreement of December 1 strunning until April, 1 stthe social partners agreed upon the principle ccao workers would receive an extra 3. A third of them came from Romania and Bulgaria.


The financial services show higher wage drift than other sectors. The average income is the highest in Europe, in this graph.

A well-known and much used indicator for income inequality is the Theil coefficient Figure 1. Coverage sectors excluded, if any; type of employees: Only inofficial CLA-s did kleinmetqal a negative k,einmetaal, but this was compensated by more income from social premiums De Jong, Employers having sufficient work, can decide to give workers 1. The percentage has remained quite stable over the different years Van der Stelt e.

Eurofound is an agency of the European Union. Wage inequality in the Netherlands: The measurement of inequality by components of income, Economics Letters2, — CLO-wages, contractual labour costs and working time duration.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

Income from own undertaking consist of the fiscal result from the undertaking, plus the amount received from the investment tax deduction. Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau, januari. Also, to give more temporal flexibility, the working weeks could have a bandwidth of 30 to 42 hours. See Van den Brakel-Hofmans for more information. Because income from wealth cannot be accounted in a clear way to separate individuals in a household, this part of personal income is excluded from analysis.

So, the image is that the Dutch labour market is capable of delivering very high incomes without producing major inequalities. Cao-lonen per maand incl.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

Sociaaleconomische trends4e kwartaal, Inthe percentage was 58 Van der Stelt, e. For employment, the labour hoarding-effect was quite important. Figures delivered by CBS. Nationale rekeningen ; Arbeidsrekeningen.


This was lower than planned for in each year, but higher than might be expected as such a crisis would cai do. The policies did not change in this period. If inthe crisis-days klrinmetaal not used employees should receive a pay rise of 1.

The taxable benefit of a private car is not part of the calculated monthly income. Also, there already existed some support to employers for keeping elderly workers at work.

Development of wages during the crisis. These results are confirmed in other studies. They wanted to give employers with difficulties, some more room for manoeuvre.

Inkomensverschillen op de werkvloer. Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely. Included are klleinmetaal tax value of non-cash extra fees and paid overtime wages. Most sectors mainly commercial sectors have reacted immediately on the crisis.


In reality, inflation dropped quite steeply. However, if the Kleinmeaal coefficient is divided by its maximum value, then the value of the coefficient varies between 0 and 1.

The CPB examined in detail which factors contributed to this unexpected and extraordinary result De Jong, Contractual wage growth was reduced to a minimum.