ciones. El estudio de la función del calcio .. da por sensores como la calmodulina (CaM) o la troponina C (TnC) para la regulación de una. El aprendizaje y la memoria son las funciones superiores fundamentales que .. dependientes de calcio: Ca2+/Calmodulina cinasa II (CAMKII), proteincinasa C. CALMODULINA 23/02/ -de-las-metaloproteinasas.

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Environmental toxicology and pharmacology. Visit for more related articles at Archivos de Medicina. Wijngaarden E, Dosemeci M.

Ciclo de las vesículas sinápticas – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Mecanismo para el mantenimiento de la LTP. Cdk5 is essential for synaptic vesicle endocytosis.

The weight of lead: Brain cancer mortality and potential occupational exposure to lead: Endocytosis and vesicle recycling at a ribbon synapse.

Imaging actin and dynamin recruitment during invagination of single clathrin-coated pits. Evidence for recycling of synaptic vesicle membrane during transmitter release at the frog neuromuscular junction.


Syndapin I, a synaptic dynamin-binding protein that associates with the neural Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein. Munc is a presynaptic phorbol ester receptor that enhances neurotransmitter release.

Molecular cloning of the microtubule-associated mechanochemical enzyme dynamin reveals fincion with a new family of GTP-binding proteins. AP-2 recruitment to synaptotagmin stimulated by tyrosine-based endocytic motifs.

Occupational exposure and lung cancer risk: Conserved structural features of the synaptic fusion complex: Steenland K, Boffetta P.

Efectos nocivos del plomo para la salud del hombre

Compromised fidelity of endocytic synaptic vesicle protein sorting in the absence of stonin 2. Macroendocytosis and endosome processing in snake motor boutons. BAR domains as sensors of membrane curvature: Activity-dependent control of bulk endocytosis by protein dephosphorylation in central nerve terminals. AP-2 and alternate clathrin adaptors in endocytic cargo selection. Cliniques universitaires St Luc. Association of anemia, child and family characteristics with elevated blood lead concentrations in preschool children from Montevideo, Uruguay.

The function of dynamin calmodullina endocytosis. Identification of dynamin, a novel mechanochemical enzyme that mediates interactions between microtubules. Role of the basic, proline-rich region of dynamin in Src homology 3 domain binding and endocytosis.


Ciclo de las vesículas sinápticas

Key physiological parameters dictate triggering of activity-dependent bulk endocytosis in hippocampal synapses. Lead and delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase polymorphism: Optical analysis of synaptic vesicle recycling at the fubcion neuromuscular junction.

Role of dynamin in clathrin-coated vesicle formation. Stimulation-dependent alterations in peroxidase uptake at lobster neuromuscular junctions. Structural and functional conservation of synaptotagmin p65 in Drosophila and humans.

Adaptor protein complexes 1 and 3 are essential for generation of synaptic vesicles from activity-dependent bulk endosomes. Efectos nocivos del plomo para la salud del hombre.