BRECO® timing belts are used in applications such as industrial robots, racking systems, cutting and drawing plotters and in handling systems. The BRECOFLEXmove timing belt allows the design of belt drives that are 30% more compact. Depending on the pulley diameter, considerable costs can be. The name BRECO became the synonym for polyurethane timing belts resulting The BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® timing belts, the pulleys designed to match.

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Breco timing belt with curved teeth made of Desmopan

Timing belts with E tension members must preferably be used for multiple-pulley drives or where the contraflexures are more frequent. BINDER magnetic timing belts are made of high-strength polymers and tension members which lend them mechanical properties that enable them to be adapted to all industrial applications.

For whatever transport purpose the flighted timing belt is to be used – the back of the belt can be equipped with any number and order of welded-on flights. Consequences of incorrectly set pre-tension: If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. If you continue to browse this website, you agree with the use of cookies. We can advise you on choosing a specific variant.

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Various service parameters must be observed in order to transmit a torque under good conditions with regard to service life, noise level, bearing load, and backlash:. For more information about tiiming products or to get a quote please hit the contact button!

The noise level of a transmission depends on a number of parameters: A ttend in particular to the alignment of the pulleys and to the length of the runs preceding the guidance tkming the belts. To guarantee correct operation, we recommend a minimum number of teeth and a minimum wrap diameter to suit the belt type. The following maximum numbers of teeth must be used for the calculations: It is recommended to use belts with bifilar tension members to limit the loads on the flanges.

Toothed rack secured flat on a base glueing or clamping. The working load can be distributed better by more teeth in mesh in the toothed pulley.

For assistance please contact our technical specialist! Additionally, in conjunction with a tooth side facing with polyamide timinf timing belt has a low coefficient of friction in the bed plate area. It can combine positioning precision and zero backlash with reversal of direction.

The flight shape for the products to be transported and for the individual transport purpose can be freely designed according to customer requests within the framework of our production possibilities. The belt is stopped in its rotation by a brake, this induces the linear motion in one direction. Please enter your belr or email address.


Thanks to this the belts maintain an elasticity timong elongation. It is still used to transport and convey light loads thanks to small wrap diameters. This website uses cookies to make your browsing experience better.

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This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Fixed motor and permanently rotating belt. Adhere to the design regulations according to the “Design features”. It has been possible to increase the number of tension members on the latter belts.

These high quality German products are currently operating worldwide and have a long service life, however. The whole team thanks you of the trust you have renewed to him and wish you a happy new year.

The value of the force F N maximum permissible nominal force is specified for each pitch on the profile pages. The flight consists of polyurethane, the same high-quality the timing belt is made of.

Technical informations of synchronous transmissions – Binder Magnetic

The advantage offered by the E tension member is better bending strength. Avoid runs that are too short before the guidance and this to avoid a lateral load on the belt. It is essential to apply adequate pre-tension to the belt so that it does not deteriorate prematurely.