Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 6 Up–Fans of Stroud’s “ Bartimaeus Trilogy” (Hyperion) will cheer the return of the sarcastic, chatty, and. Much to his annoyance, Bartimaeus the djinni has been enslaved by King Solomon the Great, who commands his empire with an all-powerful magic ring. The Ring of Solomon is a prequel to The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. It was first published in Blurb It is B.C.E.. and King Solomon rules.

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Now I only wish Stroud with continue the series! Works by Jonathan Stroud. D Munculnya tokoh Asmira berbeda dnegan Nathaniel, sifat keduanya juga berbeda, mungkin karena saya terbiasa menghubungkan Barty dengan Nat, sehingga ketika membuat ikatan baru antara Barty dengan Asmira malah membuat saya bosan.

Ring of Solomon | The Bartimaeus Trilogy | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Revisiting the world of Bartimaius, fans will be rewarded with everything we loved about the original books: Another unpleasant element is that one of his fellow slaves is his old rival Faquarl.

I loved this book. Name Please enter your first name only. Books by Jonathan Stroud. Several days later, out in the desertBartimaeus and Faquarl find and defeat bandits attacking the traveller Asmira.

As my ten year old just picked up the first book, I decided to give the prequel a try to familiarize myself again with the series. My suggestion is drop everything and start reading this book. Swords and sorcerers, kings and queens, elves and dragons, myth and magic The Ring was created by a civilization near the Tigris-Euphrates.



O Barty, how I LOL-ed so hard when I read about when Solomon caught you in your pygmy-hippo-in-a-skirt guise tossing stones to build the Temple Mount while you’re supposed to use human guise and do the work manually Solomon then offers Asmira the opportunity to work for him instead. On the strength of this book, I wonder if Stroud has anything more to say about this world.

One thing for sure, I’ll never rint bored. Begitu tahu bahwa seorang penyihirnya mati karena kelakuan Jin, Solomon marah dan menyuruh Khaba, penyihirnya yang lain, memberi pelajaran kepada jin level empat itu. Mereka dirampok dan kabarnya Si Pelaku menggunakan Jin dan makhluk-makhluk gaib.

Bartimaeus: The Ring of Solomon

View all 5 comments. Which left me reading a pretty bland boring book all the way up until what, page ? This book definitely needs to be read after ting the main trilogy.

Jersualem and Sheba aren’t really bartimaeeus in a way that brought it to life as anything more than a genric Hollywood backlot. View all 4 comments. This book takes place many years before the Bartimaeus Trilog Bartimaeus is in trouble with a powerful king, and is put with a harsh master, who he soon also annoys.

Jul 11, Ashish rated it liked it.

I was amazed by this book, and I have to say that with years, Jonathan hasn’t lost his touch, and wrote another great book about Bartimaeus. Mi trattenni, incerto sul da farsi. Oc the s, he started publishing his own works and quickly gained success. One such kingdom, is Sheba. Home Books B Bartimaeus: He then sneaks into the chamber where Solomon is interrogating Asmira and steals the Ring. But how can a mere mortal accomplish what hundreds have failed to do? It’s pretty cool that we can observe interaction between Faquarol and Bartimaeus.


Meanwhile Bartimaeus encounters the trapped afrit Philocretes and learns the secret behind Solomon and the Ring, that it causes immense pain to the bearer, in this case King Solomon. Just laugh, laugh and laugh until my stomach hurts.

She bartimaehs very limited experience when it comes to handling demons but she has to learn how to deal with Bartimaeus when she reaches a crucial aspect of her mission. When he is set out on a dangerous mission, he meets a girl who offers to try to get his freedom. Return to Book Page. I have no regrets. This is about the actual ring. The nice thing about this entry in the series is that it stands alone quite nicely. Im Laufe des Buches entwickelt sie sich weiter und findet zu sich selbst, was mir wirklich gut gefallen hat.

Nov 28, Serena.