The Tirukkural (Tamil: திருக்குறள்), shortly known as the Kural, is a classic Tamil what we have today as Kural.”] (Avvaiyar, ancient Tamil poet, c. Avvai KuRaL is a new Nano series of bite-sized bloggets, umm.. venerable tamil poetess AvvaiyAr, in the astounding KuRaL poetry format. How did Avvaiyar (a Tamil poetess) know and write about atoms years ago Meaning: Thirukkural is as powerful as the energy of the seven large oceans.

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Praise of Tirukkural

Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature. Michael George Uglow Pope H. Chakravartiwas held for two days on 15 and 16 January, with several scholars and celebrities participating in it, including S. One must remain unattached to wealth and possessions, which can either be transcended or sought with detachment and awareness.

The traditional accounts describe it as the last work of the third Sangambut linguistic analysis suggests a later date of to CE.

SwamyVerse: Avvai KuRaL ~ Guru & ShivA

Orientalism and Mission in German. InValluvar Kottama monument to honor the Kural literature and its author, was constructed in Chennai.

The Kural remains one of the most influential texts of ancient India and the chief text of the Tamil language, influencing generations of scholars at a pan-Indian expanse. Muragesa Mudaliar’s “Polity in Tirukkural”. It is believed that Valluvar composed every chapter in response to a request to produce ten best couplets on a particular subject. Retrieved 6 November In highly canonical literary works and works of poetry, such as the Silappathikaram and Kamba Ramayanamcommentary can also appear in verse form, often blending with the work inseparably.


Retrieved 22 Nov Aratthuppaal in Tamil 1st ed. The first available French version was by Monsieur Ariel in All religious heads are not necessarily realised beings or Masters. It is one of the 27 wells dug on the orders of Ellis inwhen Madras suffered a severe drinking water shortage. Several modern commentaries started appearing in the 19th and the 20th centuries. Translationon the other hand, refers to any interpretation, either in prose or in verse, verbatim or otherwise, of the Kural couplets in other languages.

John Lazarus said, “No Tamil work can ever approach the purity of the Kural. Valluvar’s treatment of the chapters on moral vegetarianism or veganism [a] and non-killing reflects the Jain precepts, where these are stringently enforced.

Praise of Tirukkural – Wikipedia

Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar Translated by K. Valluvar statue at Kanyakumari. Historically, the Kural experienced kurql few centuries of hiatus soon after its writing, dubbed the “Dark Age,” following which it enjoyed a revival period when the teachings of the Kural started to influence people greatly.

Soibam Rebika Devi Punjabi: Aryadeva and Nagarjuna Adi Shankara. Save for the highly educated circle of scholars and elites outside the Tamil land, the Kural remained largely unknown to the outside world for close to one-and-a-half millennia.

International Institute of Tamil Avaiyar. Institute of Asian Studies.

Mayuram Vishwanatha Shastri set all the verses to music in the early 20th century. Similarly, pleasure needs to be fulfilled consciously and without harming anyone. Karunanithiand Solomon Pappaiah.

International Institute of Tamil Studies. Herbert Arthur Popley Along with Nalatiyaranother work on ethics and morality from the Sangam period, the Kural is praised for its veracity. Retrieved 14 October Couplets 1—10 Chapter 2.


Essays and Tributes on Tirukkural — AD 1 ed. The Knowledge of Benefits Conferred: Thus, the Kural became the first book to be published in Tamil. Retrieved 12 February Blackburn,acvaiyar.

This made the Kural text available for the first time in a script in which the work might have originally written probably during the 1st century BCE or 1st century CE. All the 1, verses of the Kural text are inscribed on bas-relief in the corridors in the main hall. The Kural is praised for its universality across the globe.

On Tamil Literature of South India. Tiruvallam Bhaskaran Nair Meitei: This, chiefly, has made the treatise earn the title Ulaga Podhu Marai the universal scripture. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Since they’re aware that avvaiysr blissful experience of self-realisation is a possibility for every human being, they offer the methods and techniques to others.

Haply undreamed of ‘visions’ glad thine eyes In realms beyond thy fabled ‘seven-fold birth’, And clouds of darkness from thy spirit roll; While lands far off have heard with strange surprise Faint echoes of thy song.

Readings from Thirukkural Sanskrit text with English translation. The commentaries by Thirumalaiyar and Mallar are lost. Abdul Kalamavaiyar Yu Hsi.