In , William Seabrook was one of the most famous journalists in the world. He was also an alcoholic. But there was no treatment for his disease. William Buehler Seabrook (February 22, – September 20, ) was an American Lost The book, Asylum, became another best-seller. In the preface, he. He doesn’t explain anything about the author, William Seabrook, besides his Asylum (An Alcoholic Takes the Cure)—the very true story of the.

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Asylum Is the Best Book About Addiction You’ve Never Heard Of | Observer

Below are steps you can take in order to whitelist Observer. It was this fear and anxiety that drove Seabrook around the world. Sep 05, Sherry Weitzen rated it it was amazing. I wanted to scream at the psych doctor.

Ran in part in Atlantic Monthly. I remember coming across this mention and making a note william it. Also some interesting outlooks on alcohol use disorder.

It’s awful, really, because aside from the occasional strange phrase, there isn’t a word in his books seabropk couldn’t have been just as easily written today. Asylum An Alcoholic Takes the Cure — the very true story of the journalist William Seabrook who, in Decemberas one of the most successful travel writers in the world, committed himself voluntarily into an insane asylum to treat a crippling addiction to alcohol.

Yet all his books are out of print and hard to find. Shock therapies, lobotomies and neurotoxic pharmaceuticals had yet to be introduced. A few months after reading it, I decided I would start a newsletter specifically to recommend obscure or forgotten books like this. I was through, and I knew it.

Asylum by William B. Seabrook

It was exactly as I remembered. They asked him to promise not to drink for six ailliam. His account of his travels, Adventures in Arabia: Seabrook graduated from Mercersburg Dilliam. His perfect work and his perfect story disappeared with him. Winona rated it really liked it Jan 25, Written nearly a century ago, this diary-of-sorts gives the rest of us more than a peek at crazy inside an institution of old, and in the meantime, we may recognize slivers of ourselves through the author’s candid self-reflections.


It requires more and better attendants.

Love most asylum-books, but this one is just too detached, uneven. It was turned into a SlideShareviews and a Business Insider pieceviews a while later.

Thompson is so powerful to college freshman, so was the writing of William Seabrook to me.

His sincere, self-critical appraisal of his experiences sdabrook a highly interesting look at addiction and treatment in the days before Alcoholics Anonymous and other modern programs. It was a report, not a story.

The Best Book About Addiction You’ve Never Heard of Is Back in Print After 50 Years

InSeabrook knew he was slowly drinking himself to death and entered an insane asylum. Seabrook did not actually ever STOP drinking. He and I talked about what his father must have been looking for as he traveled to the far corners of eeabrook Earth and to the bottom ayslum a bottle on his way to the darkest depths of his own psyche.

We’d really appreciate it. Retrieved April 30, A sense of well being is a sense of well being even if toxically induced — William Seabrook, Asylum.

There, from the perspective of a travel writer, he described his own journey through this strange and foreign place. I read three of Seabrook’s books back to back so I’m unable to say where one stopped and another began. William Seabrook was, at least then, much more famous than Fitzgerald. Seabrook writes about his experience of cannibalism in his novel, Jungle Ways ; however, later on Seabrook admits the tribe did not allow him to join in on the ritualistic cannibalism.

For those that want to get a glimpse of how the world treated Alcoholism before AA then Seabrook’s biography is a great starting place. Books by William B.

Trapped behind the walls of the institution, Seabrook wrote: Not in that it was thrilling or horrifying or anything I thought it would be when I picked it up Little did I know, the book that would arrive would become one of my all-time favorites and that I would play some role in not just helping it find a new audience, but bringing it back into print after decades in obscurity. He began his career as a reporter and City Editor of the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia and later became a partner in an advertising agency in Atlanta.


Dara rated it liked it Dec 16, I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions. Inhe travelled to Arabia and sampled the hospitality of various tribes of Bedouin and the Kurdish Yazidi. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He felt there was some hidden cowardice in it and afraid to face life. I don’t think this book set up the 12 step premises as some suggested, I think it shows one persons journey to understand himself and save his life.

I mean that this modern system is obviously more expensive to the institution in terms of actual money. Click the AdBlock button on your browser and select Don’t run on pages on this domain.

How could he have been forgotten while the saylum of other lesser writers remain? He went to Africa while Thompson barely made it to Vegas. Couldn’t make myself finish it. William Seabrook, a renowned journalist and explorer, voluntarily committed himself to an asylum for tre Asylum By William Seabrook is a self-help and non-fiction read. Today, you can’t read a page in the book without seeing him bump, unknowingly, into the basic principles of step groups.

William Buehler Seabrook February 22, — September 20, was an American Lost Generation occultistexplorertraveler, cannibaland journalist, born in Westminster, Maryland.

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