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Sasha Williams is a fictional character from The Walking Dead, an AMC television horror drama Sasha and Tyreese then encounter The Governor ( David Morrissey) and . In the sixth season, Sasha pursues a relationship with Abraham. Sasha and Carol We've seen Tyrese and Carols interaction but Sasha and They want to market that they are a "family," but they need to show us more I know their relationship was demonstrated earlier (for instance, when. Still, when viewers first met Sasha and Tyreese back in Season 3, the sibling relationship was unclear and many wondered if Sasha was.

Sasha becomes the group's sniper. Overview Sasha, a firefighter before the apocalypse, is among a large group of survivors a total of 25 at one point from Jacksonville, Floridaled by her older brother, Tyreese Chad Coleman.

The Walking Dead 7x16. Maggie sees Sasha as a Walker

In Atlanta, Georgiathe group comprises five people when they encounter Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln and his group of survivors in the prison but are quickly thrown out by an emotionally unstable Rick. Sasha and Tyreese then encounter The Governor David Morrissey and Woodbury, but after learning of the monster The Governor truly is, Sasha returns to the prison with the other newcomers, becoming a council member to the community.

Of those so infected, only she and Glenn Steven Yeun survive. Following the destruction of the prison in The Governor's last attack she, Bob, and Maggie Greene Lauren Cohan are separated from Tyreese and the others. At this juncture, she forms a relationship with Bob as she reluctantly helps Maggie to find Glenn and meets up with another group led by Sgt.

Abraham Ford Michael Cudlitz. Deciding to accompany Abraham in his quest to embark to Washington, D. After encountering Gareth Andrew J. West and the cannibals of Terminus, and a failed attempt to rescue Beth Emily KinneySasha suffers the losses of Bob and Tyreese, and becomes more hardened and unstable. After encountering Aaron Ross Marquandthe group is brought to the Alexandria Safe-Zone where Sasha becomes the lookout in the bell-tower. Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham aid in redirecting a massive herd of walkers threatening to overrun Alexandria before being drawn into a conflict with another group known as the Saviors, led by the mysterious Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

She continues to care for Maggie's well-being at the Hilltop Colony but seeks vengeance on Negan. During a botched assassination attempt with Rosita, Sasha is captured by the Saviors.

Rather than be used against Alexandria, Sasha commits suicide, becomes a walker who attacks Negan's men, and is put down as a walker by Maggie. Sasha has been described as a realist who demonstrates a pragmatic approach to survival. Before the apocalypse, the siblings lived near each other in Jacksonville, Florida. As children, Sasha followed Tyreese around and copied everything he did, but bossed Tyreese. During the outbreak's onset, Sasha and her older brother stayed in a bunker in their neighbor Jerry's backyard.

After 7 months, they ran out of supplies, after which Sasha and Tyreese met a family of survivors: Allen, Donna, and Ben, and then joined a larger group of survivors, which numbered 25 members at one point. After their camp was overrun, they wandered for 6 weeks under Tyreese's leadership until they found the prison. InSonequa Martin-Green auditioned for the role of Michonnealbeit with a pseudonym due to the secrecy of the auditioning process.

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When Danai Gurira was cast, in what Martin-Green said was "the perfect choice", former showrunner Glen Mazzara still wanted Martin-Green to be a part of the show and decided to create a role specifically for her.

It's very rare and I'm still quite dumbfounded about it but Glen and I hit it off and I still appreciate him. He wanted to work with me and wrote Sasha for me. Knowing they diverged from the television storylines, she chose not to continue reading the comic book series to avoid being aware of future storylines that may occur on the television series.

They've always seen life in a different way. But that distance between them is definitely growing because they've both gone through some pretty traumatic things that have pushed them further to what they were already feeling. Being tough and talented with firearms, she acts as the primary sharpshooter of Rick's band of survivors.

She commands authority, as seen in the season 4 premierewhere she directs orders and gives permission for Bob Stookey to contribute and accompany her group on a supply run, which she co-leads. During the downfall of the Prison, Sasha insists on Bob and Maggie, her fellow escaping survivors, to follow her lead and find a place to live for themselves.

She is the only survivor to reject the notion of a sanctuary where the survivors head to, considering it to be false hope, which is later revealed to be true.

Sasha appears to be a realist. She's hit rock bottom. It's been an honor for me to portray PTSD in honor of those who have suffered from it. And that's what you hope - you hope that there's a light at the end of the tunnel; you hope that you can cross over to the other side, and find a reason to live again. And not just live, but thrive. And that's what I'm hoping that she finds - a way to respond correctly to the deaths of her most loved ones She felt that "the romance helped because suddenly there is hope, there is a promise of something delightful to look forward to.

He gave her something to look forward to. He also showed her that there's more to life than just "survival. Martin-Green felt that this turned Sasha back to where she had been before forming a bond with Bob, but even less trusting. She was originally a recurring character, but was upgraded to the main cast of season 4.

She is credited as also starring until the end of season 5. As of season 6Martin-Green's name appears in the opening credits. In the sixth season, Sasha pursues a relationship with Abraham. On Talking DeadSonequa Martin-Green admitted to being "a bit surprised" but "really liked the storyline". She felt that Sasha and Abraham had "parallel experiences and similar struggles" as well as having a "solder's mindset" and having a "PTSD link" through their losses. Martin-Green also said that Sasha is helping Abraham in the same way Bob helped her, honoring his memory.

After this, Abraham and Sasha pursue a relationship. However, this is cut short by the death of Abraham by Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the seventh-season premiere. Due to the fact that they had to hide the death from Abraham's perspective in the sixth-season finaleGreg Nicotero had to work around a way for Abraham to say farewell to Sasha in the following episode.

Michael suggested a peace sign, which is used between Abraham and Sasha several times in the sixth season. Cudlitz described it further and said, "For those paying attention, the peace sign is something that was between me and Sasha throughout the series. It was an unspoken, very loaded peace sign. We had to find a way for Abraham to connect with Sasha for him to say good-bye specifically to Sasha.

We had already established in the finale of last year that eye contact was not broken. He got knocked down, he came back up. We could add dialogue, but there was no way for him to turn away or nod nothing to Sonequa. Going back into it, we had to figure out a way to tell Sonequa, tell Sasha, that everything would be okay and to say good-bye.

That was what we came up with. Like getting Maggie to the Hilltop when she and her baby were not well — and we lost family on that mission but we were all ready to sacrifice ourselves to carry on those legacies. Sasha feels like she's carrying out Abraham's legacy. She noted that Sasha was "very selfish when she first came into the zombie apocalypse and was more focused on the self-preservation of it all. She had a lot of defense mechanisms in place and was only concerned about survival and didn't care about connecting with anyone.

She put a wall up and that was how she made it through. Then when she lost Bob and Tyreese, that wall broke down completely and she spiraled all the way down and had to come back up and realize that she was scared but was strong enough to take the risk to connect with people. So after losing Abraham, it's just confirmation that her purpose is not a selfish one. Now she's expanded her understanding of life and those around her.

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Sasha now sees that her purpose is greater than herself and that perhaps she's not the one to have a relationship. She sees that her service to this world is going to be different than what she originally thought, and she's willing to make that sacrifice. He elaborated, "She had wanted a weapon from Eugene. She wanted a knife. She didn't get one, so she became the knife. She said, "It was quite poetic [ I felt like all of my roads had led to that moment of getting to that place of complete selflessness.

Also, it was beautiful because the way I saw it, that warrior spirit lives on. That even in death, I was still going to fight, because I had realized my purpose. It had been revealed to me. Everything before that had been self-preservation, self-defense mechanisms, basically self-obsession.

And over the course of my life as Sasha, it was progressing beyond that to the point that I said, 'O. However, she dismissed these claims and said, " It was the path. It was definitely in place. And then as we were going into the very end of the season, the very end of our shoot for the season that's when the opportunity for Star Trek came. It was after Walking Dead was already ending that the opportunity for Star Trek came.

She said, "I didn't know it would be the suicide pill and the Negan of it all. What Scott did tell me is that it would be heroic and sacrificial and that it would be perfect end to the story. He'd thought about it for a long time and had a vision of it for a very long time.

They are found by Carl Chandler Riggswho leads them into the foyer of the cell block. After Rick's group returns from WoodburyRick almost accepts them into his group. However, after hallucinating Lori Sarah Wayne CalliesRick tells Lori to get out, but Sasha's group leaves the prison in a misunderstanding. The Governor appoints Sasha and Tyreese as soldiers, specifically as "wall guards. Andrea also warns them about The Governor before she leaves.

Later, Sasha goes to the walker pit, where she and Tyreese are shocked to hear about The Governor's plans for the prison.

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Sasha also witnesses the fight between Tyreese and Allen but when Tyreese tries to push Allen into the walker pit Sasha begs Tyreese not to and he listens. When Rick, Daryl Norman Reedus and Michonne arrive at Woodbury after the attack with Karen Melissa PonzioTyreese and Sasha are at first hostile, but after Karen tells about The Governor massacring his army, let them in Woodbury where they learn Andrea never made it to the prison and is actually captive in the town itself.

After Andrea's death, caused by the Governor leaving Milton to turn and bite her, Sasha, Tyreese, Karen and the remaining Woodbury citizens return to the prison with Rick. In the season premiere " 30 Days Without an Accident ", she is reluctant to let Bob Stookey go to the Big Spot supply run, but is eventually convinced by Bob.

At the Big Spot, when walkers start falling through the ceiling, Sasha, along with all her companions except Zach Kyle Gallnerwho is bitten by a walker, are forced to leave the building after an army helicopter crashes through the roof, without any supplies. In the episode " Infected ", after the D-Block attack, Sasha is at the prison council meeting regarding the new disease that killed Patrick Vincent Martellawhen they hear Karen, Tyreese's new girlfriend, coughing.

After realizing this is a symptom of the new disease, Sasha, along with Karen, comfort Tyreese, and transport her to A-Block. When a hoard of walkers is attracted to the prison after the gunshots fired during the D-Block attack, Sasha notices that someone has been feeding the walkers rats, before the fence starts to come down. She then helps place two supporting beams when Rick and Daryl draw the walkers away from the fence.

In the episode " Isolation ", Sasha is revealed to have contracted the disease. In the episode " Internment ", she is one of the people infected but still assists Hershel and Glenn in treating the other sick patients. In the mid-season finale episode " Too Far Gone " she along with Maggie and Bob are separated from the main group after an attack by The Governor and his followers on the prison.

In the mid-season premiere " Inmates ", Sasha, Maggie and Bob find the prison bus, hoping to find Glenn inside; instead it is filled with undead prison residents which they kill. Sasha tries to convince Bob to find a safe place to stay but he still wants to go to Terminus with Maggie. When Bob and Sasha find out Maggie left for Terminus they go after her. Sasha finds a safe building and she tries to convince Bob to come with her, but Bob kisses her and goes after Maggie.

Sasha looks out of the building's window and sees Maggie under attack. Sasha and Maggie fight off walkers and go after Bob. Reunited, the three head for Terminus. The group decides to settle down in the tunnel that night and Sasha learns of Abraham's mission and Eugene's claims. She agrees to go on with the group to Washington D. Bob agrees with her, on both counts. The following day, Sasha and the rest of the group arrive on foot at Terminus.

After easily entering the compound's perimeter, the group eventually comes upon a middle aged woman, Mary, cooking in a courtyard. The woman smiles and introduces herself, telling them she'll get them settled before offering them a plate of food.

In the season finale " A ", Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl are ushered into a train car where it is revealed that Sasha and the others are being held by the residents of Terminus. Season 5 In the season premiere " No Sanctuary ", Sasha and the others escape Terminus and she is happily reunited with Tyreese.

In the episode " Strangers ", she plays a game of "good out of the bad" with Bob. After a few rounds they kiss. The group find Gabriel Stokes Seth Gilliam who leads them to a church, and later, Sasha volunteers to go on a supply run with Bob in place of her brother. They go to a food bank in which the floor has fallen through but Sasha devises a plan to use the shelves to block them away from the walkers to take them out more easily.

When Bob is dragged under the water by a walker, Sasha rushes to help him. Later in the church, Sasha and Bob are sat together during Abraham's speech.

After the speech she leaves to go hold Judith, giving Bob a kiss before he leaves the church. She confronts Gabriel about it, believing the disappearances of Bob, Daryl and Carol are connected. However, Gabriel is revealed to have nothing to do with it but breaks down in tears, revealing his own sins.

After Bob is dumped outside, Sasha rushes to him, enlisting Tara and others to carry him inside. She is shocked to learn that Gareth had followed them and eaten his leg in front of him, but he refuses medicine and reveals the walker bite on his shoulder. Sasha stays by Bob's side when he is moved into Gabriel's office. She volunteers to go with the others to kill the Terminus survivors. Tyreese tries to persuade her to stay with Bob for when he wakes up but she insists on going.

When they ambush the Terminus survivors, Sasha kills one of them Martin, the one Tyreese claimed that he had killed during the destruction of Terminus by stabbing him repeatedly. When Bob dies Sasha readies her knife to stop him from reanimating, but Tyreese takes the knife from her, to spare her by doing it himself.

Sasha is then seen wearing Bob's green military jacket, making a makeshift gravestone from twigs and rope. Sasha stays at the church to wait for Carol and Daryl, instead of going ahead to Washington with Abraham and his group when they leave. In the episode " Crossed ", Sasha is distraught over Bob's death and wears his military jacket in memory of him. She accompanies Tyreese, Rick and Daryl, and after much hesitation, accepts Tyreese's consoling to move on and honour him by embracing the good in others.

The shot is also in motion, and rather than ending on the last shot of Coda, it leaves the story open for Beth in this moment, since we never saw what happened after. I recommend reading this old meta on the flashback: Just compare pictures of her in the show to pictures in the comics and the differences are obvious. He sees Jessie trapped in an abusive marriage, akin to Beth being trapped in an abusive community, so his subconscious sees it as a chance to save the girl he failed.

He made the mistake of giving the Governor a chance, and it cost him Hershel and the prison. In addition, at the end of the episode, after seeing Jessie with Pete, Rick hears a walker on the other side of the wall. He checks it out, and the scene is filmed with a strange, dreamlike mood to emphasize the effects of P. To resume, after having this flashback Sasha starts to bury walkers, specifically in 5x Towards the end of the episode, Sasha seeks out Father Gabriel for guidance.

Gabriel instead accuses her of sins, also implicating her brother in her actions. What you did can never be undone. Destroyed because of your sins. Your brother felt he was apart from it. He was a part of it. In 5x14, he told Deanna that the group was bad, as Maggie eavesdropped with a heartbroken look on her face. Maggie copes by compartmentalizing to the extreme. You sacrifice something alive. I also believe that Abraham was involved, such as being the one to actually come up with the idea, because of marketing and certain narrative elements: It would partially explain why he and Sasha clicked so much in season 6.

Overall, 5b focuses on the group coming to terms with losing Beth in different ways, especially those who feel most responsible.

In a massive meta Christy and I worked on last year, we noticed that the missing 17 days likely had similarities to the No Way Out arc in 6a and 6x09 X. Hence why we saw that Beth walker in so many posters leading up to season 6. The way it was always going to. She had to escape there on her own X.

Season seven is a retread of 5b and 6a. The group loses an emotional pillar of the group as well as a pillar of physical strength back-to-back, again, and all of TF has to rebuild, readjusting to new communities and changed dynamics. In the end, Sasha sacrifices herself for her family. The story comes full circle. While I worked on this meta, Christy and I talked about how the Williams siblings are twins, symbolically.

Michonne counsels Sasha, who was grieving through anger like Tyreese did with Karen.