Twilight and spike relationship with god

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twilight and spike relationship with god

Twilight Sparkle is the central main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. villains such as Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, and Lord Tirek . From trying to get along at a slumber party to defeating Physical Gods of . Twilight Sparkle acts as a Cool Big Sis towards Spike, but their relationship may be. Spike and his relationship with almost any pony (most usually Twilight or Rarity) Word of God insists they're just best friends, but it doesn't take a thick pair of.

Then " Magic Duel " has Twilight stand up to Trixie only because she was an actual danger. Now Twilight is shown to be genuinely envious of Trixie for her friendship with Starlight Glimmer. Though she may just be looking out for Starlight, and doesn't believe Trixie is the best influence for her. Shown to be one in " Feeling Pinkie Keen " where she didn't believe in Pinkie's Pinkie Senseor many of the weird things that happened in Ponyville despite the fact that she uses magic which she claims is different from other "Mumbo Jumbo" and is the personal student of a Physical Goddess.

Her views changed and she became more accepting of the unexplained by the episode's end.

twilight and spike relationship with god

She's prone to fall into these during times of great stress or strife. Forgot About His Powers: There are SO many moments of troubles she faces that could have easily been solved by her just using her magic. The only mitigation may be that we are never really told how most of Twilight's powers work in any real detail, what their limits are, etc.

Also, a number of times where she tries a huge magical solution such as with the Vampire Bats or Parasprites it tends to backfire. In the first episode, it's shown that "she's more interested in books than friends". Some hints later on show it might not have been quite that simple. In "Look Before You Sleep", she reveals she's "always" wanted to have a slumber party.

In any case the first episode showed that her studies were certainly getting in the way of having a social life, even if she might have wished for one when not occupied with something else interesting as in that episode.

Friend or Idol Decision: In the end of Season 4, Tirek, noting they are at a stalemate in magical power, tells her to surrender or he will kill her friends, Spike, and Discord. While glaring hatefully at the villain, she picks Friend and gives up her magic.

Tirek initially releases all but Discord, but at Twilight's insistence he releases Discord to. Ends up this way for the majority of "Lesson Zero". When she starts her insane rambling, she twitches and moves awkwardly every time. She had always strived to be the best she can as a mage-in-training and as an apprentice to Princess Celestia over relationships with others prior to meeting the other five.

On the downside, this led to her having little ability to connect with others, but on the upside, she's a natural-born leader and very intelligent and talented. Good Is Not Nice: While she was more than willing to save Equestria at the start of the series, she starts out as very asocial and aloof towards everyone, but she becomes much nicer towards others after the second episode, evolving into more of the lines of Good Is Not Soft: She's normally calm, friendly, and helpful, but when Queen Chrysalis gloated that she has her brother, Twilight had no problems trying to fry her with her laser-beam attack.

In part 1 of the season 3 premiere "The Crystal Empire", Twilight gives the square root of as While she's not pessimistic in general, she's cynical and no nonsense in personality, and has a grouchy temper if riled up enough.

However, she can switch between cynical and naively optimistic at the blink of an eye. If others see fault in her, they're immediately right. She blames herself entirely for her friends' abandonment in "A Canterlot Wedding" and Discord's corruption of them in "Return of Harmony", and is prone to high standards and a sense of inferiority when she doesn't meet those massively high standards.

When the stress of the parasprite invasion finally gets to her and her tortured psyche briefly snaps. A psychotic one over the course of "Lesson Zero".

In general she has a near textbook case of Responsibility OCD, a form of this born from an overwhelming desire to protect and care for others in this case, her friends and family that can lead to extreme feelings of guilt and shame when she inevitably can't live up to her own standards.

The pilot two-parter is told from her perspective and she is effectively the leader of the main characters, making her the primary protagonist of the series. She suffers a huge one in "The Return of Harmony - Part 2", when she is finally broken by Discord and turns grey.

She snaps out of it after reading the letters she sent to Princess Celestia one season earlier. For a brief moment in "Magical Mystery Cure" she falls into one, but she snaps herself out of it quickly. She willingly sacrifices not just her magic, but the magics of Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, in order to free her friends, Spike, and Discord from Tirek.

The fact she would make this for Discord, even after he just betrayed them all, moves Discord and sets in motion Tirek's final defeat. Despite her history of not socializing by choice, she reveals in "Look Before You Sleep" that she's dreamed about throwing the perfect slumber party and is innocently enthusiastic about getting the chance to try her very first one.

This being Twilight, she has a guide to ensure she does everything by the book. At which point Princess Celestia declares this makes Twilight a Princess as well. The episode ends with Twilight's coronation. She takes up management of Golden Oak Library in addition to living inside of it. She fits the personality type, but is more cute than hot. Wants nothing to do with being associated with the greatness of her deeds.

Rather, she wants to be viewed as an ordinary unicorn, unlike her Shadow Archetype Trixie and her foil Rainbow Dash. On the other hoof, Twilight's character also sets the difference between plain out narcissism and well intentioned self righteousness, and sometimes can't resist acting haughty due to her role as Celestia's apprentice and very often considering herself the Only Sane Mare.

This is why she makes such a great Foil to Sunset Shimmer. Twilight's humility is shown when she is content being Celestia's student, never desiring more than to learn and help others, and never thought of herself as truly better than others.

Sunset's arrogance is shown when she only thought of herself, desired more and more power, and thought herself better than everypony else because of her status, and was never content with merely being Celestia's student. However, the greatest difference comes down to their thoughts on gaining the position of princess.

twilight and spike relationship with god

Twilight never desired the crown yet proved deserving of it, while Sunset coveted the crown yet proved undeserving of it. Purple was also especially a royal color in the Roman Empire because it was hard to make. Guess what she becomes. Pink is a cheery fun color, so Pinkie Pie is well Rarity is a white color while having a dark purple mane, leading to a regal appearance.

Rainbow Dash loves to fly, so naturally her colors represent the day sky. Her body is sky blue while her mane and tail are rainbow-colored.

Fluttershy is timid, so naturally, she's yellow. The pink flowing mane and tail also shows her more feminine side. Her colors are also evocative of springtime.

twilight and spike relationship with god

Applejack's colors orange body and blond mane seem to imply that she's been out working in the sun for a long time. They may also represent the colors of the autumn harvest.

Also green is his greed. Starlight Glimmer is a purple unicorn with a dark purple mane. She is also immensely powerful with magical abilities that rival Twilight Sparkle's. Starlight also has a little teal in her color scheme, to represent her bright creativity in regards to her innovative magical abilities.

Applejack and Rarity have little sisters who both look up to them and think they're the coolest ponies in town. See our page on the episode "Sisterhooves Social" for a note on the slightly rocky start to Rarity's Cool Big Sis status, though. She makes it up in a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Pinkie Pie, being that she is friendly to nearly everypony, is naturally this to all of the younger characters. When Apple Bloom is down in the dumps about not getting her cutie mark, she invites her to bake cupcakes.

When Spike wants to help announce a race, but sees that Pinkie has already taken up the position, she invites him to co-announce. On Nightmare Nightshe chaperones all the fillies and colts. She enjoys playing with the baby Cake twins. She also learns to be more nurturing when she's tasked with babysitting them while mom and dad are away on business. She even tries to this with Fluttershy who, being a year older, is not amused. Fluttershy herself gets the admiration of the Cutie Mark Crusaders after saving them from a cockatrice.

Rainbow Dash is this in Scootaloo 's eyes, although this is also averted by Word of Godwho says that she probably wouldn't be the best big sister in the world. However she gets moments of this towards Fluttershy in later episodes and officially becomes Scootaloo's surrogate big sister in "Sleepless in Ponyville". The Mane Six become a group of cool big sisters to newcomer Starlight Glimmer, who while she is around their age, Starlight has an extremely limited outlook on friendship compared to them.

Twilight Sparkle in particular is literally Starlight's teacher. Starlight is also the only one on the crew who treats Spike as an equal or even a superior.

In the Season 6 finale, thanks to a vengeful Queen Chrysalis, all six of the Elements of Harmony, along with Spike, are kidnapped alongside Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Shining Armor, and Flurry Heart, in revenge for Chrysalis' defeat at the Royal Wedding to pave the way for a full-scale invasion of Equestria by the Changelings. Starlight Glimmer's first interactions with the Mane Six were Starting out as a ruthless and sour dictator of a False Utopia town, to season-long Arc Villain enemy of the Mane Six, to almost destroying their friendship as well as Equestria, unintentionally out of revenge, to surrendering and being forgiven by the Mane Six and becoming the team's Sixth Ranger and pupil to Twilight Sparkle.

Depending on the Writer: While the Mane Cast all have consistent defining traits, the extent they are played or exaggerated varies from episode to episode.

Twilight Sparkle

This can make all the difference between them playing The Straight Mare or a Cloudcuckoolander both of which all seven have played at least once. These are some stubborn ponies. See their respective pages for more detail. They have defeated two Physical Godsan Alien Invasionan Eldritch Abomination tyrant, and a tyrannical centaur with the combined magical power of the entire country including the Princesses and Discordall incredibly powerful threats to Equestria.

In an ironic twist, Starlight Glimmer, as a perfectly normal unicorn, managed to briefly defeat all of the Mane Six with the help of her villagers in her debut appearance. Dude, Where's My Respect? By Season 4, the cast has saved Equestria multiple times, got publicly honored and knighted by Celestia the second time, restored Princess Luna to her true self after a thousand years, reformed a Mad Godand Twilight is now an alicorn Princess.

Yet no-one outside Canterlot ever seems to remember any of this unless it's a plot point. Spike gets this worse than the others, as he's the Zoidberg in the " My Friends Deconstructed in "Cutie Re-Mark" where Starlight Glimmer doesn't comprehend how the Mane Six needed to gain their cutie marks and friendship to prevent the ruin or destruction of Equestria.

Averted in "Flutter Brutter" where Zephyr Breeze has major insecurities both over his own failures, and his sister being a national hero. Averted and Deconstructed in "Fame And Misfortune", where the Mane Six become overnight sensations when they publish their friendship journal for other Ponies to read, but become constantly pestered and harassed by Loony Fans.

Most episode stories feature them growing as characters, and it mostly sticks for future episodes. Twilight is undoubtedly the main character of the show, but she is no more likely to be the focus of an episode than the other five excluding Spike. Rainbow Dash, who prefers to solve problems with melee combat, are the Fighters; Rarity, who often solves problems with guile and deception, is the Thief, while the super-OP sorceresses Twilight Sparkle is obviously the Mage. While all the ponies had broad knowledge of the others' existence beforehand, and some were explicitly shown to have known each other such as Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash going to the same Flight Campit's also implied that some of them wouldn't have associated with each other prior to the series such as Applejack and Rarityso for most of them, their first significant activity together was saving the world from Nightmare Moon.


Each one of the seven contrasts each of the other six in some way; as shown here. Three Foil pairings are more prevalent than others, however: Applejack and Rarity clash frequently because of their slob vs. Amusingly inverted when they switch roles in "Simple Ways". Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Both are Pegasus Ponies from Cloudsdale and have known each other since childhood, but couldn't be more different. Brash versus shy, combative versus delicate, etc. As a result, Rainbow Dash often tries to push Fluttershy into being more outgoing, while Fluttershy tries to make Rainbow Dash more sensitive by inviting her to watch a butterfly migration, for example.

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie. The former is a logical, by-the-book s pony who treats magic like a science, while the latter regularly defies the law of physics and of magics!

Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer. Very powerful when it comes to magic, but held different views of how friendship should be. By the end of Season 5, however, Starlight is starting to become more like Twilight after becoming good. A Friend in Need: Obviously since MLP is a show centered around The Power of Friendship and Love Redeemsit probably doesn't need to be explained in detail that most of the major characters would go above and beyond for a friend, with stand outs being the responsible ones like Twilight and Applejack or the sociable ones like Pinkie Pie and Rarity, to name a few.

When any of them get excited over something, stand back. One of the greatest things about this cast is the fact that they all have different dimensions to their personalities. A good part of their appeal is that while they are sweet ponies at heart, each has one or more cardinal flaws that she needs to learn to work on Once per Episode.

Unfortunately, Discord knows every one of them.

Friendship Is Magic: Twilight Sparkle / Characters - TV Tropes

The girls are perfectly aware they save Equestria from powerful villains and threats on a regular basis, but they never brag about their deeds and always do it out of sheer love for their land, family and friends. Rather than being celebrated for their exploits, they would rather hang out and have a good time together like the True Companions they are, even if Rainbow Dash does have the occasional Glory Seeker moment.

In the Slice of Life stories, each pony tends to take turns either causing or solving the big conflict or hazard for the episode, usually according to their personality. Some are more apparent than others eg. Rarity and Rainbow Dash rarely aren'tbut all of them like Chewing the Scenery when the time fits.

Any time there is a villain that requires a fight to put down, expect them to be this with a high chance of friendship-powered laser beams.

The main characters are all responsible young adults with the possible exception of Pinkie Pie.

twilight and spike relationship with god

Their behavior, on the other hand, often ranges from emotionally immature generally, to set up a lesson in friendship to downright childlike. For example, take the following bon mot from cosmopolitan fashion designer and social climber Rarity, upon hearing that a game of Pin the Tail on the Pony is starting: Can I go first?

Can I have the purple tail? All the main characters are supposed to have both flaws and strengths. Twilight Sparkle is meticulous and scientific, making her very efficient as The Smart Guy of the group and suggesting a down to earth opinion, but also an obsessive perfectionist and a tad cynical and easily aggravated. Rainbow Dash has a very headstrong attitude albeit one which hides her fear of not living up to her own expectations often making her brash, insensitive and prideful.

However, she is also determined, an extremely loyal friend and a rather good jester.