Troy and cory in fences relationship quotes

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Though Troy is harsh in his relationship with Cory, he shows responsibility towards . In The Dramatic Vision of August Wilson, Sandra Shannon quotes what. This quote shows how Cory seen his father hurting his mother so he Cory has a negative effect on the relationship with him and his "What you do that for, Pop ?(he throw his helmet down in the direction of Troy)"(Fences pg. When Cory seeks love and compassion in his relationship with Troy, it's met with a The Fences quotes below are all either spoken by Cory Maxson or refer to.

Fences Quotes

The father cannot see beyond his experiences and knowledge. This angers the son and is against the father.

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Though Troy has experienced the change in his own life he cannot yet accept it. They fight with each other. The father strikes his son and sends him away from home. The son too is not respectful to his father and so much so that he is not even willing to attend his father's funeral.

troy and cory in fences relationship quotes

It is agonizing and shocking to see such a relation exist between father and son. The conflict in the story that I mostly identify with is the conflict between Troy and Cory. Cory is about 17 or 18 during the beginning of the story and has a passion for football.

troy and cory in fences relationship quotes

From the first encounter that is shown between Cory and Troy you get a glimpse of the relationship between the two. From early on in the story Troy is shown trying to teach Cory the importance of responsibility but his style of parenting and way of communication comes across so harsh that the message is lost onto Cory.

"Fences" by August Wilson. A reflective essay on conflict, family, and family therapy

Conflict arises when Cory wants to play football in hopes of earning a scholarship but is shut down by Troy who believes Cory should work and play football as just a hobby or not at all. Although this seems as a good action, the way Troy goes about this is very damaging and further pushes Cory away. Troy grew up with a father who showed loved through being responsible for his children. That is exactly how Troy is but he does not see how just as his fathers actions caused him to run away, the same thing was happening with Cory.

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Although the conflicts mentioned above could be seen as major there is a conflict that I believe is significant but not as major. Lyons lives nearby with his wife Bonnie.

Bono is Troy's best friend whom he met when they served time in prison together.

troy and cory in fences relationship quotes

Troy was arrested in his early twenties for killing a man whom he was trying to rob to help support his lover and his young son, Lyons. In prison Troy learned that he was an excellent baseball player, so when he got out, he tried to become a professional, but by then he was too old and had missed his chance.

Troy believes though that it was due to the discrimination against African Americans that kept him from playing. Soon after he left prison, he met Rose, and he settled down for a typical life.

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He was able to buy a house with the money that his brother Gabe received from an injury to his head that he endured during the war. Troy helped take care of his younger by allowing him to move into his house.

troy and cory in fences relationship quotes

Later though, Gabe wanted more freedom, so Troy let him rent a room from Miss Pearl, a neighbor. Gabe would sometimes unintentionally cause trouble and end up in jail, so Troy would need to bail him out. Due to his head injury, Gabe had delusions and believed he was the Archangel Gabriel.

troy and cory in fences relationship quotes

Eventually, Gabe became a nuisance, so Troy put him in a mental institution. Troy constantly butts heads with his son Cory who is also a strong athlete, like his father, and wants to go to college on a football scholarship. Due to Troy's bad experiences with baseball, he doesn't think it's realistic for Cory to pursue playing football.