Tris and four relationship fanfiction

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tris and four relationship fanfiction

It's about Tris and Four and their beautiful life, if the war had not It was my idea to keep our relationship sort of a secret from the initiates. Set toward the end of Divergent. No war but Tris and Four still have to keep their relationship a secret so that people don't suspect her for. No war story. Tris and Four continue their relationship and they train new Dauntless members. I kept Will alive, but Al is dead in this story:.

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He takes his hand out of mine and drapes it across my shoulder and down to the small of my back. Even that small amount of intimacy makes me giddy. The tunnel comes to an end and deposits us in front of the net that caught us when we jumped of the building as initiates. I slip off my shoes and bound onto the net, feeling it's cool black surface on my bare feet.

Surrounding it is a ring of springs, hooked into both the concrete ground and the net. It makes the net extremely bouncy; so that when I jump on it I fly further into the air than I ever would on the ground. After a moments hesitation, he slips his shoes off and leaps onto the net.

He takes one step closer to me and puts his muscular arms on my shoulders.

tris and four relationship fanfiction

I can feel the warmth of his hands on my bare shoulders, making my skin tingle. After a minute I break away, but keep my forehead softly pressed against his.

As I say this, I can still feel the adrenaline from being touched surging through my veins. I can feel his furrowed brow against my relaxed one. Tobias is a wonderful, kind, thoughtful man," I whisper. I am in love with Four, and Tobias Eaton. Tobias's face doesn't change, and I worry that I said the wrong thing; that he doesn't love me back. I can feel blood rushing to my cheeks, warming my skin.


I wonder if he can feel it like I can. Tobias and I have only known each other for a month, after all. I'm just surprised that he doesn't say it with conviction; that he isn't sure.

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This time it is not a maybe, but an undeniable fact. I like the new me. Today is the day when the new intiates come. I'm a little nervous because it's my first year as intiate trainer.

tris and four relationship fanfiction

I walk back into the bedroom and see Tobias shirtless. I smile and walk up to him and touch his back. I then wrap my arms around him. Tobias leans his head back and relaxes himself. It feels like ages thst we're in this embrace, but it's only a few minutes.

Tobias pulls away and puts on a shirt. I feel cold without his touch so I quickly grab his hand. Tobias grins and says: I smile and pull him in a kiss. Tobias deepens the kiss and wraps his arms around my waist. I smile in the when he nibbles on my lower lip asking for entrance. I tangle my hands in his hair while he pushes me against the wall. We stop kissing when we need air. I put my head against his and say: Tobias smiles and tries to kiss me again, but I pull away.

He looks confused with a look of 'what did I do'. I quickly kiss him to ensure it's okay. Tobias wraps his arm around me and we walk towards the Pit. We grab some breakfast and sit at our table. Did you know that? What have you been doing? Typical Christina, always asking questions. Even though she's Dauntless now, she still shows her Candor side. Same for me, I don't think that I'll ever lose my Abnegation side. I'm Divergent ofcourse and I still try to hide my Erudite side that is sometimes shown.

I don't bug into your love life, do I? Ofcourse, I fail and Four bursts out laughing. He says while still laughing.

tris and four relationship fanfiction

I slap him at the back of his head. He pretends it hurts and I give him a look. He quickly turns his attention to his food. I hide a smile. I hope you understand to not tell the intiates that I'm a transfer from Abnegation'.

tris and four relationship fanfiction

I say looking around the table, my gaze stopping at Tobias. He smiles and kisses my cheek. Will speaks up for the first time. There will be 3 trainers for the intiates and 3 for the Dauntless-born. Luckily, Eric choose to do the Dauntless-born, so he won't bother us much.

Christina is the unlucky one, since she working together with Eric. But Christina can handle Eric easily, especially what happened when he forced her to hang over the Chasm.