Toya and yukito relationship marketing

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toya and yukito relationship marketing

The episode Cardcaptor Sakura Japanese anime television series is based on the manga Cardcaptor Sakura was initially licensed for the English- speaking market by .. Toya and Yukito come home, Tomoyo covering for Sakura whilst Kero Sakura becomes reluctant to capture it, due to Rei's relationship with it. 50 ships I ship Touya Kinomoto and Yukito “Yuki” Tsukishiro(Yue) “Did you understand because you have someone you love most? 雨 澄 · 宅宅2. With the failures of earlier attempts to penetrate the U.S. market with Japanese .. Tomoyo and Sakura, and teenage male characters Toya and Yukito. Homosexual relationships in anime have rarely gone down well with.

My favorite card is the Mirror, mainly because she seems the most human. On to the main point. There are quite a few episodes in which the Mirror and Touya encounter each other.

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The first time is when Sakura first captures the Mirror. The Mirror takes Sakura's form, and lures Touya into danger-- in result, he falls off a cliff and injures himself. Touya realizes that she is not Sakura some time before. At this point, the Mirror Card is truly rueful and that's why she gives hints to Sakura, speeding up the sealing process. This picture is from that episode; as the Mirror returns to her original form, she kisses Touya on the forehead before becoming sealed.

Even after this, there are a few times that the Mirror and Touya meet. The next time they meet is when Sakura, who is sick, goes out to capture another card, and makes the Mirror take her places. Touya, comes up with porridge and medicine, and so the Mirror pretending to be Sakura eats the porridge. When she asks for the medicine, Touya replies, "You shouldn't take medicine when you're not sick You're not Sakura, right? Meanwhile, Touya doesn't exactly know what she is-- he realizes that she is not human-- but he still has a soft spot for her, though probably not romantically.

For Christmas when once more the Mirror is pretending to be SakuraTouya gives her long green ribbons for her hair, stating, "You have long hair in your original form, right? Henceforth, the Mirror green ribbons woven onto her long, pale, pretty hair. Sakura and Tomoyo Sakura and Tomoyo are the best of friends, ever since third grade. Tomoyo has an obsession over videotaping Sakura and providing battle outfits. More than that, Tomoyo also is understanding, mature, supportive, and always is there for Sakura.

In fact, I think Tomoyo is the best kind of friend anyone can have. She once said the most popular quote in all of CCS, "I will give up my own love for the sake of Sakura's happiness.

As many people point out, though, it is time for Tomoyo to find her true love-- and I plan to give Tomoyo a chance to discover it in New Trials. In the beginning of the series, she used to wake up early in the morning each day to go to school with her brother, which meant she could walk roller blade to school with Yukito as well.

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Often times, Yukito threw her a candy before she headed off to Tomoeda Elementary, which always made her blush. Sorry I'm talking in past tense. In the Sakura Card Arc, Sakura finally confesses to Yukito, who gently tells her, "The feeling you get for me is the same feeling you get for your father, isn't it? Then, she asks Yukito if the person he likes is Touya, and he looks a little surprised before replying "yes.

Little did she know how much Syaoran was suffering from concealing his feelings for her; for a brief second, there is a pained expression on his face, which we all brood overand the expression holds a mixture of pain, because Sakura is sobbing so heartbreakingly, and a little bit of anger, and maybe a bit of wistfulness. As hard as I want to deny it, Sakura's first love isn't Syaoran-- she truly did like Yukito, though I wouldn't say it really is "love love"-- it's more like a child's puppy love, when one admires someone who is perfect, nice, good-looking, and cordial.

Supposedly, Sakura was attracted to Yukito because the power of the stars is attracted to Yue's power of the moon. However, there is more to it, or so she believes. Also, it seems to be that Clow Reed had planned for these two to get together-- and Eriol says near the end, "There were many unexpected surprises"; he is implying his distant relative, Syaoran, falling in love with Sakura, instead of Yukito.

It's clear that he really likes Yukito also, though I wouldn't say it's romantically or anything. I would rather think, Syaoran really respects Yukito and sees him as almost a father-like figure poor Syaoran lost his father at a young age-- or at least that's my assumption and Yukito seems to be one of the rare people who is actually cordial and nice to Syaoran.

toya and yukito relationship marketing

Later on, we learn that Syaoran was attracted to Yukito because of the power of the moon. Yet, the tension caused by this attraction just adds to the rivalry he feels against Sakura. Eventually, Syaoran realizes that he likes Sakura, and Yue seems to be somewhat of a mentor for Syaroan-- which is really unexpected coming from Yue's personality. Yue kinda gives Syaoran some sound advise to discover who he really likes Sakura of course.

Anyway, Yue is really cool. Though he sounds really nonchalant, he really loves his mistress, Sakura, which is probably why he wants to help out Syaoran also. And Syaoran continues to respect Yukito as an older brother figure, which is really a difficult position because if you think about it, Yukito is his rival for Sakura. Yet, one can't exactly feel rivalry with Yukito.

Anyway, I really felt sorry for Syaoran during the Sakura Card series, when he has to watch Sakura from afar, liking Yukito and supporting her. But this is more of a reason to love Syaoran-- as I mentioned before, I always have a soft spot for characters with unrequited love. In light of this, several censorship decisions would also have been attributed to the difference of moral values which exist in mainstream America and Japan.

Different parenting styles present in America and Japan and could explain why the producers felt it was necessary to make the changes to Card Captor Sakura when they adapted it for an American audience. The Japanese on the other hand, used anime to a certain extent as a teaching tool to introduce mature themes to their children.

Using anime to introduce said mature themes, the Japanese were then able to discuss them with their children. Religious concerns are likely to have played a part in encouraging producers to censor Cardcaptor Sakura. Unlike Americans, the Japanese, primarily of Shinto and Buddhist faith, were more likely to have adopted the Buddhist monks focus on spirituality, mediation and rituality [53] and were therefore receptive of homosexuality, a stark contrast to Christian missionaries [54].

toya and yukito relationship marketing

The differences in the upbringing and religion discussed above may explain why many more Americans than Japanese were unreceptive to alternative sexualities such as those portrayed in Cardcaptor Sakura. Producers probably played it safe by assuming that all Americans were conservative and hence took liberties cutting out anything which may have been unacceptable to their imagined clientele.

It is also remotely possible that Nelvana or Kids WB! It is important to remember that like all businesses, one of Nelvana goals would have been to maximize profits while simultaneously straying away from anything that could result in a loss of profit.

With this in mind, it would be possible to conjecture more reasons for the censorship of mature content in the production of Cardcaptors.

In Japan, the popularity of filmmakers like Osamu Tezuka and Hayao Miyazaki made it alright for people of all ages to read manga and watch anime that dealt with mature themes and issues [56]. The Producers who were subjected to such arbitrary regulations could have been tempted to remove almost anything that may have resulted in a large fine as an added precaution.

Nelvana could have censored Cardcaptor Sakura just to get a lower rating, TV-Y7, for Cardcaptors to reach their target audience aged 7 to This helps us make a little more sense of Nelvana and Kids WB! It would not be a stretch to assume that Nelvana wished to avoid such a backlash. The producers could have made censorship decisions just to avoid possible controversies and the resulting impact on their profits.

Next, the edits made to macro elements added to the demographic shift and allowed the producers to capitalise on an image alliance with merchandising firms, thereby potentially earning them more profit. Anime — Blurring the Distinction between Masculine and Feminine. Studies in Contemporary Culture 8. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopaedia.

Cultural differences within American and Japanese animation. The University of Texas at Arlington, Duke University Press, Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation. To High Ratings and Critical Acclaim.

French films and Japanese horror films. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Anime in the s: ICv2 07 March Among BoysCardcaptors posted an even stronger four-week average 4. The couple, however, are considered CLAMP's "soul pair", as they are the most recurring couple seen in many different multiverses. She told him also that he should not grieve over that, for she would be back, and by those days both of them would have other love interests.

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After returning, she treats him affectionately, but more as a younger brother than a boyfriend. Sakura Toya enjoyed frequently teasing and making fun of his little sister.

However, he did care about her a lot and was quick to defend Sakura when she was attacked by Syaoran in episode 8. He discovers the truth about Sakura being a Cardcaptor but doesn't let on about it and he tries his best to help Sakura when he can. Sakura also cares for her brother, for example when he got hurt by the Mirror card.

Syaoran Li Coming soon! The Mirror Toya met the Mirror in episode 25, where she was disguised as his sister. She injures Toya by bumping him in a hole in the woods, then realizing that she went too far, she felt guilty, and apologized to him before being sealed by Sakura.

When Sakura went to investigate the mysterious fog, the Mirror met Toya again, disguised as his sister, but he saw through her magic and recognized her. She asks Toya for forgiveness, which Toya accepts, and promised to keep in secret. He seems to be good friends with the Mirror and treats her as a normal girl. The Mirror is very fond of him as well. In episode 61, Toya gives the Mirror a Christmas gift also as thanks for taking good care of his sistera long green ribbon, which she happily accepts.