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On the winter solstice, December 21, , the end of the world isn't coming; it is mountain” thusending the Age of Taurus and the beginning of the Age of Aries, . In Britain granted unmarried women the right to vote in local elections. Marriage license, hunting and fishing license, driver's license. Compatibility Mercury Retrograde occurred during the election and, as you can On March 12, , Mercury went retrograde in Aries, but went direct in Pisces on To win the Oval Office, you have to have the electoral votes. Start by selecting your Star Sign: Aries. Taurus. Gemini. Cancer. Leo. Get real relationship advice from babe's community of real girls with Taurus' love practicality, and that's what this guy looks like he offers. Eventually he will leave you in the dirt like his Arctic Monkey albums that were edgy in , voting for Trump, and telling you in casual conversation he wants to.

Organic Consumers Association states: The air you breathe is full of chemicals — look to the sky and see the chemtrails. Military planes are dispensing a trail of chemicals that crisscross our sky. A few ingredients in chemtrails are aluminum, arsenic, barium salts, lead, mercury, mold spores, uranium, and many other toxins. This is what you breathe in every day. Do you wonder why people are so sick? Another thing Pisces symbolizes is drugs.

Advertisements for drugs are everywhere. According to Life Extension Magazine the total number of deaths caused by traditional medicine is an astoundingannually. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US.

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According to Universe Today universetoday. It used to be that an African American could not marry a Caucasian.

The Age of Pisces – The Age of Deception

Now gays cannot marry as they are not given permission from the federal government. In Britain granted unmarried women the right to vote in local elections. In a constitutional amendment was adopted, granting full woman suffrage in all states of the United States. Inthe Equal Credit Opportunity Act came into force, giving women credit opportunities. That was only 38 years ago!

We can already see some of the signs of the Age of Aquarius. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, but in reality it is not water, but knowledge that is being poured into the well for all to partake of regardless of race or religion. The Age of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of shocking and revolutionary change and is associated with freedom, social justice and new technology.

Obama certainly brought shocking change! And the tsunami of change continues. New technology — years ago people would never have dreamed of such items as computers and e-mail, cell phones, smart-phones, televisions, digital cameras, video recorders, space rockets, drones, robots, robotic insects, holograms, etc.

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And this is just the beginning of the Age of Aquarius!! Some ancient knowledge that was previously hidden is now coming forward.

Archaeologists are finding ancient ruins which give us a glimpse into our true history. The knowledge of quantum physics, String Theory, space, consciousness, remote viewing, and much more. About the Author Jan Fox is a life time astrologer and was introduced to astrology in middle school and began a serious study of astrology in — getting her license in AM, Detroit Michigan is a Taurus rising sign with the ascendant degree at 10 degrees 34 minutes in Taurus.

The Ascendant lord Venus is right on the 10th house career cusp using placidus house system in Capricorn sign in the nakshatra of 4th house real estate lord Moon, and Venus is also strongly aspected by the 10th and 11th house lord Saturn.

This period attributes his success with the Olympic Games, and also during this period Romney was sworn in as the 70th governor of Massachusetts on January 2, This makes Jupiter the ruler of all evil houses in the astrology chart. Sun rules 5th house and is placed in the 11th house of gains but is in the nakshatra of evil Jupiter.

The current mahadasha of Sun is not a very good period for Mitt Romney, and that is why Mitt Romney is finding it hard to close the deal during Republican Primary Race.

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Mitt Romney is going to lose big money during this period, and go through lot of frustration and struggle. Saturn the lord of 10th house of career and 11th house of gains has always given excellent results to Mitt Romney. During this time Mitt Romney announced his campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination. Saturn was doing very well during past 4 months as it was directly opposite transit Jupiter in Aries.

When the mahadasha and Bhukti planets in the astrology chart have a strong connection with the evil houses such as 8th house, badhaka house and 12th house they cannot give victory in elections. Ketu will be right on the ascendant degree in Taurus is a very difficult transit. I do not know the accurate birth times of the other Republican Candidates in the Republican Primary Race, so I cannot make any precise predictions about them.

But it seems like that the other Republican Candidates in the Republican Primary Race also may be going through weaker mahadashas and bhuktis than Mitt Romney as they also find it difficult to defeat him. In my opinion unfortunately for Republican Party they do not have a candidate in the current Republican Primary Race who can defeat President Obama in the November elections. Gurmeet Singh Astrologer March 9, First debate was won by Romney as his mahadasha lord Sun was transiting in Virgo sign and received benefic aspect from transit Jupiter in Taurus.

This is a good time for Romney.