Suzaku and euphemia relationship poems

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suzaku and euphemia relationship poems

[MISC] Official texts on Lelouch & C.C.'s relationship A compilation of depict relationship of Lelouch and C.C. in character's description, poem, .. the story is roughly about Suzaku, as Zero, quickly suppressed the terrorists. But an unexpected foe came, whom Lelouch always fought. It just happened to be his best friend Suzaku, on board the Lancealot. Suzaku. Kallen Stadtfeld is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the . Lelouch intervenes before Suzaku can deliver the finishing blow. . Kallen's character poem in the Code Geass DVD reveals that she had fallen Kallen if the player progresses a relationship with her in the Blue Moon route.

Aside from the LIVE geass itself -- which was extremely telling in that it was spur of the moment, pure instinct and pure internal reaction that could have been so many other things but ended up as the one thing Lelouch wanted to tell Suzaku more than anything, the thing that he screamed in the back of his mind ever since learning Suzaku's secret -- Lelouch shows how again and again he will go out of his way to avoid harming Suzaku.

He will even take stupid risks, partially because he's an arrogant son of a bitch who believes he'll win and partially because at the time the risks don't matter. Reason the Third which is more prevalent in camp play, Lelouch hates seeing Suzaku submissive. As he often is to Cornelia. Refer to above paragraph again for the why. Now I should point out this is why Lelouch doesn't like military Suzaku, not why he gets pissed that Suzaku won't join Zero. That one is pure "Britannia ruined everything!

Why don't you hate them? So yeah Suzaku's dealings with Cornelia raise Lelouch's hackles something fierce.

With Euphie, it's different since he doesn't believe she is using Suzaku, although there are still those already-mentioned lingering possessive issues on all fronts. He is, however, quite pleased when Euphie defends Suzaku from Cornelia at times. Camp perpetuates existing issues for the boys. Lelouch is conflicted as to how he feels about Suzaku being slightly more open about his past. Yes, there is resentment there, but he's not going to hold it against Suzaku because he knows how much it affects him.

And yes, he uses it when he's trying to prove a point. I won't say it's not difficult for him to do so because at camp, he doesn't constantly have Zero's mask, to hide his emotions when he does so. He can't get away with hurting Suzaku in the same way that Zero can because he has to face him. Lelouch is also more bitter about Suzaku's idealism because he has to face it more often and more directly than on the battlefield or the scant times they attend school.

suzaku and euphemia relationship poems

But with Euphie also at his ear and promising the same fantasies of peace, Lelouch falters more than he normally would. He often has to back off and regroup for another attempt at a later time. Lelouch also has to admit that he does enjoy spending more time around Suzaku because Suzaku, for all his fake persona and tendency to make Lelouch very irritable, also makes Lelouch happy at times.

suzaku and euphemia relationship poems

He will indulge him occasionally for the sake of that, hence the kitties and not protesting entirely when Suzaku drags him into something stupid or even acting somewhat apologetic when he broaches a topic in a way other than what he intended.

On rare instances, he will even relax. But reality and where they ultimately stand is always at the back of his mind.

All that said, Lelouch still sees Suzaku as his first and best friend. While he's at camp. And yeah he does love him in his own crazy Lelouch way. First things first, Lelouch loves Euphie. It's why he still calls her by the nickname even when they haven't seen each other since he was Lelouch's love for Euphie is different than his love for Nunnally in that it is not all encompassing and is more gentle.

Whereas Lelouch loves Nunnally because she means everything to him, Euphie makes Lelouch calm and perhaps even honest.

Kallen Stadtfeld

When she's not pissing him off by foiling his plans of planitude. But Lelouch will show a more self-derisive and vulnerable side around Euphie than he shows around most others. He is very much himself when they're together. And he at least attempts to be a gentleman.

It doesn't always work out that way. But it's the thought that counts; he tries very hard for Euphie. He was terse with her and furious to see her treating him like everything was all right. It was another reminder of her startling naivety about things, and even worse in a place like camp.

suzaku and euphemia relationship poems

But they talked, and Lelouch learned that she had renounced her title. Cue Good End from Only that Lelouch has not completely agreed to work with Euphie but merely to consider the idea. He agrees that she will definitely need his help to make it work. He reminds her constantly whenever the subject comes up, but, being Lelouch, he also uses their potential partnership to encourage Euphie to act a certain way.

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More often than not, he succeeds. As of the moment, Suzaku remains in the dark about Euphie and Lelouch's discussion on this matter.

Code Geass - Euphemia's death

Because of this somewhat resolution between the two, Lelouch is willing to let Euphie try and coax a less than miserable reaction out of him once in a while. He'll play along to please her. Lelouch does want to see Euphie happy. This is why he will not challenge her on Suzaku's knightship, although they probably should talk about why she chose him.

I keep forgetting to do that. This is also part of the reason he bides his time around Cornelia; he doesn't want Euphie involved. Because when it comes down to it, Lelouch does love Euphie. He will compromise for her, although those compromises are not quite the same as if he were doing it for Nunnally. But he's still extremely protective. In his own secret Lelouch way. Yeah, Euphie tops Lelouch hard. Milly is the first person to truly reach Lelouch after he loses Suzaku.

Lelouch x Suzaku: Why Their Love is Incomparable

She does so by showing a selflessness in wanting to help Nunnally, something Lelouch can't understand but is grateful. Maybe it's this gratitude that fosters their playful relationship, where Lelouch grants Milly some authority over him but takes up the role of the reluctant participant. Obviously Lelouch doesn't mind the council or he wouldn't waste time with it. In fact, in 21, we see him telling Milly how he appreciates the chance to relax.

Lelouch is also slightly more teasing around Milly than others; this is different from the more taunting-teasing he shows toward Kallen. With Milly, he knows it's just his attempt to stay at the top. Where he so doesn't belong. Not much is different at camp, although Lelouch spends a little more time dealing with Milly's serious side as they work through the Cornelia issues.

He still feigns reluctance at helping her with her projects, while actually seeing their merit. Though slightly less for camp since he doesn't think people should be comfortable about being here in the first place.

  • 5 Reasons Why Lelouch and Suzaku’s Love is Incomparable

He also realizes that Milly wants to broach some more touchy topics with him, but as yet remains unwilling to allow it and usually changes the subject. He's still totally ignorant to her feelings for him because he's Lelouch.

Now if only she'd stop plotting with people like George.

suzaku and euphemia relationship poems

Um despite his closeness to Euphie, Lelouch was never that close to Cornelia. As of now, Cornelia is an obstacle in his path. Cornelia knows what happened to Marianne. Cornelia is also a significant opponent for Zero because of her warrior princess abilities. And Lelouch has seen Cornelia is willing to use any means necessary to find and destroy Zero. I suppose there is a type of rivalry between them in that they are both trying to top each other. When everything ends and Nunnally knows what really occurred, she states that the only thing she wanted was to stay with him.

Yes, she'd rather share with him the life of a fallen princess in a fascist empire than being the universally loved Empress in a peaceful world. Considering that Lelouch never let her know about any of that racism or violence, barely even noticed Japan be invaded, and never wanted for anything This is like saying that you wouldn't kill your father for riches and power.

God, I really, really hope she never wanted Lelouch to die and make her the ruler of a nation. That would be evil. Not to mention it would create a world of lies, the same world of lies that Lelouch hated, resented, and wanted to destroy in the first episode.

Euphemia li Britannia

One could also add in the fact that, when Nunnally reunites with Euphie, one of the things they discuss is the argument they had over which one of them would eventually marry Lelouch.

In fact, even after meeting again for the first time in seven years, Nunnally can barely have a cup of tea with Euphie before bringing this up and then seriously and worriedly asking if Euphie was still interested in Lelouch. On the one hand, this is tempered by Nunnally seeming pretty happy when she mistook C. She seemed a bit put off when C.

On the other hand, Nunnally also got sick and had Lelouch skip school to take care of her, and as he was tucking her in suggested that her getting sick was her body's way of getting Lelouch to pay some attention to her since he had been so busy the last couple weeks what with his secret rebellion and all. While generally silly all-around, NunnallyInWonderland keeps characterization pretty consistent with canon and when C.

Although they are not related by blood, Rolo is VERY openly infatuated with his big brother, which Lelouch rather sadistically takes advantage of to deceive Rolo into joining his side. He calls it "playing a 'game of brothers'".

suzaku and euphemia relationship poems

Rolo then proceeds to manipulate Lelouch, and abuses his grief over Nunnally becoming Area 11's Viceroy. And kills Shirley for wanting to reunite Lelouch and Nunnally. And plans to kill Nunnally. It's revealed that the Emperor got it on with hundreds of mistresses, and Lelouch has Half-Sisters and Half-Brothers all over the world. Every member of royalty who isn't the Emperor himself or the women who gave birth to them are all related to each other through the Emperor's blood alone.

Despite all sharing the same father, it's not really frowned upon for the royal bloodline to hook up because of this. Actually, it just says he had a lot of kids, there is no evidence other royals are part of the family.

Also, nobody in the royal family has hooked up like that. Lulu isn't the only member of their big happy family whose brother-sister scenes have a weirdly incestuous subtext: Schneizel openly flirts with Cornelia, and Cornelia hovers over Euphie in much the same way Lelouch hovers over Nunnally. Then there's Cornelia's lightly touching Euphemia. There's some of this between Schneizel and his younger brother Lelouch as well.

For example, Schneizel refers to Lelouch as the man he loves and fears the most. It should be pointed out that Schneizel is trying to convince those people to capture or kill Lelouch. In opposition to the other examples given in this bullet point, this most certainly does not have any sexual, or even friendly, subtext.

Bear in mind that this is the Britannian royal family we're talking about here, and historically incest has been common among royalty.