Sungmin and kyuhyun relationship advice

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sungmin and kyuhyun relationship advice

SuJu members since the wedding announcement on 14 October (Yes, 3 years have passed already) - Leeteuk's 2 bio changes on 16 Oct. title: Confused Relationship pairing / characters: broken!Kyuhyun / Ryewook, Kyuhyun / Sungmin, Yesung / Ryewook raiting: pg warning: girl!Sungmin, girl! Sungmin smiled a bit when she heard Kyuhyun giving her advice. She can't. We knew who Sungmin was dating with. But we never made it to become an issue because Leeteuk was coming back soon and we didn't want.

sungmin and kyuhyun relationship advice

Donghae was the one that visited Kyuhyun in the hospital the most after his accident in The two same-aged maknaes. They really do get along with each other and are prob the closest with each other in the group. Not to long ago, they were last two ones living in the same dorm, meaning that they are very comfertable with each other. Highfives and "I'm confident!!!!!!!!!!!! This might come as a surprise, but Kangin I think stated that Ryeowook is his favorite dongsaeng. Fact is, they are very close.

In one video, they shared a hotel room. Leeteuk comes in and sees them wrestling with each other XD And Kanging did this absolute sweet phone call suprise on Sukira for his solo debut. Not close at all in the past. Very awkward if you've seen Intimate Note. It's gotten better though, and I think they are close now. Eunhyuk even cried when Heechul went to the army.

That's what I'd describe their relationship. It's become more comfortable though ever since Kyuhyun's accident as he visited Kyuhyun a lot in the hospital they literally had accidents back to back. Also, don't forget that Kyuhyun will always be thankful towards Heechul for not returning to Radio Star.

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Kyuhyun takes good care of Henry. Thanks to him, Henry got some main exposure in Happy Together watch it, I laughed my ass of at Henry's dorkiness and is now popular. Even if he doesn't call Kyuhyun that often anymore, Henry still cares about Kyuhyun as seen recently in Kyuhyun's birthday surpise.

No idea if anything has changed. We may not be able to release another album for next two years because Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are planned to go to army. We desperately prepared for their comeback. We wanted to show Suju that we are still here, always watching them.

We wanted to tell them that no matter how much they spend time in army we will be waiting. During two years of gap, many fans have left Super Junior. We are having a smaller fandom than the past. We were afraid that we might lose more fans if Sungmin goes on openly dating. So we asked him not to show off his girlfriend. This album is very important for you and for us and for Super Junior. But he ignored those fans and blocked them from his blogs. He gave the gift from his fans to his gf.

He "liked" the post which says "Throw away the fans that are unnecessary" He celebrated his gf's birthday on radio and called her "Mimi".

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The rumor about his marriage spread out like wildfire. Sungmin officially announced his relationship with Saeun. We feared that his marriage might actually happen.

sungmin and kyuhyun relationship advice

On the fansigning event a lot fans had run up to him and asked if the rumor is true. Some of them cried and begged not to marry her now. But Sungmin didn't even care whether his fans cried or not.

For those fans who cried, he gave his signature with "Mi" which indicates his girlfriend. We started to get disappointed by the way Sungmin acted so far.

But we still waited for Sungmin to speak up something for us.

sungmin and kyuhyun relationship advice

We just wished that he will delay his wedding and be together with us for the rest of the But until all the news started to talk about his marriage, he said nothing to his fans. This got us crazy. We did not want to hear a news of his marriage from the third person. This is not like Super Junior. None of the members have treated us like this. No member did or say anything when Sungmin was discharged a week after.

Meanwhile they often comment on one another's instagram posts.

Super Junior members towards Sungmin since his marriage announcement - Random - OneHallyu

Members who have shown support There were photos of Siwon and Heechul in the wedding photoshoot but those were released by the studio not them so I'll use the post's photo limit for others.

It was their first schedule. Shindong spoke to the media supporting him.

sungmin and kyuhyun relationship advice

Ryeowook was also the wedding singer. He listed all the members' names including Sungmin Anyone can see that the members coldest to him are Leeteuk and Heechul the leader and the oldest two of the group. Leeteuk the one everyone worships as the angel leader and Heechul who supposedly stands up for his friends.

Fandom loves to preach about how Leeteuk said he would drag back any member who tries to leave etc etc etc but he is the 1 member coldest to Sungmin from the very start. And he is the leader. From the beginning, Super Junior was created as a group that could be flexible with its members" Sungmin posted the message of not participating in the comeback yesterday, and not one of them did anything to imply they support him.

They don't have to make posts, even if they just like a a fan's support post it will get the message across. Instead, we had the beloved leader of the group posting photos and videos about his puppy instead as if his own member was not just bullied out of his job. Good luck with trying to have freedom to date or marry or even be able to do what you want. They have decided to give in to this vile, poisonous fandom instead of standing up for a fellow member of 12 years and themselves.