Sora and roxas relationship trust

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Kingdom Hearts - Sora x Roxas Roxas Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 3, Sora, . And thus you have Sora's and Roxas's personalities and relationship in one. Ok so here is the timeline between sora and roxas as i understand it Ventus lost his heart at the end of BBS right? but his body remained. Sora and Roxas are both seniors and graduation is only a few months away. telling everybody about their secret relationship they've had for over a year . his arm and forever breaking the trust between him and his "father".

After receiving a positive fan response to Roxas' sad scenario, Nomura concluded that it was well executed. The meaning of Roxas' name was meant to be revealed in a scene in Kingdom Hearts II that shows the letters in the word "Sora" rearranged with the "X" added to expand the connection between the characters.

However, this scene was omitted as Nomura found it difficult to implement time-wise. Nomura told the writers that he wanted Roxas to learn something from each of his missions or just to have something to think about. Final Fantasy VII to be more tragic. Nomura commented that, despite their similarities, Roxas and Ventus are not the same character.

Nomura says this will be explained by the fact that the character Xehanort whose Heartless and Nobody, Ansem and Xemnas, exist at the same time as the original one. Riku felt something tap his leg from within his pocket.

Startled, he looked down to see the Commsphere being pushed towards the opening, an entry open on the screen. He grabbed the device, giving a smile of gratitude to Rikku, and read the text.

The Emperor gazed at Yukari with an equally deadpan expression, which gave Riku the impression that His Majesty was hiding his true feelings. Strangely enough, Yukari was not one of them.

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Truth be told, Riku didn't like the idea either, but he understood the necessity of such forfeits. More kindly, he explained, "Fear not, my daughters accepted their duty long ago. They are willing to make this sacrifice. She received several angry looks, but no one contradicted her. He turned to Shang. With your permission, Mulan and I will retrieve them and be back by nightfall.

With a salute, Shang turned and strode off. Mulan gave the group of teenagers a friendly smile. As soon as everyone was out of earshot, Kairi rounded on Yukari. You were ready to take those guards' heads off but you're fine with the Emperor marrying off his daughters?

You have causes you're willing to sacrifice for, right? It's not even a hereditary one, so no princes or princesses. A dangerous look flashed in Yukari's eyes. My life is my own now. Anyone who wants obedience from me has to earn it first. If the princesses change their minds about their cause…" Yukari grinned mischievously, raising Onsaken. Gasping, Kairi seemed to remember something and gazed at Yukari despairingly. Sora cocked an eyebrow at Riku questioningly, but he shrugged, not knowing the root of the exchange.

He had a guess, though. It seemed reminiscent of his own home life, where he was just another object used by his parents to get approval from society. That's what good members of society did; they had children and provided for them.


Love was not required. Yukari's mistrust of people who knew she was deaf suddenly made more sense. That would definitely not be acceptable to her class. He wanted to show her that their friends weren't like that, and even contemplated telling someone just to prove it to her, but he feared breaking her trust like that would only exacerbate the problem.

He wanted nothing more than to get away from his parents; the only thing stopping him was that he didn't think he could pull it off.

They, especially his father, wouldn't let him get away with it. With a very unconcerned flick of her hair, Yukari said, "Yes. Yukari locked eyes with him, gazing at him with a serious expression. That was not at all what he was expecting. Riku would have joined her if he wasn't still a bit taken aback. Truth be told, he'd never thought about the implications of being a Master past fighting Astan. Neither had Sora, and, being so humble, he wasn't handling it well.

How about we go find some food, since we have the day to kill anyway? He headed for the door. After they had stuffed their faces, the friends had decided to take a stroll through the palace gardens. Then, Sora and Kairi excused themselves with a thinly-veiled attempt to disguise that they just wanted to see what Riku and Yukari would do when left alone.

Most likely to Sora and Kairi's displeasure, Riku and Yukari chose to settle down on a bench in a bamboo grove. Ri huddled into Riku's chest and he put an arm around her, just enjoying each other's company.

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After a moment, she continued, "They can't hear us though. Yukari just hummed distractedly and fingered her earpieces, something Riku was learning to recognize as a sign that Yukari was feeling self-conscious, usually about being deaf. He wrapped his arms more tightly around her.

She stiffened against him, but he just started rubbing her soothingly in return. He's definitely not playing with a full deck of cards. He just sighed and continued his rubbing. A bird fluttered into their clearing and landed near them. It regarded them warily, trying to determine the danger they posed. Evidently, it didn't find any peril, because it chirped at them once before beginning to sing.

The bird's music brought a smile to Riku's face and eased the tension in Yukari's body. When the animal was done, Yukari began singing the song back. Riku's jaw nearly hit the ground.

Who did she think she was? He may not have been musically talented himself, but he could tell a musician when he heard one. The bird eyed Yukari with interest, but as she neared the end, it seemed to realize that she wasn't its type and flew off.

Riku just sat there, his mind completely blown. He couldn't help it; his heart was just bursting to the seams with how much he loved her at the moment. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her gently. When he pulled back, he looked into her eyes and whispered, "You're amazing. Her only response was to blush furiously. Eager to ease her embarrassment at such lavish praise, and also to hear her sing again, Riku recalled their first sparring lesson.

She looked surprised briefly, but she settled into a peaceful state as she let the music take over her. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

sora and roxas relationship trust

Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things. The bamboo rustled around them as Kairi navigated through the foliage to join them, almost like the music had called her, looking ecstatic. As soon as she'd caught her breath, she grinned and sang the next verse. Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles. Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings. However, Kairi soon became cowed by Yukari's talent and dropped out.

He'd shown up shortly after Kairi.

sora and roxas relationship trust

She and her cousin had also been attracted to the sounds. Ri sighed in resignation, and had she had sleeves, Riku imagined that she would have pushed them up. She took out both earpieces, then thrust them at Riku. In her eyes was the additional request to trust her.

His rational side said it was a bad idea, but his curiosity was getting the better of him.

sora and roxas relationship trust

Plus, he did trust her. Obligingly, he held out his hand to receive them. A smile of gratitude was all he got before Yukari turned back to Kairi. A tender smile graced her face as she thought of her love. Lately you're all I need. You smiled at me and said, 'Don't get me wrong I love you, but does that mean I have to meet you father?

It brought such joy to his heart to see them together finally. Now that he had Yukari, he didn't have to be jealous anymore, either. Sora, however, had missed the point. Use your hearts' connection to hear. She is observant and perceptive. She has a strong sense of justice and generosity, seen in the way she willingly gave up herself to join with Sora.

Their Relationship starts of as an 'unsure' since at the very begining Roxas didn't trust the new Member 14th. When the two had their first mission together is when Roxas notices Xion isn't a somebody to fear and the next day, Xion comes to talk him with her hood up showing her 'true' face. Their Relationship can be either a brother and sister relationship or a lover relationship. The two, at a time kind of pushes Axel away with out noticing it, this could because the two are drawn together but later they notice what their doing and Axel is joined in as a friendship bond.

Xion dies in Roxas arms, she smiles and notes she was glad to see his face one last time, this could ether be mutural feelings or friendship feelings. Her words make Roxas cry and begs her not go, but in the end she does.