Sita and rama relationship help

Rama, lover and soul mate

sita and rama relationship help

Sita or Seeta, is the consort of Lord Rama and an avatar of Sri Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess that Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be After marriage, she goes to exile with her husband and brother-in-law Lakshmana. While in exile, the trio settle in the. Ramayana: Five relationship lessons Lord Ram taught us While trying to find Sita, Ram noticed a squirrel helping the vanarsena build a. Rama and Sita were a couple in Hindu mythology aspects of whose relationship are highlighted in the fall festival known as Diwali.

Their attraction is divineand they have somehow found each other in this material world. Princess Sita Sita is a princess and also the daughter of Mother Earth. As such, she carries all the earthly virtues: Her love is the kind that surrenders to her divine destiny -- a destiny that unites her in this epic love story with Rama.

A Model Couple As the poem continues, the two beloveds marry and pledge their supreme devotion to one another, vowing to love only each other until the end of time.

sita and rama relationship help

However, after marriage, Rama is banished to wander the forest for the rest of his days. Along the journey, Rama always puts Sita first. Her well-being is infinitely more important than anything or anyone else in the world.

Together, Rama and Sita incarnate as Vishnu and Lakshmi. Rama is the Vishnu incarnate, and Sita the Lakshmi one. Vishnu and Lakshmi are the protectors of the Universe and of the dharma natural law.

This means that the union of Rama and Sita is more than just any typical marriage. They are here to teach us what is right in terms of how the cosmos should function.

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They are here to model the dharma, to be an example of how we should act and be. Overcoming All Obstacles As is the case for epic poems and stories, the Rama and Sita journey is full of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They confront all kinds of adverse beings and situations, overcoming them like true superheroes of Hindu mythology.

While in exile in the forest, one of the great obstacles that comes to pass is the kidnapping of Sita by Ravana, the demon king. With the aid of tricky monkey king, HanumanRama rescues Sita, defeating Ravana and the evil rakshasas. In doing so, Rama rids the planet of all evil. Each and every character Rama and Sita encounter and the situations with each meeting teach us valuable life lessons.

We learn the values of the dharma and our duty to respect, love and care for our loved ones. Both Rama and Sita uphold satya at all costs. No more interruptions now. One day, Rama was with his dear brother Lakshmana and his guru Viswamitra, when they all wandered into Mithila, the kingdom of King Janaka. Rama easily took the bow and did not only bend it, but snapped it into many pieces!

Rama wed Sita, which, in fact, was love at first sight. Trust me, I had nothing to do with it! They knew they would be together forever.

Ramayana: Five relationship lessons Lord Ram taught us

After some shocking twists and turns, Rama and Sita ended up living in the jungles of Southern India. One day, Ravana, the horrendous Demon King of Lanka, came to their cottage, and kidnapped Sita while Rama went to fetch a golden deer. Ravana took Sita to Lanka and demanded that she give into his desires. Sita firmly stood her ground and said she would always remain faithful to Rama.

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All the demons in Lanka would taunt and scare Sita, and Ravana could not bear the thought that he would never get what he wanted from her.

He was absolutely disgusting the way he kept after her! Hanuman spotted Sita in Lanka and the battle was on! Rama defeated Ravana after a bloody battle and rightfully took back Sita. Every being in all three worlds was rejoicing in the union of Sita and Rama. Rama went back to Ayodhya and became King of Kosala. Now Sita and Rama are very happy as King and Queen and stories are still told about their undying love. The two together look like Vishnu and Laksmi, which they are! I visit them every once in a while whenever I am feeling down because their pureness and love makes me joyous!

But me being Kamadeva, I know that their love story has not overcome all obstacles yet.

sita and rama relationship help

There is still more to come, and I only hope that everything works out for both of them I left out a couple of big events in the story such as how Rama and Sita were exiled from Ayodhya for fourteen years and I did not go in depth about the battle between Rama and Ravana because I felt like it would detract from the actual love story between Rama and Sita.

It has all the classic elements of love, lust, greed, tragedy, and honor. It is easy to follow along with and has a very simple and pure nature to it.

sita and rama relationship help

The commentary between the Apsarasas and Kamadeva was to bring the conversational and informal setting into the story. Rama and Sita Wedding.