Shinji and kaworu relationship help

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shinji and kaworu relationship help

Hard to explain Shinji and Kaworu's relationship because it's complicated, mostly because it's mix of Shinji wanting to connect with someone. Though fans have speculated on what kind of relationship Shinji had with Kaworu it is at least clear that Kaworu represented a sort of idealized. Kaworu Nagisa (渚 カヲル, Nagisa Kaoru) is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Kaworu Nagisa is the only character in the series that offers Shinji Ikari . spirit returns to take control of Unit and aid Shinji in battle and help rescue Rei also great controversy over the nature of Shinji and Kaworu's relationship.

While this proves little, it does say a lot. Several games, Kaworu's offered as a romantic choice for Shinji, including the ones he is not a main character like Secret of Evangelion: Kaworu and Shinji are a Beta Couple to the player's main character and their pairing of choice. In particular the official game, Neon Genesis Evangelion 2, has the official stats for Kaworu's and Shinji's affection as high starter in romantic and low in friendship.

In the 4koma gag comic strip not confused with the anime adaptationPuchi Eva or Petit Eva, Kaworu's blatantly in love with Shinji he desires to be his wife in his profile and calls Gendo his father in law. There are a number of teases in several strips, including one with Kaworu moving in with his family the angels to live with the Ikaris. Yui's supportive of their relationship and teases Shinji about it. For a online Valentine's Day Special campaign in a mobile phone, Shinji and Kaworu were drawn sharing the Red String of Fate tied to their pinky, both bashful with a multiple heart patterned background.

In one of the previews for 3. The implication was that the boy was Kaworu, though. Later on he blushes when Kaworu tells Shinji he can just call him by his first name. Rebuild's theme songs Beautiful World and Sakura Nagashi are both very much to do with Kaworu and Shinji's relationship. Beautiful World is rather blatantly about Shinji from Kaworu's perspective, as supported by the male pronoun "boku", and distinctly similar speech patterns.

And as for the content Who else would profess so selflessly that their only wish is to sleep by Shinji's side? Who sleeps with him in both the original and the films? The singer doesn't care where it is, as "anywhere would do", and in 3. Sakura Nagashi is a song about coping with grief, and mourning for a lover deceased.

Kaworu Nagisa

Guess who dies in that film If the song is read in that light, then the lyrics are very revealing of Shinji's feelings towards Kaworu. You were so beautiful. What would you think of me, living without you? What about any of that is 'ambiguous'? Far less blatant is the open admiration Bridge Bunny Maya has towards her superior Ritsuko, though unfortunately for her Ritsuko is far too busy getting banged by Gendo. Ritsuko and Maya get a Crowning Moment of Awesome in episode 13, when they defeat the Eleventh Angel by reprogramming a computer.

This being MayaRitsuko gets excessively fangirled for her contribution. Let's not forget the onsen bath scene with Misato and Asuka.

shinji and kaworu relationship help

Through suggestive dialogue and giggling it's hinted that Misato was feeling up her mutually naked charge in some rather provocative ways, under the blanket of being "innocent girlie fun. Amusing as the idea may be, it's not canon, though you can really imagine what you want with Eva And there's a scene in Rebuild 2. Shinji reminds him that he's a boy and in response Kaji says "No problem.

Gender shouldn't get in the way of love," places his hand on Shinji's, gets close to his face, and tries or pretends to to kiss him and Shinji blushes, letting out an almighty squeal. In episode 17, Kaji inexplicably flirts with Shinji. Wanna go out for tea?

shinji and kaworu relationship help

You know, I'm a boy. So if that had been the final version, Kaworu wouldn't have been the first person to say that to him. Their interactions in "The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still" actually bordered on a bizarre case of Belligerent Sexual Tensionespecially since they made temporary peace with each other in the end.

In Rebuild of EvangelionAsuka later volunteers to pilot Unit 03 so that Rei can bring Shinji and his father closer together. She does this for Rei, who in most incarnations she doesn't care for at all.

My life was meaningful, because of you.

They're on better terms in Angelic Days as well, once even holding hands. Even in the main manga adaptation, Asuka grows more comfortable in Rei's presence over time.

When Shinji's in the hospital following his battle with Eva, the two of them are together in the waiting lobby though quite a distance apart due to Rei sitting down while Asuka's standing against the wall and vocalize their thoughts and concerns about Shinji to one another. The later scenes of Asuka declaring her hatred of Rei for being an emotionless doll never occur, with Kaworu being in Rei's place for one of them, and some of Sadamoto's artwork has Rei positioned as almost the Kaworu to Asuka's Shinji in terms of personal space.

As the pilot of Evangelion 01, Shinji is told to defend the world against the deadly giant beings called Angels, but as the story progresses, it is evident that there are more factions than what meets the eye.

In the original Evangelion series, Shinji unwillingly destroyed the infected Eva 03 while knowing his friend Toji Suzuhara was the pilot. On the Rebuild version, it is Asuka one of his crushes who gets injured in the process.

shinji and kaworu relationship help

Amid the chaos and a declining world with a red sea, Shinji desperately needs a positive presence in his life. Because Kaworu is the epitome of kindness Evangelion episode 24 Enter Kaworu Nagisa, who was absent during most of the original version of Evangelion but won a considerable amount of screen time in Evangelion 3.

You can not redo. So, she is some sort of substitute mother for Shinji. Yes, that sounds very strange. In the case of Kaworu, he is Angel Tabris and has genetical information from Angel Adam, making of Kaworu the first and last Angel at the same time. In consequence, Kaworu Nagisa apparently knows a lot more about the Angels, Seele and the Eva project than he ever says, but that does not stop Kaworu from showing off his warm and kind personality.

Kaworu meets Shinji on episode 24 and by the third Evangelion movie, Kaworu becomes the calm amid the storm. One aspect that has always been representative of their relationship is music.

Shinji plays the cello on the original version of the anime, but on the Rebuild version the piano plays a big part for him and Kaworu.

Theory and Analysis:Shinji and Asuka's Relationship

Because Shinji and Kaworu make each other happy Evangelion 3. You can not advance. Although they manifest it in different ways, it is evident that Shinji and Kaworu are happy when they are together. We know that Shinji does not know how to communicate properly, but does Kaworu show impatience or annoyance? Still, despite of his multiple traumas, Shinji is capable of doing many things. Among such things, we can see that Shinji can make Kaworu happy, as Shinji reassuringly tells Kaworu that Shinji is glad to meet Kaworu or talk to him.

Shinji talks about his life before being called to NERV and how he simply existed without minding others, and how Shinji used to hate his father. It is on this scene where Kaworu tells him maybe he was born to meet him.

The conversation was intimate but strange at the same time, but this shows how Shinji is able to open up and feel comfortable enough with Kaworu. By treating Shinji with respect, Kaworu is showing his ability to love. Which leads us to the final reason… 5. Because Shinji and Kaworu change for the better Evangelion 3.

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Yet, Kaworu apparently decided to do something different. It appears as if meeting and bonding with Shinji played a key role in his change of mind. Thus, in the original version Kaworu requests Shinji to kill him, as humanity will not survive as long as he lives.