Shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction

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shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction

Shinji takes just the slightest different action when Asuka offers a Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - [Shinji I., Asuka L. S.] Rei A. Only the best fics with Shinji and Asuka. Evangelion - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8, - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 34 - Follows: A ton of unfortunate events for a certain wimpy kid. Shinji,Asuka,A full of unexpected events,A whole lotta Romance and too much

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction

Asuka, Shinji, and the Thousand Cranes by Random reviews A short story about finding what you need Shinji is taller than Asuka. What will that mean for our favorite couple?

But what if life had a different path for him, and also a different path for her? Four years later, life wasn't the same anymore [S x A] Evangelion - Rated: Flawless Victory by Chuckman reviews It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

And who wrote it? This has to be a trick. However, when the day is celebrated Walking in the Shadow of Dreams by Gregg Landsman reviews Twelve years after a boy rejected Godhood, the man he became finds his life no less complex. The world is better, perhaps. What Misato said had been what she felt she deserved to hear, but not what she expected, since Kaji had done his best to try and absolve her of guilt. No, I'm not talking about how Shinji got hurt. Despite how you feel, I understand that it was an accident.

I don't blame you, Kaji doesn't either, and I'm sure Shinji won't, once he wakes up. I was the one who pushed him! It's done, you're not in trouble, just leave it! Six times now, since she had just brought it up. A gentle hand descended onto her shoulder. Make up your mind, you drunk. Am I to blame for hurting him or not? Something that can't be fixed, no matter what you do. There was no reply. What are you implying?!

Well if you're going to start calling me names, I'll just leave you alone. Which room is he staying in? The woman wasn't following, simply looking at her, so Asuka stepped in and let the elevator door close.

Plans were mentally discarded left and right as she stood there in Shinji's hospital room staring out the window. The bad thing was that the waiting was also starting to get to her.

Every plan that was thrown out was also contributing to Asuka's nervousness. At one point she even began to wonder if Shinji would hate her. It was at that point when the door opened and a hospital bed was rolled in, containing a certain brown-haired boy, and all of Asuka's thoughts flew out of her head like a startled flock of birds.

Tense minutes passed in silence after the orderly left, until one of the birds finally deigned to return to its roost. Asuka sat on the chair next to the bed and looked at Shinji.

There was a bandage around his head, and there was likely to be a bald patch on the back of his head so that the wound could be tended to. She reflexively touched her own hair at the thought, idly noting that if she had been the one in the bed, there would have been hell to pay for touching her hair. Shinji likely wouldn't care, even if it made him look weird. But then the scar, if there was one, combined with his status as an Evangelion pilot, might convince people that he had acquired the injury in combat.

And Asuka had a feeling that Shinji would just let them believe that. Which caused Asuka's thoughts to fly away again. He made to sit up And immediately hissed in pain, reaching for the back of his head, a second before a hand on his chest forced him back to horizontal. The boy let out another, shorter hiss as his head touched the pillow again. After a moment, Asuka remembered to move her hand.

How easy it was to slip back into that habit. I take it we won though? The strangeness of the question threw Asuka for a loop, and he continued in the wake of her silence. A common symptom of head wounds. He didn't remember the kiss. Who's angry at me?

Of course Shinji would instantly believe that he had pissed somebody off. That notion was only slightly correct, because something he had done had made her unthinkingly lash out at him. With a nasty consequence. Shinji," Asuka began, still looking down. A second later, her hands were tightly clenching Shinji's hospital gown and her face was only centimetres from his. I provoke you, practically choke you out, then send you crashing to the floor so hard you crack your skull open, and all you have to say is that you're sorry?!

She let go of him, backing away from the bed in a daze as she belatedly noted that she was starting to earn the 'Red Demon' nickname that the Stooges always threw at her. Her foot bumped the fallen chair, and Asuka stopped her retreat just in time to avoid another pilot getting injured. The door was suddenly in her sight; an escape from this disaster. She had come here with the earnest intent to apologise, to try and make things right between them, and all she had done was hurt Shinji some more.

Her hand was on the door handle when she heard Shinji shout, "A-Asuka! She couldn't bear to look at him; to be in the same room as him. The shame was too great. Asuka couldn't be sure, but she heard something that might have been a sigh of relief. What's the last thing you remember? I was reading, you were in the kitchen. I'm not sure what you sa No wait, you said something about having In an instant, the injured boy was horizontal again, both of Asuka's hands pushing down on his torso.

After a minute, Shinji seemed to have recovered a bit. She chanced a glance out the corner of her eye. Shinji's face was turning red, and his eyes were as wide as plates. It was that or flop to the ground: She felt something that might have been a tear try to force its way out, and she couldn't allow it.

Not after what had happened a decade ago. Eventually, she managed to force the rest of the story out as well. It was made a little easier by the fact that she had already recounted the story twice, but also made much harder seeing that she was confessing to the victim.

But finally, it was all in the open. Shinji flinched away from her, and she had to turn around and take a few steps away before she did something stupid.

After a few deep and calming breathes, she returned to the bedside and folded her arms. I provoked you into kissing me when you didn't want to. I made you suffocate. And then was surprised at just how calm he looked.

Eventually he got the courage up to make contact. I don't blame you. It was an accident. She closed her eyes and sighed. Only you wouldn't hold a grudge against somebody who put you in hospital. She tried not to let her reaction to such a silly punishment for an inanimate object show.

But Asuka found she was helpless to stop the corners of her mouth from twitching upwards. And equally helpless to keep down the chuckle that escaped her lips. She vigorously shook her head to try and clear it.

Everybody can keep saying that it was an accident, but I still feel guilty. Until I do something as an apology, that feeling won't go away. I'm going to do something, and even an Angel wouldn't be able to stop me. Besides, more happened last night than you getting hurt, in a way.

Asuka ran a hand through her hair as she tried to put the right words together. I stole something from you. You don't need to make up for something so minor It's supposed to mean something. All yours means is that I hurt you. Shinji," she nervously began. Was that disappointment in his eyes? She focused her gaze on him. Kissing doesn't involve just standing around.

There are other elements. Completely out of nowhere. I was still trying to work out if I was dreaming! My brain just gave up and shut down! They both stared at each other in complete shock at what Shinji had just uttered. Asuka had not been expecting that kind of response. Asuka's arms dropped to her sides. I'm the Great Asuka Langley-Soryu! There was no way she could possibly have had time to come up with them before they were fired out of her mouth.

Plus, as a fellow Evangelion pilot, as my housemate, as m-my," she verbally stumbled a little, "my friend, and as somebody I feel I can trust, I decree that you are allowed to touch my person. Hopefully he understood that.

At Shinji's hesitant nod, Asuka let out a breath she hadn't been aware she had been holding. Her desire to do a good job nags at her. She is suddenly hit with a brain storm.

She glances to her side with a devilish grin. Looking at the back of Shinji's head her plan is set. He has no idea what she has planned for him. He's gonna get a great meal and love it even if she has to make him. Lunch time bells ring and the students exit with their meals. Everyone goes about their rituals of separating into their normal cliques. It's a warm summer day almost exactly like the Monday before. The only exception is the delicate breeze.

Much like lunch time the week before the kids sit in the same groups. Asuka had left the house when Shinji woke this morning, but met up with her on the way to school. She refused to give Shinji his bento box until he got to school.

Essence of Shinji Lunch Time, an evangelion fanfic | FanFiction

She forbid him to peak on threat of bodily harm. Shinji sits and opens the boxed lunch with perfectly prepared food. It is well filled with smoked salmon sushi, sesame seed balls, a stick of kushi dango for dessert, and other things.

He is looking happy and very impressed. Asuka stands by Shinji looking rather proud of herself. Sitting Shinji looks up to her. Surprised she would go through so much trouble and work for him "This looks great, Asuka.

Kensuke looks disappointed from Shinji's food to his vending machine hot dog, fries, and chips. Touji wouldn't want anything else then what he is already eating.

He is completely happy with Hikari's cooking. Any ways he wouldn't touch anything Asuka would cook out of fear of it being laced with some form of poison. With her hands on her hips Asuka says, "Well, was there ever any doubt?

Rei sits quietly eating her meal. Oblivious to the drama that always seems to surround her. Asuka goes back to her seat next to Hikari, opens her bento box, and glances over to Shinji for his reaction to the first bite. Nervous anticipation tingles in her gut. Shinji digs into the food. He takes a bite and smiles. Expecting a grateful smile he instead sees something different. She is sticking her tongue out at him.

“Do you love me” theory - Asuka & Shinji Had Sex

Asuka goes back to talking with Hikari and doesn't speak to Shinji for the rest of lunch time. The rest of the meal time is fairly uneventful.

Nothing out of the norm until yelling can be heard from the school grounds below. Looking down the friends on the roof see a tall boy running from a much shorter girl. The girl chases after him screaming and tossing food.

Later in the day Kensuke found out the boy is a member of the baseball team. Seems he was cheating on his girlfriend with two girls at the same time. Only reason he was caught was, because he bought all three girls the same charm, claiming it to be some rare family heirloom.

The two girls confronted him during lunch and spilled the beans to his girlfriend using the charms as proof. While everyone was watching the chase on the ground. Rei took that time to finish her meal and walk back to class.

Kensuke however had pulled out his camcorder and filmed the whole thing. The school day ended. Everyone was talking and laughing about the events during lunch.

The guilty boy ran out of the building on the bell. It was rather funny seeing as all three of his pursuers were half his size. Asuka just went on a rant to Hikari about how all men were pigs. With one very special exception. Anyone who knew Asuka well enough also knew she was talking about Ryoji Kaji, Misato's ex-boyfriend from college. Currently, he was also an employee at NERV.

Asuka and Hikari are a few feet ahead, behind them is Rei, and past her is Shinji, Touji, and Kensuke. Pretty much the same groups and distances that they sit in during lunch. Asuka gossiped with Hikari, and Touji whispered to Kensuke and Shinji about how that baseball player made his mistakes. He also went into detail as to how they could do the same thing, but not get caught. Touji had to whisper in fear Asuka and Hikari would hear.

Hikari Horaki is a sweet and moral girl, but she could also be venomous if given cause. This only seemed to of gotten worse when she became friends with Asuka. Kensuke was the only one who was intently listening to Touji's tips.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction

Shinji thought it was pointless. He didn't understand why you would want to go around with other girls if you already had a girlfriend. Kodama went over the weekend with her boyfriend. She said there are a lot of really fun games.

So what kind of movies are you going to pick? Should I bring anything? If we need something we'll just send Ikari to fetch it. Shinji looks to Asuka upset for her referring to him as if he was some kind of trained dog, but stays silent.

A slip of paper falls from Asuka's bag. It drops on the ground and Kensuke picks it up. He was about to call after her to return the paper when the contents caught his eye. Touji leaned in to see what had his friends interest. They both have matching smiles as get the same devious idea.

Asuka is walking looking rather pleased with herself. Her nose pointing a few degrees higher then normal.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction

She is pretending not to hear even thought they are speaking louder then usual. Hikari is curious as to what they are doing as well, but follows Asuka example to appear to not to notice. Rei is walking quietly. She hears them, but has no care for their conversation. Shinji is walking a few steps ahead of his friends.