Sanjay dutt and amitabh bachchan relationship

sanjay dutt and amitabh bachchan relationship

Were Sanjay Dutt and Rekha ever married? incident quoted in the book, which dealt with the rumours of Sanjay and Rekha's affair and wedding. Rekha has been romantically linked to Amitabh Bachchan over the years. Ranbir Kapoor Brahmastra co-star Amitabh Bachchan recently saw a teaser for the highly-anticipated Sanjay Dutt biopic and this is what he. Sanjay Dutt and Amitabh Bachchan greet each other. Well, this is one relationship that we don't often hear about, the special bond between.

sanjay dutt and amitabh bachchan relationship

Amitabh was talking to Manmohan Desai in a corner and Jaya was sitting with her mother-in-law, Teji Bachchan, when Rekha made a sensational entry. Dressed in a magnificent white sari, Rekha had a bright red bindi on her forehead. The dull drone of everyone murmuring and whispering filled the evening air; everyone wanted to know: When had she ever shied away from attention, or controversy?

But her eyes kept darting towards Amitabh every other second. Gathering courage, Rekha took hold of her close friend Snehlata Pandey, the doctor who is credited with introducing Rekha to aerobics and better diets, and went over to where Amitabh was standing.

All eyes, quite naturally, followed her. They were seen chatting formally for a few minutes. In a somewhat anticlimactic interview, Rekha later cleared the air: The sindoor and mangalsutra she was wearing were part of her get-up for a film, which she had forgotten to remove. Even the present generation of actors go through the same situation for years. Will it ever change? Only future has the answer to it.

sanjay dutt and amitabh bachchan relationship

But you will be surprised to know that the same man danced for seven hours at a stretch with Sanjay Dutt at Abhishek's sangeet party. Sanjay Dutt made his first girl friend when he was 12 Now this doesn't come as a shocker but I like it for the way Sanjay Dutt says it. He blushes and then hesitantly says 12 years. And by the way, just so that you know, the girl was older than him.

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She was 20 years old. Abhishek has an embarrassing memory with Zeenat Aman Abhishek is going to be trolled for the rest of his life for revealing this on national television. So the story goes like this.

Abhishek was five year old then and was out with his father Amitabh Bachchan on a film's shoot. He had a major crush on Zeenat Aman and used to follow her the entire day.

When they packed up he went up to Zeenat, who was going towards her room, and asked her "where are you going?

Amitabh Bachchan has seen the Dutt biopic teaser. This was his reaction

Ruffling his hair, Zeenat said "grow a little older, then! Sanjay Dutt used to have a strange phobia. He couldn't sleep alone! Macho man Sanjay Dutt used to have a fear.

It was not of darkness or of heights but of sleeping alone! Ofcourse post his prison sentence, things changed but the fact that a Hercules-like man used to have a fear is amusing.

Sanjay Dutt calls the sofa in his living room his bedroom This one was quite unexpected.