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The dynamic nature of this relationship and the history that develops between Adama and Roslin are what make this coupling so great–and the. Obviously, their relationship is based upon actions, not words and that speaks volumes in itself. . Laura Roslin and William Adama – Battlestar Galactica A Recap of Lessons and Tips from the On-Screen Romances of. In Battlestar Galactica Laura Roslin eventually wins over Adama, . The audience knows such relationships exist, there are several hints that.

Adama and Roslin ~ Discovering love in the quiet moments.

So how did a cute kid become evil? The answer lies in romance. But this would not come to pass and his anger and power would grow. During the course of this movie, Mr. What changes their hearts? That would be nothing. They loved each other all along, but the truth, or lack there of, was in the way of having an actual relationship, so until they decided to stop lying to each other, it was more of a going through the motions relationship.

Lord of the Rings: But towards the end of that quest, Sam had another motivation to get it finished and return to the Shire, Rosie Cotton.

Sam and Rosie were close friends with Rosie expecting a marriage proposal from Sam before he left on his quest. In that time away, she, although not pleased, waited for his return. Princess Buttercup and Westley in The Princess Bride Westley protects Buttercup in The Princess Bride This romance is somewhat like Rosie and Sam, both are in love with each other, but the difference is that while Sam fought to get back to Rosie while she waited, both Princess Buttercup and Westley fought for each other.

Not through time but through circumstance. All it can do is delay it for a while.

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Turanga Leela and Philip J. Persistence, never give up on the one you love. Both respected each other and worked together, although at times they disagreed, they were for the most part amicable disputes. As leaders, the trust and faith thrust upon them by others and the stress and hard work to live up to that trust, was something that only Roslin and Adama could share with each other.

Maybe a little lust, but not love.

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Syfy] This is a predictable choice, as this episode is undoubtedly the most reviled episode of the entire series. And it is the worst episode so far, but I thought it had its moments. That latter moment was a spot-on indictment of a man who wants to think of himself as a "nice guy" even when he's doing something completely shady. I'm not condemning Lee, he's still one of my favorite characters, but this particular lapse in judgment was a completely realistic flaw for him to have.

Unfortunately, almost every other part of this episode is a mess. The black market storyline is a great idea, as money and goods would have a very different meaning in this world BSG is depicting, but the execution is terrible. There's no context for the black market's operation as a whole, and although the child abuse storyline is harrowing, it's very unlikely that there would be that many pedophiles openly purchasing children on the black market in a population of 50, people.

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But the worst part of the episode has to be Lee's backstory, which is not only delivered in the most embarrassingly, painfully heavy-handed exposition I've ever heard on this show, but also makes no sense. In a season and a half, Lee doesn't mention that he lost his girlfriend and unborn child in the Cylon attack?

He didn't act like he had lost someone when the attack first occurred, and he hasn't seemed like he's in mourning since then. He had an existential crisis that led to this episode a plotline which also seems strangely shoehorned inbut there was never any indication that he was mourning anyone besides his brother. The Captain's Hand [Credit: Syfy] Taken alone, "The Captain's Hand" is a great episode. There are amazing moments throughout; first, there's Dr.