Relationship of gopis and krishna

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relationship of gopis and krishna

Gopi (गोपी) is a Sanskrit word originating from the word Gopala referring to a person in The gopis of Vrindavan total in number; Krishna charit describes the number as 16, They are generally divided into three groups: Gopi friends . Initially Krishna tried to dishearten the gopis by jugglery of words and asked them why they had . Such was the relationship between the Gopis and Krishna. It is to show the relationship between the sould of a devotee and God. So look at as souls (Gopis) and God (Krishna) and see the growth in love and the different.

They totally surrendered themselves unto the Lord. The Gopis who are Devas got blended with Krishna through their intense love. The love they bore towards Krishna was divine love. Lord Krishna played on His flute on a moon-lit night. The Gopis rushed forth immediately to where their Lover was. Their minds were absorbed in Krishna. They forgot everything when they heard the flute.

Some left their houses while milching the cow. Some left their houses when they were serving their husbands with food.

Relationship between krishna and the gopis?

Some did not take down the boiled rice from the fire. Some did not wait till the milk got boiled. Some had been giving milk to their children. Some were taking food. Some were serving the guests with food. But they all left their work half-finished. Their clothes, hair and ornaments were all disheveled. They ran to behold Sri Krishna.

relationship of gopis and krishna

Krishna was their very Prana and soul. They could not bear His separation even for a second. How devoted the Gopis were! It is beyond all imagination. When Lord Krishna suddenly disappeared they roamed from forest to forest. They asked the trees if they had seen their Lover.

They enquired of the creepers, the earth and the deer. They imitated His actions and even called themselves Krishna.

Junior wives of Krishna

All their thoughts were directed towards Krishna only. They conversed about Him only. They sang all about His deeds only. They were full of Krishna.

They were immersed in His love. They had no other thoughts. They had no other aspirations. They did not think of their homes or relatives. They went to the banks of the Yamuna and sang in chorus about Krishna and prayed fervently for His return. Pleased with their devotion, Krishna suddenly appeared before them and addressed them thus: What good can I do for you?

Are all safe in Vraja? Tell me the object of your coming here. The night is fearful and wild animals are treading around. Go back to Vraja. This is not the place for women. You have got your mothers, fathers, sons, brothers and husbands.

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They are searching you. Do not cause pain to anybody. What more, you have now seen this forest adorned with flowers and illumined by the tender rays of the full moon, where the trees and their tender branches, gently moved by the breeze from the Yamuna, stand in all their splendour. Now go back, O virtuous girls, speedily to your house and look after your husbands.

He conquered the three worlds: On earth, he captured 80, princesses of defeated nations. In heaven, he stole the earrings of Aditimother of Indra - the king of gods and heaven.

In the underworld, he seized the imperial umbrella of Varunathe god of the waters.

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Various demons including the five-headed Mura and his seven sons guarded the kingdom's gates. Narakasura's ten sons guarded the women. Krishna and his second wife Satyabhama fly on their mount the eagle-man Garuda to Pragjyotisha. Krishna slays Mura, his sons, Narakasura's army and finally the demon-king himself. Bhumi surrenders all stolen items, including the captive women to Krishna. When Krishna arrives in the palace of the captive women, each of them prays to Krishna to accept her as his wife.

Krishna complies and sends them to his capital with Narakasura's plunder and four-tusked white elephants gifted by Bhumi. After returning Aditi's earrings to Indra in heaven, Krishna returns to Dwarka and marries the rescued women, making them his junior wives, saving them from "destitution and infamy".

Each of the junior wives was given a home, with hundreds of maid-servants. Krishna divides himself into several forms, one for each wife and spends the night with each wife simultaneously. In the morning, all his forms unite into one body of Krishna when Krishna works as the de facto ruler of Dwarka. Each wife serves Krishna personally, worshipping him, bathing him, dressing him, fanning him, presenting him with gifts and flower garlands etc.

Krishna welcomed Narada with all the honours due to a sage.

relationship of gopis and krishna

Narada then visited every one of the houses of Krishna's 16, wives and was surprised to see Krishna present in every house with his wife in an atmosphere of total domesticity, laughing and joking with his wife and taking care of his children, and helping his wife in household chores.

Watching this phenomenon, Narada was convinced that it was divinity in the form of Krishna, a complete and manifold manifestation who had enjoyed the company of his 16, consorts at the same time. He also concluded that Krishna was a divine supreme being. Having satisfied himself of the divine powers of the Lord Himself, Narada embarked on his usual voyages around the world singing the praise of Krishna.

Krishna told him to win any wife for himself, if he was not with her. The sons are said to represent all the children of the junior wives. One wife Nandini disguised herself as Samba's wife and embraced him.

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For this incest, Krishna cursed Samba to be inflicted with leprosy and his wives to be kidnapped by Abhira robbers after his death. Dwarka submerges in the ocean and the rest of its inhabitants including Krishna's widows accompany Krishna's friend Arjuna to his capital Hastinapur. On the way, Abhira robbers attack the entourage and plunder their wealth and kidnap some of Krishna's widows.

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