Peter and olivia relationship

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peter and olivia relationship

Olivia will not begin a relationship with him though, because she can't stand that Fauxlivia was living her life. Eventually, Peter and Olivia get together. On the. Peter and Olivia were the new Mulder and Scully, with Another was the relationship between Olivia and Walter, which grew increasingly. I don't think I ever believed there was another timeline for Peter to get back to, so I 'm cautiously happy that his Olivia is bleeding through into.

The two kiss and Olivia leads Peter upstairs, presumably to consummate their relationship. In the ensuing chase between them, Peter corners September on a rooftop and asks what will happen to him, if the "doomsday machine" will in fact destroy both him and this universe.

However, September only cryptically states, "it must be difficult, being a father", before shooting him with his "air gun", knocking him unconscious. At the end of the episode, September and another Observer, December, watch the Bishop house, and reveal the reason why they orchestrated the day's events—to see if Walter is finally able to let Peter die, which he apparently is.

Peter and the science team discovered that our side had another weapon, with the pieces scattered all over the world, which was originally constructed by "The First People", the first human species on Earth.

They realize that Fauxlivia's mission on our side was to locate the pieces of the machine, as Walternate's device on the other side was flawed and missing components.

In " Reciprocity ", the science team visits a Massive Dynamic bunker, where they have been constructing the machine. When Peter approaches it, the machine is triggered, and his nose begins to bleed. Following this, Peter decides to start killing all the remaining shapeshifters whose identities are on Fauxlivia's computer. When Walter finds out, he is worried the machine has begun to change Peter, "weaponizing" him.

Through quantum entanglementthe weapon on this side is also activated, and, according to Sam Weissbecomes "frustrated", after Peter attempts to enter it in an effort to prevent the destruction of this universe. Using Olivia's telekinetic powers, the weapon's protective force field is dropped, and Peter manipulates it, in 3x21, " The Last Sam Weiss ".

Whilst inside the machine, Peter's consciousness is propelled 15 years through time, arriving inoutside the completed One World Trade Center.

peter and olivia relationship

In " The Day We Died ", the season three finale set inPeter, 47 years old and a leading member of a more militarized Fringe Division, is married to Olivia, who has taken Broyles' place as commanding officer. In this future, after Peter entered the machine, he destroyed the Other Side.

However, both universes were inextricably linked, and by destroying one, it would only be a matter of time before the side remaining would also cease to exist. After seeing Olivia dead after Walternate who had escaped to our side before his world's destruction killed her, he becomes depressed and an alcoholic. Walter creates a plan to bring Peter's mind from into his body, where he would witness the end of days, before returning him, with the hopes that the younger Peter would make a different choice, than destroying the Other Side, thus creating the "First People" mythos.

After the Peter from experiences life inhe returns toand uses the machine to create a "bridge" between both worlds, where both Walters, and both Olivias, can hopefully forget their differences to save the multiverse. However, before he can fully explain their mission, Peter mysteriously disappears, and both sides forget about him entirely, but remain dedicated to saving their worlds. A conversation between September and December reveals they forgot about Peter because he "never existed", as he "fulfilled his purpose".

Season Four[ edit ] Because of Peter's "erasure" from existence, a new timeline develops, which while very similar to the original one, contains slight differences. Just as happened in the original timeline, Walter was locked away in St.

Claire's Mental Hospital for seventeen years, until Olivia Dunham had him released in order to help her partner and lover John Scott. However, without Peter there, they were unable to save John's life. The Fringe Division of the prime-universe is still formed after this, but the characters all have subtle personality differences. Also, other events which Peter only had a slight hand in are erased entirely, such as the prime-universe version of Lincoln Lee's first meeting with the Fringe Division.

Olivia lives with the constant feeling that something is missing from her life, and joined Fringe Division because she believed it would help her find answers. As a result of this, she has a much colder personality, and maintains an openly hostile relationship with double, Fauxlivia.

She also managed to kill her father whereas in the original timeline she only wounded himand was adopted by Nina Sharp, who continues to be a maternal figure in her life. Without Peter's presence, Walter has even less of a grip of reality, becoming agoraphobicafraid to leave the lab, hypersensitive to germs that may or may not be there, and prone to destructive "episodes".

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In order to cope with this, he has Astrid examine crime scenes while wearing an ear-mounted microphone and video camera, while he watches. He also sets up a bed in the lab, with an FBI agent stationed outside whenever he sleeps. Olivia appears to have a calming effect on him, and their relationship is more gentle and crutch-like than in the original timeline.

In " Neither Here Nor There ", September the Observer is instructed by his superior to erase all memories of Peter that still remain despite the timeline's change. While September constructs the necessary device, brief apparitions of Peter begin appearing to his former colleagues. However, they are so brief that most do not notice, with the exception of Walter, who becomes so terrified that he hides in his sensory deprivation tank.

peter and olivia relationship

His colleagues do not believe him due to his fragile mental state. Once the device is constructed however, September decides not to activate it, and Walter sees a reflection of Peter in the screen of his television, causing him to panic. The "hallucinations" continueand become auditory, with Peter pleading with Walter to help him.

This pushes Walter to the brink, and Olivia finds him about to lobotomize himself as a result. It is at that point revealed that she has dreams of Peter, and the two agree to try to find him, though they don't know who he is or why he is appearing to them. The situation comes to a head when a strange force appears to Olivia several times.

They first think that it's another Cortexiphan child, but at the end of the episode, it is revealed to be Peter. He resurfaces quite literally in Reiden Lake, and is taken to the hospital, where, much to the confusion of the Fringe Division, he asks for Olivia and Walter, and reveals knowledge that no citizen should know. After revealing his knowledge of the technology the new breed of shapeshifters are using, he is brought into the Fringe Division under heavy supervision.

His presence is emotionally painful to Walter, who reveals that, in this timeline, Peter died when the ice broke after they crossed over from the other universe.

While he seems to believe Peter's claims, he doesn't consider himself worthy of having his son returned. Though he briefly expresses joy and wonder at seeing Peter, he quickly states that he doesn't deserve it, and that Peter was never Walter's son, leaving Peter frustrated and heartbroken. His presence also confuses Olivia, who treats him as a stranger. However, time paradoxes have begun to form, apparently as a consequence of his return.

After fixing the time paradoxes, Peter concludes that this timeline is not "his", not the one he knows with the people he knows, and he wants to go to the machine again, certain that it will take him back to "his own" timeline. Lincoln Lee later asks him if he had a relationship in the original timeline with Olivia, as Lee wishes to pursue Olivia romantically, but does not want to insult Peter if he already has a relationship with her.

Peter reassures him that "She's not his Olivia" and therefore he has no objection to Lee pursuing her. He even purchases Lee a new pair of glasses more stylish than his current one, in order to help him. After making numerous requests, he is continually denied access to the machine and becomes increasingly desperate to return home.

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He confronts Walter and demands his help, but Walter emphatically refuses, as the previous time he tried to save a version of Peter, his wife committed suicide, and he lost his career and sanity. Out of options, Peter concludes that his best hope is Walternate. However, he is denied access to the newly created "bridge", but Olivia and Lincoln offer to help him cross over using Walter's portal, which in the new timeline was recovered by Massive Dynamic after it sunk to the bottom of Reiden Lake after Walter originally crossed over.

Olivia and Lincoln desire his help to gather intelligence on the alternate universe, especially regarding a new and dangerous form of human-shapeshifters, which they believe are under the direction of Walternate. Peter refuses, as he believes he is neutral in the conflict and helping them would make Walternate less likely to help him.

peter and olivia relationship

After crossing over, Lincoln and Peter make a failed attempt to gain access to Walternate and are captured by the alternate Fringe Division. However, en route to being interrogated, their driver receives a mysterious call and kills his fellow officer and attempts to frame them for the crime and execute them.

Olivia and Peter

However, they are able to overpower and kill him, with Lee leading the pursuing Fringe Division of a chase as a diversion so Peter can escape. He visits his mother Elizabeth Bishop, and after convincing her of his identity, gains access to Walternate.

Walternate reveals that he has been aware of Peter's reappearance in the timeline as he has been monitoring the intelligence feeds from the Prime Universe.

Peter accuses him of creating the new shapeshifters and asks for his help in returning home. Walternate summons his lead scientist Brandon and asks him for confirmation that Walternate created them. This is the first of many heartbreaking moments for Olivia over the course of the show. She isn't ready for another relationship yet, but Peter is certainly a supportive friend to have around. Yes, there are two universes, just accept it.

Of course, this whole ordeal freaks her out, giving Peter the chance to comfort her. Only he doesn't know it. Peter ran away to the other universe, but Olivia romantically went after him. She even dyed her hair to blend in with the other world a style decision that comes back to haunt her. And now, with Peter unsure about his return, Olivia lays it all on the line and the couple are able to come to the realization that they belong together in the same universe.

And finally, they kiss. Now, if only the happiness could've lasted. This episode has perhaps the most heartbreaking Polivia scenes ever. Let's be honest, if the man you love slept with the alternate version of you, wouldn't you be? So she tells Peter they can't be together. It's difficult to watch but is also proof of their connection when she's able to be so brutally honest with him. The team then takes on a case where an old woman sees visions of her husband.

It turns out that the other universe has melded with theirs at that specific building, and thus the other version of her husband is in this woman's apartment.

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Between the romantic "quantum entanglement" of the older couple and Peter's impassioned speech about sharing a life with someone you love, Olivia decides she's ready for them to be together. Again, just accept it. At the beginning of Season 4, Peter is absent and no one seems to notice.

Once he resurfaces, it's heartbreaking to watch him realize that Olivia has no idea who he is. Remember, they had those few episodes of happiness? But over the course of the season, Olivia starts to remember their life together, culminating in this episode, where she recounts all of their important moments aka the episodes listed above and they reunite.

But because of Peter's past mistake choosing Fauxlivia, he's unsure if this is truly his Olivia. Alas, we'll have to wait a bit longer for a happy ending Seasons 1 through 3but in this reality she's only known him for a few weeks. That totally messes with her mind, so she does what every girl would do and has brunch to talk it out. She admits to her mother figure Nina that she's in love with Peter but isn't sure if she can trust her feelings.