Owari no seraph mika and yuu meet

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet

Owari no seraph | Mika | Yuu | Finally meet | OMFG | episode 10 | Anime. #mikayuu#mikaela hyakuya#owari no seraph#seraph of the end#crackalicious . Now throw in some random chick Yuu met at the demon army, has almost no. Seraph of The End is an amazing anime that gained popularity as soon as it 5 Reasons Why Mika and Yuu Are Canon [Owari no Seraph].

Their relationship is so deep, and so thick that this couple became canon almost instantly. Mika is cynical to anyone but he softens whenever he thinks of Yuu, while Yuu, in spite of his past, is easy-going and the exact opposite of Mika. Although episode by episode you can clearly notice that the little and cute Shinoa harbors loving feelings towards Yuu, and even Mitsuba, for as tsundere as she can be, is attracted to Yuu, our protagonist has only one thing in his mind: So does Mika, constantly thinking of Yuu.

Beware of spoilers, and keep reading to understand why Mika and Yuu belong to each other! From the start, they will protect each other, and act consequently thinking only to the other's happiness! In the name of the love he feels for Yuu and the other family members, he is willing to suffer for the greater good.

In fact, he will go to the extent of giving his blood to one of the high-ranking noble vampire, only to guarantee his brothers and sisters food.

Yuu, seeing how Mika is so willing to sacrifice himself, gets mad at him.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet

Yuu is hot-tempered, and yet very shy, so he won't admit he is just worried about him. He will just shout at his face. However, Mika knows Yuu! That's why, in those moments, he will cheer him up by showing him the upside of being together, as a family!

Mika and Yuu, together with the others, plan the escape, but are discovered by Ferid Bathory. One by one, their family members are brutally killed right before their eyes. Mika tries to shoot at Ferid Bathory, only to give Yuu a chance to escape, but ends up with an arm slashed and a hole in his chest. Rage takes over Yuu, as he takes the gun and shoots at Bathory's head.

Right after, the moment when Yuu will try to take the agonizing Mika outside with him is one of the most touching part. Mika, who sacrificed everything to save Yuu, will ask him to escape and not to let their death be in vain. Alone, with the dream of hope that he and Mika shared fallen to pieces, Yuu swears revenge towards the vampires! Yuu is destroyed by his family's death, and will devote himself to the training.

Yuu's hope is to, someday, make the vampires pay for the future they took away from Mika and the others. On the other side, there's Mika, saved by a powerful vampire — Kurl, the vampire queen of Japan. The cruel fate will strike him, as he will be turned into a vampire. From there onward, Mika's purpose is to find Yuu and reunite with him.

So as the years will pass, they will only think of their own purposes, and act consequently. Basically, they are each other's reason to keep on living, and they cling to that reason with resolution! It's interesting to see how they evolve and change, and how their tragic past changes them.

When they were little, Yuu was a hot-tempered, stubborn kid who had always something to say. In those moments, the sweet Mika tried to cheer him up, or make him calm down. Yuu was usually a pessimist, and in those moments, Mika's kind and upbeat character was essential to soothe him.

Years after, the tables turn. He says the humans are using him. Yu turns when he hears Yoichi call out Shinoa's name. He sees Crowley lift her up by her neck. When Yu steps toward her, Mika grabs his shoulder and tells him to not look back.

He says there is nothing there for him. Crowley throws Shinoa to the ground. Kimizuki charges him, but Horn trips him up with her whip. Chess kicks Mitsuba down. A vampire jumps on Yoichi's back and pins him down while licking his lips.

When Mika tries to stop Yu from rushing forward, Yu knocks his hand away. When Yu continues running, Mika hugs him from behind. He says the humans are just trying to use him. Chess bites into Mitsuba's neck as she screams. Yu screams at them to stop, and Mika begs him to go back with him.

Horn bites into Kimizuki's neck. The hooded vampire bites through Yoichi's clothes into his shoulder. Yu orders Mika to shut up and throws him over his shoulder. Shinoa order Yu to run away, but Crowley covers her mouth with his hand. He says livestock do not talk. Yu looks on in despair. Mika grabs his wrists from below and tells him that it is too late, and he needs to give up. Crowley bites into Shinoa's neck as she cries.

Seeing this, Yu covers his face and begins screaming. Yu's eyes become unfocused, and the sclera of his left eye turns red and begins leaking blood. In his mind, Yu steps up behind Asuramaru, who is perched on his sword and peering into the golden sky. He asks if Asuramaru is trying to take over his body, but Asuramaru denies it.

Asuramaru says he did not believe he would be afraid of the monster inside the human he possessed. He says that Mika is right and suggests escaping with him before Yu is no longer human.

Angels with trailing skirts fly above in the distant sky. Asuramaru says it is too late, and the nonhuman part of Yu is about to go wild. Back on the battlefield, Yu screams as a dark mass bulges from the upper left side of his back into a wicked black structure.

The sclera of his right eye is now red while his left eye has become a dark pit. Hearing his screams, Ferid glances back at him. He holds Guren up by his neck.

Guren smiles and says it has begun. Shinoa watches in horror. Mika observes the transformation, which confirms his fears about the humans. He tries to talk to Yu, but Yu only swings his sword at him and destroys the gas station with his force. Crowley lets go of Shinoa to see better.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet

Yu's blood splatters out behind and around him as he drunkenly walks forward. Crowley approaches Yu, commenting that this is something dangerous. Yu swings at him, destroying several buildings in his wake and leaving a massive crater.

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Crowley whistles as the wreckage, stating that it is impressive. Yu attacks him and knocks him through a building. Crowley lands on the other side, but Yu jumps onto him, grabbing him by the neck and pushing him along the ground.

They fight, and Mika comes running. Crowley complains about his clothes getting dirty. He activates his sword and attacks. Yu swings his sword down, releasing a dark mass the height of building. A ring of light surrounds it at the base. Shinoa wakes up and looks at the destruction around her. Crowley asks what that creepy creature is and how the humans can make such a thing.

Ferid lowers Guren closer to the ground and asks him about it. Guren denies knowing anything about it. Ferid says it is probably human experimentation. Dark blood continues spraying out from the wing-like structure coming from Yu's back. Ferid comments that the experimentation scares him, especially since the humans can never control what they create. Yu approaches Shinoa, muttering about how sinners must be annihilated. Guren yells to Shinoa, saying she can still bring Yu back from that state.

She manifests her weapon, but Yu knocks it free. She runs and trips as Yu tries to kill her, but Mika gets between them. Yu stabs Mika in the back, splattering a few drops of Mika's blood onto Shinoa's face. Mika tells Yu to stop, to not kill humans.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet

Shinoa asks why Mika got stabbed in her place, but he tells her to shut up and asks how she dare use Yu. Ashes begin drifting from the wound, and Mika realizes he is not healing.

5 Reasons Why Mika and Yuu Are Canon [Owari no Seraph]

Yu pushes the blade deeper. Guren orders Shinoa to hurry up. She runs around Mika and jumps at Yu, hugging him. She asks Yu to snap out of it. Mika tells her to not touch Yu with her filthy hands.

Yu screams, and Mika falls off of his sword. Wind comes out from around Yu, knocking Shinoa's hair free as he attempts to stab her through her back. The black mass coming from Yu recedes. Yu's eyes turn red and then revert back to normal. He coughs blood and collapses to the ground.

Shinoa cries and holds Yu while Mika damns the humans.

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In the crater with Ferid still holding him by the neck, Guren laughs and says that monster is his trump card. Ferid comments that it did not accomplish anything, but Guren says it did. After all, their only job was to stall the vampires there.

Ferid notices Shinya Hiragi in a sniping position on top of a building a few blocks away. Three white tigers manifest with blue flames and attack the space where Ferid is standing.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet

Ferid drops Guren and scrams. The attack scrapes Ferid's left shoulder, but he is otherwise unharmed. He says that might have been bad if he had not been warned. An array of human soldiers appear behind Guren.

Kureto Hiragi informs him he did not do badly for scum and says he will take it from there. He orders his army to attack but take the nobles alive. He says they will show the vampires what happens to those who go against the Hiragi family, the humans, and the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

owari no seraph mika and yuu meet