Nichkhun and tiffany relationship counseling

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nichkhun and tiffany relationship counseling

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Until his meeting with Mr. Park, he thought he knew what his next stage would be. A few years of work.

And then who knew what? He could rule the world by then. Maybe start a family. Minjun stands in front of him, clutching at the strap of a huge bag hanging off one of his shoulders. Minjun sighs and scans the area around them, where students trickle off campus, loud and ready for the weekend. Taecyeon stares at him, confounded. Minjun just shrugs, starting to step away. Minjun adjusts his bag and turns completely, his entire face closing off and effectively ending the conversation.

Taecyeon sighs, and tightens his grip on his bike handles. So he swings his leg over his bike and settles on his seat. In first period, he notices Minjun slink past the teacher just after the bell rings and to a seat in the back.

Jun.K Talks About 2PM Members Dating On “Hello Counselor” and “So there are two members dating.”

Part of him wonders if that happens everyday, and the other part stares at the chalkboard, thinking just how stupid of a theme Farewell is. His drowsy eyelids flap erratically, and the corner of his mouth glistens with drool. Taecyeon snorts under his breath, and Nichkhun shoots him a glare as he dives to grab his pencil from the floor.

She turns and resumes her lecture. This was the first class Taecyeon could take with his best friend since starting on the advanced track from middle school— aside from Gym. Nichkhun had turned to him, sly smirk in place.

2PM’s Nichkhun talks openly about his relationship with SNSD’s Tiffany

Lee makes her way to the calendar posted at the front of the room, marker in hand. Discussion, he writes, and drifts back out. Or, his real friends, like Khun and Seulong. He adds that to his brainstorm. The door opens, and the class instantly perks up, grateful for the distraction. This time Taecyeon almost drops his pencil. Nichkhun licks his lips and quirks a brow at him. Taecyeon clears his throat and shifts more upright in his seat, bracing himself with his forearm atop the desk.

Lee calls, looking up from the slip in her hands. He takes the slip from Mrs. The remaining fifteen minutes tick by without incident, aside from Minjun returning just before the bell. Taecyeon stands and stretches his arms over his head. Nichkhun lets out a puff of air in triumph, patting his own chest as the other students pack up to leave.

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These eyes are for my girl only. He gets it— that whole faithfulness thing. He pauses, suddenly remembering. Shin Hye and Tiffany were both juniors. Minjun is coming up the row again, clutching his bag by one strap at his side. His eyes flit over to Nichkhun briefly. Why did he need to know that?

Taecyeon cocks his head and narrows his eyes. Minjun stares at him blandly, his eyes going a little wide. Taecyeon smirks, and he concedes that single point to Minjun. Taecyeon narrows his eyes. Minjun inhales deeply, and then releases a sigh, and his eyes shutter in a lazy blink, that amused smirk still drawing his mouth upwards. Taecyeon squints, turning to follow Minjun with his eyes as the small smattering of students still in the hallway swallows him up.

The bell rings overhead, and Taecyeon realizes: He googles a rhyme scheme he likes and busts out the thesaurus, tongue between his lips as he scribbles the title at the top of a blank page. It takes less than an hour to finish the thing, and he exhales and hurls his pen down.

nichkhun and tiffany relationship counseling

He leaves it on his desk and showers before heading to bed. As he shuts his eyes and drifts off, he smiles to himself. Minjun actually shows up before the first period bell, and Taecyeon calls out his name to catch his attention.

His baggy grey sweatshirt and dark jeans complete the whole I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look, and not a muscle twitches in his face when their eyes meet. Just give it to me later. Lee shutting the classroom door behind herself, and turns back to him with a brief nod. Minjun purses his lips and slumps away to his seat in the back of the room. He turns and peers over his shoulder, the house across the street like a shiny beacon.

Yes, he reasons with himself in his head. He tucks his notebook under one arm and rings the doorbell, slipping his hands in his pockets and waiting. The ding-dong survives as a faint echo on the cool wind and finally fades out. Taecyeon stares at the front door, leans sideways to peer at the windows.

He knocks three times. Minjun should have been home by now, too. He glances down at his watch, turning on the porch steps to leave. Minjun is standing on the lawn, brows furrowed. Minjun glances at it and sighs. He jerks his head to his left. A cooler sits against the wall a few feet away, next to a row of storage bins and old power tools.

And then comes a sound he does not expect— a laugh. His mouth trembles to hide a grin. Minjun squints at him. He made it up. Taecyeon feels a corner of his mouth slide up, slightly amused at being caught in his own bullshit, for once. Minjun crosses his arms over his chest.

But next time, write about you, or something you like. His irises track from left to right as he skims it again, and then he shudders and shakes his head, his hair falling into his eyes.

He raises his arms overhead to shoot the wad of paper into the trash— and misses. He turns, sheepish, to find Minjun looking up at him, sort of pouting.

Taec Yeon's remark about Nichkhun & Tiffany's relationship becoming a hot issue once again

He blinks once, then gestures in the corner with his chin. Of course Minjun is writing. He sweeps his eyes around the garage.

But there is none. Minjun looks away as soon as their eyes meet, off to the wall where some cabinets are. Taecyeon reaches up and rubs at the back of his neck. Minjun nods, still not looking at him. Taecyeon wonders if he should say bye, but it sounds too formal. Jaejoong baked their physics class a cake shaped like an atom, and Mr. Jang tasked Taecyeon with dropping of the remnants in the faculty lounge.

But on his way back, he lingers near the library windows. There is a class inside, and the lights are off, which means video in progress. The halls are deserted. He clears his throat and steps inside. The librarian, Miss Kim Hwayoung glances his way sharply. He lifts his hall-pass and smiles, and when she recognizes him— Taecyeon, soccer captain and valedictorian, district-lauded saxophone player, she grins and waves before turning back to her class.

All the yearbooks dating back to the stone age are there, available for checkout, along with other books different clubs put together. He scans until he sees those belonging to the literary arts club. He pulls down three— last year, the year before, and the year before that, and he hurries to the self-checkout desk where he scans them.

Miss Kim is still teaching, unsuspecting of the fact that he has no permission to be in here whatsoever, because why would Ok Taecyeon have to sneak around?

He grins slyly, only to himself, and finishes up, then leaves the library quietly. He drops the books off in his locker, and whistles back to physics. Jang only smiles when Taecyeon settles back down in his seat at the front of the room. Taecyeon sits down on his bed with the oldest magazine. The editor was someone different, back then. He furrows his brows over the table of contents and he notices one entry— Alive, by Kim Minjun, Freshman. He flips to the page and reads it.

He sighs, rubs his eyes, and tries again. He slams the magazine shut and hurls it on the floor. He shuts his eyes— sleepy. Before he finally drops off, three lines repeat in his mind. He shuts his phone off and slides it into his pocket. Minjun is surrounded by some others, and they all stare at Taecyeon, under their hoodies, dyed hair, and their glittering eyebrow piercings. Minjun watches him silently, and Taecyeon blinks.

The skin under his arms prickles with perspiration, and a muscle in his jaw twitches incessantly. He grabs the books he needs from his locker, and when he walks into Mrs. But so is Nichkhun. He lingers at the pencil sharpener with his backpack still on before he chooses a seat, and finally Nichkhun shuffles in and they lock eyes.

Minjun comes in not a minute later, chin down and eyes down as he quickly darts to the back of the room. Taecyeon clears his throat and turns to talk to Nichkhun before the bell rings. Taecyeon nods and flips to the right page in his notebook.

nichkhun and tiffany relationship counseling

He slides it over, and Nichkhun grins. Nichkhun and Tiffany started dating last year, after Nichkhun took an art class on a whim and met her the first day back from summer break. Nichkhun shrugs and shakes his head. Taecyeon purses his lips, considering. If he had a girlfriend, would he study as much as he does now?

Could he handle both? Be a boyfriend, and valedictorian? He peers around to the blackboard, where Mrs. Lee has materialized, chalk in hand. It was about a monster who lived in a cave with his mother, written in old, archaic language in the style of a poem. Lee turns to face them with a sweet, merciful smile and starts firing away questions no one is ready for.

Well, Taecyeon has to answer a lot of them when the rest of the class remains silent, like Mrs. Lee knows she can count on him to be correct. Taecyeon watches the clock tick towards the next hour, and the minute hand drags slower and slower the closer it gets to the end.

Mrs Lee sits at the edge of her desk, dog-earing the page from an excerpt she just read aloud. The sentiments are largely unrequited.

Many eyes drop to desks, pens scratch aimlessly so as to appear engaged. Nichkhun pulls a face and dips his chin behind his collar. Taecyeon experiences a moment of pity for her— pity for all teachers. He wets his lips and pushes his glasses up from where they slid down the bridge of his nose as she elaborates. Lee nods and smiles, and Taecyeon waits for her to agree and wrap up the discussion.

She folds her hands over her thighs, and surprises them all with the tiny wince that creases the edges of her eyes. The corner of his mouth twitches in irritation— and disbelief. Why do you think Gardner did this?

He runs a hand through his hair and peers down at his book, propped open to some middle page. Taecyeon sighs, and inwardly cringes in secondhand embarrassment. He fusses at the edge of one eyebrow with a fingertip before lifting his eyes from the book again. He seeks meaning for existence just like humans do. Human, monster, and everything in between. There aren't just the two Taecyeon wants to see them.

He wants to understand this now, the way that Minjun does, somewhere beneath the envy creeping around in his stomach. That grey area is something that we all have. Is this what she wanted? Minjun carries on, sitting up straighter in his desk, but keeping his eyes on his hands. In the background of blood rushing in his ears, Mrs. A muscle in his neck burns, turned as he is, watching as Minjun bites at his bottom lip and stares at the back of his copy of the book. Nichkhun passes him a weary grin.

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nichkhun and tiffany relationship counseling

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