Naruto spin off rock lee and his ninja pals ending relationship

Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden -

naruto spin off rock lee and his ninja pals ending relationship

Looking for information on the anime Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full- Power Ninden (NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals)? Synopsis, Background, Alternative Titles, Picture, Airing Dates, Producers, Relations, Rating . and honestly, I was gonna cry myself a river because I was so sad it was ending. Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals is the anime adaptation of the Naruto spin-off manga created by The four ending themes were "Twinkle Twinkle" by South Korean girl group Secret (used for episodes ), "Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee" by. Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden (Not original anime version scene). Naruto SD Lol sorry Sakura but it looks like you won't be ending up with Sasuke. Naruto 19 Ways Roger From "American Dad" Understands Your Relationship With Food Naruto Spinoff: Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals! Naruto.

Some of the more entertaining moments came through between a young Rock Lee and everybody's 'favorite' pink haired heroine. During the chunin exam, future taijutsu master Lee professes his undying love for Sakura and his intention to pursue her romantically. Anybody familiar with Lee's youthful spirit will probably shiver down their spine thinking of how tenacious Lee could be in his disgusting advances.

naruto spin off rock lee and his ninja pals ending relationship

Indeed, in the anime, he's depicted blowing eerie heart kisses toward her, which she avoids like the plague. The strange flying heart kisses splatter onto the wall behind her with an evocative "plop!

If only she could get him to get the picture! Naruto Couples Wiki Although the author had enough sense to stop Narusaku from happening, he repeatedly places Naruto and Sakura in compromising situations, such as the one depicted above. If he knew she was going to end up with Sasuke, why did he keep teasing the Naruto fangirls with this pairing? To make matters worse, even though Sasuke is the boyfriend equivalent of a downed duck behindhe is acres ahead of Naruto in terms of boyfriend material.

And yet, this also doesn't stop the author from giving Naruto and Sakura what seems like even more romantically charged moments than Sakura even gets with her husband. Can you imagine being in a love triangle as weak and sloppy as this? Surely it can't get much worse for Sakura's prospects of love! Such a mouthful of title serves as a warning to those who dare enter.

This spinoff is a veritable vortex of trying too hard and being bred to fail. Sakura, of course, is Lee's main love interest during the course of this spinoff, being subjected to a wide variety of romantic antics at the hands of a cutely-rendered lee. I think we can all agree that this guy needs to give it a rest.

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What will Sasuke do if he finds out? Probably nothing, actually, now that I think about it. Youtube Shippuden Moments Although Sakura's reputation for uselessness precedes her most of the time, many are aware that it's hardly befitting of her capabilities.

So it begs the question; why did the author foist this burden of uselessness onto her? I can't imagine being so disliked or disrespected by your own creator that fans are incapable of realizing your greatness. It almost makes you feel like the author intended for Sakura's reputation to be slovenly.

With dozens of episodes recapping and ret-conning dozens of backstories, it's easy to lose yourself in the greatness of some of these shinobi. However, that still doesn't excuse allowing one of your only powerful females get buried in a sea of bombastic masculinity. Her childhood crush is happily married to her, she's mastered incredible ninjutsu, and she's got a beautiful daughter to follow in her footsteps.

naruto spin off rock lee and his ninja pals ending relationship

At least, this is what she thought. Unfortunately for Sakura, her daughter idolizes none other than the 7th Hokage: Even if Naruto is the hero who ended the 4th Shinobi World War, his smelly, disrespectful, creepy, qualities would not be something anybody wants being inherited by their daughter.

Even in their marriage and mutual parenthood, Sasuke retains his frowny duck behind attitude at all times. Even though many fans probably let out a sigh of relief once they realized Sakura was safe from ending up married to Naruto, these sighs were a bit premature. The author of the series, Masashi Kishimoto, stated in an interview that Sasuke and Sakura might not be happy in their marriage.

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Who would have thunk that a spunky, responsible, pink-haired doll like Sakura could end up with such a black hole of emotional investment as Sasuke? Not even the author, apparently. It seems like Sakura's saga of poor partner choices might not be over quite yet!

Fanfiction Forums Sakura had a very average childhood, her only real trauma being a small bit of teasing over the size of her forehead. Some fans probably remember the catfights between Sakura and her childhood bestie Ino coming to a head early on in the series, with each girl thinking she would be the best to end up with Sasuke Uchiha. What these girls thought they saw in him, we'll probably never be able to guess, but their bitter rivalry on the topic raged hard all the same.

When he was mocked by his peers because of this, Lee persevered, focusing on taijutsu.

naruto spin off rock lee and his ninja pals ending relationship

During the team's first meeting, Lee vowed to become a powerful ninja without using ninjutsu or genjutsu. Neji laughed at him, but their sensei, Might Guytook a special interest in Lee.

naruto spin off rock lee and his ninja pals ending relationship

He encouraged Lee to keep at it and, in time, began teaching him powerful forms of taijutsu. Under Guy's leadership, Lee has acquired a number of his sensei's personality traits: He believes that one cannot dislike food and shows strong dedication to his promises; when this promise is broken, just barely, he assigns himself arduous training to prevent it from happening again.

Lee speaks respectfully to others, never using contractions or swear words and always addressing people with appropriate honourifics except his teammates, since Lee feels they are close enough to be spoken to informally. He also carries a small book and pencil to recall advice that Guy gives him over time.

Despite his passionate nature, Lee has also shown strong instincts, staying focused at the task at hand and rarely losing his composure. He has a keen sense of honour and respects his opponents, refusing to hold grudges against those who have defeated him, and returning favours to those that have helped him.

naruto spin off rock lee and his ninja pals ending relationship

This was shown by his befriending of Gaaraforgiving him for crushing his arm and leg — injuries that nearly ended his career as a shinobi. Lee feels others should show the same respect towards their opponents, and is disgusted whenever someone is unnecessarily cruel to their enemies.

One of Lee's recurring themes throughout the series is his drive to succeed, believing with enough hard work and perseverance, he can surpass a natural genius.

He can be prone to depression when faced with setbacks. Neji, Lee's more talented teammate and rival, found Lee's efforts to be in vain, believing a "failure" could never defeat a "genius". As such, Lee became determined to defeat Neji in order to prove him wrong, though was met with defeat every time.

Naruto SD: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

When Neji himself was defeated by Naruto Uzumakianother so-called "failure", he rejects his belief in fate and now holds great respect for Lee, believing that he will surpass the gifted with enough work. Lee dreams of victory in combat and love. After the exams, Lee's interest in Sakura went largely unaddressed in the manga, though it is sometimes referenced in the anime; while having a match with Lee, Naruto transformed into Sakura, distracting Lee long enough for Naruto to attack him. These feelings apparently have changed by adulthood, as Lee ended up marrying someone else and had a son named Metal Lee.

Appearance Lee while in the Academy, when first joining Team Guy, and as a genin. Rock Lee in Part II.