Mirabai and maharana pratap relationship

mirabai and maharana pratap relationship

Rana Sangram Singh, commonly known as Rana Sangha, the powerful King of Mewar, approached Rao Duda for MiraBai's hand in marriage. Mirabai was born a princess, a granddaughter of Rao Dudaji -- the third son of (Rana Udayasingh's famous son, Maharana Pratapsingh, later on created Rana Sangramsingh proposed the marriage of his Prince Kumar. Can anyone tell me relation between Maharana Pratap & Mirabai?Mirabai was also Mevadi assistancedogseurope.info was from to

The compromise finally reached was that the sultan could look upon Padmini's reflection if he came unarmed into the fort. Accordingly, the sultan went up the hill and glimpsed a reflection of the beautiful Padmini standing by a lotus pool.

mirabai and maharana pratap relationship

He thanked his host who courteously escorted Allauddin down to the outer gate-where the sultan's men waited in ambush to take the rana hostage. There was consternation in Chittor until Padmini devised a plan. A messenger informed the sultan that the rani would come to him. Dozens of curtained palanquins set off down the hill, each carried by six humble bearers. Once inside the Sultan's camp, four well-armed Rajput warriors leaped out of each palanquin and each lowly palanquin bearer drew a sword.

In the ensuing battle, Rana Rattan Singh was rescued-but 7, Rajput warriors died. The sultan now attacked Chittor with renewed vigor. Having lost 7, of its best warriors, Chittor could not hold out. The rani and her entire entourage of women, the wives of generals and soldiers, sent their children into hiding with loyal retainers.

They then dressed their wedding fineslid their farewells, and singing ancient hymns, boldly entered the mahal and performed jauhar.

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The men, watching with expressionless faces, then donned saffron robes, smeared the holy ashes of their women on their foreheads, flung open the gates of the fort and thundered down the hill into the enemy ranks, to fight to the death. The second sack or shake sacrifice of Chittor, by which Rajputs still swear when pledging their word, occurred inwhen Sultan Bahadur Shan Of Gujarat attacked the fort.

He built mewar upto a position of assailable military strength building a chain of thirty forts that girdled the kingdom But, perhaps more important was a patron of the arts to rival Lorenzo de Medici, and he made Chittorgarh a dazzling cultural center whose fame spread right across Hindustan. Rana Sanga Rana Sanga Rana Sanga reigned was a warrior and a man of great chivalry and honor reign was marked by a series of continual battles, in course of which he is said to have lost one arm and had been crippled in one leg and received eighty-four wounds on his body.

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The last of his battles was again Mughal invader, Babur, in Deserted by one ofgenerals, Rana Sanga was wounded in the battle and shortly after. Maharana Pratap Maharana Pratap Over the next half-century, most other Rajput rulers allowed themselves to be wooed the Mughals; Mewar alone held out.

In Emperor Akbar decided to teach it a lesson: Five years later Maharana Pratap reigned came to rule Mewar - a king without a capital. He continued to defy Akbar, and inconfronted the imperial armies at Haldighati. We should think, respect and follow Incarnations irrespective of their historical facts. Such facts interest the worldly only. A spiritual aspirant has little time to waste on such matters.

Shri Ramakrishna said that a spiritual aspirant is like one who is interested in "eating mangos" rather than "counting the leaves and branches of a mango tree. It's not important to know who said the Truth, when, where and why it was said and to whom it was said. What was said is important. Birth Mirabai was born a princess, a granddaughter of Rao Dudaji -- the third son of Rao Jodhaji, who established the kingdom of Rathod Dynasty in Rajasthan, with Jodhpur as its capital in the kingdom known as Jodhpur.

Jodhaji gave his son Rao Dudaji a small portion of the Jodhpur kingdom. It consisted of several villages with Medta as its capital. Medta is about 60 kilometers west of Ajmer in the present state of Rajasthan, India. Rao Dudaji had two sons, Viramaji and Ratnasingh. Mirabai was born in about AD and discarded her body in AD in Dwarka, in the western most part of the state of Gujarat, India.

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She lived approximately 67 years during which she loved nothing but Lord Krishna. Mirabai was born in Kudki, a little village near Medta. Her mother passed away while she was still about 5 to 7 years old. Her father Ratnasingh died in a battle defending the kingdom against the Mogul Badshah, Akbar. Thus, Mirabai had experienced very little affection of her parents. However, Rao Dudaji, her grandfather, raised her with love. It is said that little Mira would play in his lap as he conducted the business of his kingdom with his ministers and advisors.

Mira was a beautiful child-princess and the beloved of everyone who came close to her. Childhood One day, her mother was combing her hair in a balcony of her palace. She was about 5 years old at that time. Mira saw a parade of a bridegroom. There was loud music and dancing. Several beautifully clothed women as well as men were in gay spirits.

mirabai and maharana pratap relationship

Mira saw the procession and asked her mother about it. The mother responded that the bridegroom was going to get married. Young Mira asked innocently whom she would marry. Her mother was puzzled for a minute. From the tender age of about five she nurtured the idea that Shree Krishna was her husband.

Her father had unfortunately little time to spend with her since he was constantly busy in matters of the kingdom.

Mira now began to play with and think of Krishna as her Beloved Husband. One day a sadhu visited her family. Mira saw a beautiful little murti of Shree Krishna with the saint. She saw he held it very close to his heart, worshipped it, pronounced mantras in front of it, sang songs and even danced in front of it. Mira watched the sadhu's joy as he worshipped the Lord in that icon. She wanted to have that icon for herself. She insisted, like children often do, that she wanted to have that icon of Shree Krishna.

She cried until Rao Dudaji requested the sadhu give the icon to Mira. He promised the sadhu he would make arrangements to get him another murti.

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With a reluctant mind, the sadhu gave the murti to Mira and taught her how to worship the Lord. Mira was delighted and paid meticulous attention to the details of worship. She was also the most loved in Kudki, her birth place. Though she was the most beautiful and delightful innocent girl of the kingdom, she was never arrogant towards anyone.

She never forgot her singular goal of loving her Eternal Bridegroom, Krishna. She made Krishna her play thing. We all know how at that age, we are all so engrossed in ourselves, with our favorite toys and games, and with our friends that we even forget to eat or to sleep. When we love our object of desire there is no obstacle in our way. So was Mira's play, except she had found God Almighty as her play-thing.

He was a toy to play with and to sleep with; she fed him, adorned Him with clothes and ornaments. She sang loving, sweet songs to put him to sleep like a little girl would do with her choice doll. Thus, her days passed in loving play and devotion to the Lord.

She was unmindful of upheavals in the Rajput families due to their disunity and wars with the Moghul emperor, Akbar. As she approached the age of sixteen, circumstances beyond her choice arose. The most powerful and respectful Rajput king, Sangramsingh Sangaji of Sisodia Dynasty, was ruling the kingdom of Chittorgarh. There was no love between him and the Medta kingdom or the Jodhpur kingdom.

However, he decided to mend the relationship with them for the ulterior motive of creating a temporary unity required to defeat Akbar. In those days, the most common means to such unity was to create a relationship through marriage.

Rana Sangramsingh had four sons: Rana Sangramsingh proposed the marriage of his Prince Kumar Bhojraj with Mira, thus, tying a knot between the two most powerful kingdoms of the Rajputs. Unfortunately, girls had little say in their marriage in those days. The Rajputs were shortsighted and selfish. They sought the advice of dharma gurus who were ritualistic and ignorant of the Truth.

If only they had sought the wise councel of saints, the outcome would have been better and just! Nevertheless, we have to face the facts as they happened and no hindsight would be of much help to us at this stage.

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Marriage It was a well known fact that Mira had decided in her heart that she was already married to her beloved Krishna. This she thought was directed by her mother; though her mother didn't mean it seriously.

Mira was dedicated to her spiritual goal and purpose of life and did not compromise the Truth under any circumstances.