Miles matheson and rachel relationship advice

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miles matheson and rachel relationship advice

Rachel Matheson & Miles Matheson Revolution Tv, Best Shows Ever, Season 2, Tv. Revolution TvBest .. Revolution - Rachel & Charlie I love their relationship. Its so complicated . Revolution Monroe gives his son Connor an advice. Meeting Charlotte Matheson She knows Miles and Rachel will go nuts. Charlie Matheson x Bass Monroe (AU) She's not building a relationship. That Connor is ignoring his advice (and wishes) has got to hurt but he wants his son's . Revolution - Rachel & Charlie I love their relationship. Its so complicated. Jamie . Connor Bennett, Sebastian Monroe and Miles Matheson." "AKA your son you idiot! .. Adult Wednesday Adams' advice about monsters. Shelby Mac · Funny.

But Monroe's paranoia got the best of him and, convinced that Jeremy had tried to assassinate him, the militia leader officially killed the last friend he had left. If he had only waited a few hours, he would have learned that the Georgia assassin had acted alone, and now he'll be the one who's alone. What makes you think I'm in it to help people? Rachel doesn't want to help, she just wants revenge! As she explained, "I want to kill the man, who killed my son," even if that means letting someone else's son die and abandoning her friends.

There's something really appealing I find in Rachel's ruthlessness. Maybe because it's driven by love. Maybe because it's great to see a passive scientist evolve into a bada Maybe because it's just makes for great TV. No matter the reason, I hope she never becomes more empathetic.

Could this episode have ended on a more ominous note? First, the president of Georgia tells Miles that unless he has some genius plan, she's going to surrender to Monroe. Then, we discover Nora has been kidnapped by the militia and will be personally tortured by Monroe, himself.

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And again, there's nothing wrong with this. Absolutely nothing, and I'm being serious. I don't know how intentional the homoerotic subtext is, but it's all over the place.

Even no-nonsense Neville agreed with me, for cryin' out loud. You have a borderline erotic fixation on Miles Matheson. So obviously Revolution's writers are aware of it, right? So that's why I'm begging the writers to go with this. I don't know if a story like this has ever played out on television before, certainly not on a network sci-fi show, but go for it.

Blaze some trails, bring network science-fiction into the 21st century.

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Men at war have secrets, it happens. Miles and Monroe's off-and-on relationship is the strongest part of Revolution and it needs more focus than just two confrontations a season.

Because let's face it: It aired on April 1, Contents [ show ] Synopsis A final act of heroism by one of their own saves the lives of Charlie and the gang, but the loss devastates everyone and they must carry on with heavy hearts but increased resolve. Miles sets out on a mission with Nora to recruit his former militia comrade, Jim Hudson and enlist his savage killing skills.

Revolution Season Two: Top Ten Miles and Rachel Moments (2x01-2x09 SPOILERS)

Rachel Matheson is paralyzed with pain, but when she reaches out for support, Charlie Matheson pulls away. It seems one good thing came from the tragedy, as no Rebels have seen any of Monroe 's Helicopters since the firefight. Miles hates this idea since business as usual typically means losing. Miles promises to help the Rebels fight. He knows how to beat Monroe, but he will need his own men, former senior Militia officers. Nora and Miles set out to find Jim Hudson, who collaborated with Miles in his plan to assassinate Monroe.

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It is clear that Charlie and Rachel are no longer on the same page. When some Militia soldiers are spotted in the woods nearby, Charlie spurns her mother's advice and joins the raid. Meanwhile, Aaron removes the two Pendants from his backpack. When he leaves the room, the Pendants inexplicably turn on He tells Monroe that he has been randomly activating the Pendants to keep tabs on their owners.

miles matheson and rachel relationship advice

Randall promises Monroe he can retrieve them Noticing Miles is shouldering too much responsibility for the recent failures and deaths on his watch, Nora worries about his mental state. As Miles and Nora set off for Culpeper, a traitorous Rebel named Brian overhears their plans and attempts to sell them out to a Militia camp in the north Virginia woods. Captain Joseph Deckert pays the traitor in diamonds for information on Miles' whereabouts, and then orders Brian killed. At Echo Base, Rachel has set herself up in the lab.

She examines the capsule she extracted from Danny's corpse under a microscope and transcribes its serial number. Charlie storms past, covered in blood, without stopping to speak with her mother. When Rachel asks about her injury, Charlie claims that it is not her blood.

Miles and Nora arrive in Culpeper, an unusually serene town. They find Hudson inside the library.

miles matheson and rachel relationship advice

Having started his life over with a new name and wife Sophie, Hudson insists Miles has mistaken him for someone else. After taking Miles and Nora into a back room, Hudson aims his gun at Miles and tells him to leave immediately.

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He still harbors ill will towards Miles for not killing Monroe when he had the chance. But when Miles says that he has come to seek Jim's help in finishing the job, the offer strikes a chord. Back at Echo Base, it becomes clear the blood covering Charlie's body is in fact her own.

As she pours alcohol over a large gash on her shoulder, Rachel cannot help but intercede. Charlie refuses her help, declaring that she is rejoining the raid. Then the pent-up frustration between them comes to a head.