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Deadbeat Dad? Angela Stylez vs K. Michelle vs Bobby Maze

[This assignment arose from a Michelle Bonczek idea, and is used with permission.] . And I'm sure many of these poems have relationships with each other, and I imagine to feel the inner turmoil of Mariah Carey and the desperate plight of Bobby Brown, to corner But in the maze mushrooms erupt on rotting bodies. Photograph courtesy of; Inside the Maze: Laurence McKeown with fellow He also took part in the hunger strike in which Bobby Sands and nine other In his youth McKeown had often heard people singing rebel songs in bars, but .. in , he entered a second relationship, marrying Michelle in Family drives where Maze sang and we chased the moon. I am from the 1-I am from poem and monarch milkweed art-Michelle-Kogan- 9. Here is a group.

While Neruda, with the help of Communist party members, plots his clandestine escape from Chile to Argentina, Peluchonneau traces his every step, only to fall one step behind the poet who leaves clues and calling cards for the bumbling detective.

Let me give you some advice. The solution is to kill us all.

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In this regard, the dreaming up of a police detective who Neruda outwits at every turn seems particularly uncomprehending of the realities of other communists in Chile less fortunate than the grandstanding poet. In a sense, poetry itself is being interrogated: The poet speaks for the people in that the people—their lives, their fears, their struggles, their loves—are already the material of his poetry.

Which brings us back to the question: As public or as private figure, the poet writes lines in the way one washes dishes, smokes a cigarette, or breathes in the air at Machu Picchu.

The framing is intended to invite us into the labor of her writing, and yet, similar to the shot of a young Dickinson gazing outside, her thought process remains occluded to us. This chain of actions seems to link the scripting of the poems to the primary moment the film opened with, in which Dickinson refutes the Christian rigidity of her schooling and its false certainty for the communal solitude of sunlight, the vista of an open window, and a steady and cautious agnosticism.

Deadbeat Dad? Angela Stylez accuses K. Michelle’s man Bobby Maze of not seeing their child

Dickinson answers to no one but to her own labor. Still from A Quiet Passion, dir. Poetry remains figurally unrepresentable in pictures or on film, but these films seem to arrive at the same conclusion for poets who are strikingly, even vastly, different: There is a notable lack of conviction in the transmission.

Is it the medium-specific anxiety over how to represent poetry? Or maybe New Englanders in the s just talked that way? In other words, the film itself must be the poem, and neither A Quiet Passion nor Neruda manage to convey the intensity of the poetry of their subjects because there is, as is customary with most biopics, far too much attention lavished on the mythos and figurality of the authors themselves.

The minimalist film was radical for its time, and continues to be: The only narrative guidance we are afforded are a series of voice-overs by Anna Magdalena played by classical pianist Christiane Langwho describes the composition we hear, the setting for its first performances, and the circumstances surrounding the composition. The film is less bio and more pic—the labor of making is introduced here as a spectacle of bodies and instruments harmonizing in a carefully unfolding instant.

We see the notes on the page, we see the hands play in real time, and somehow this tells us more about Bach and his milieu than a conventional biopic would.

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She was unable to reach him till after she gave birth. His first contact was when their daughter was 8 weeks old and since then its been a struggle to get him to be in his daughters life. On her beef with K. Michelle She said K. Michelle speaks confidently on the full story. Michelle was coming into the situation and taking his side without knowing the full story. She was mad because she seemed to have no empathy and she felt someone who is a mother should understand her and try to get him to be a responsible father.

He portrays to her that will be there and never shows up. She said this has been an ongoing thing but now that he is dating a public figure, things became public. She said he was and still is an absentee dad. The rest of the interview is quite interesting and you can listen to it below. I could be wrong but she did not come across like a woman who wants the man, she came across more like a woman who wants her child to have her father in her life which is understandable.

I feel where K. She should have played it neutral and encourage him to be there for his child because a man who is capable of abandoning her child could easily do that to her too. Somewhere in the interview Angela mentioned she did not want her child around K. Michelle, well she has a better understanding why but sometimes you just have to make peace with all parties to move forward, that is if the man is willing to fully step up to the plate and be a good dad.

Fighting will not resolve anything.