Max and kyle relationship memes

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max and kyle relationship memes

Aerith and Bob: Khadijah and Max, or Overton and Kyle. Khadijah .. The two share a failing long-distance relationship for awhile before they finally call it quits. The Breakdown: That Time Kyle and Max Did It On 'Living Single' at the insane relationships of Amber and Wiz or Karrine and Columbus and. Is known for her constant bickering with Kyle but developes an on-and-off relationship with him. She doesn't actually live with the girls but has her own apartment.

Maxine Shaw Erika AlexanderKhadijah's college roommate, a man-eating divorce attorney with an acid tongue, seemed to spend almost all her free time at their apartment.

max and kyle relationship memes

Carsona conceited financial planner who dished it out pretty well in his ongoing verbal exchange with Max. Khadijah's old boyfriend Scooter Cress Williams surfaced in the spring of and they started dating again. He got a job in the fall in public relations for a record company, and at Thanksgiving left to go on a six-month-long world tour managing a rock group.

Living Single

In the last original episode of the season Max lost her job at the law firm, got drunk, and ended up spending the night in bed with Kyle. Despite their hostility they discovered they liked each other, which affected their relationship until they reverted to form. A month after the firing Max got her job back but, because her bosses effectively demoted her, she quit. After several months sponging off Khadijah and her roommates, she got a job with the Public Defender's office.

In the fall of Kyle and Max were secretely dating, but their mutual belittling of each other caused them to break up. Regine had a new job working behind the scenes on a soap opera, and Ivan Bumper Robinsona sophomore at NYU, was working as a gofer at Flavor. Ina busy year, Maxine ran for alderman and, despite having her entire racy past exposed on local tv news, she won the election. Kyle, though it's only mentioned once or twice in passing, as well as by Overton's uncle Smoke Eye who still calls him by his childhood nickname 'Lumpy'.

Notably, he never had issues with this nor did it make him insecure though it was something he didn't mention often. The reactions to him at his high school reunion implies that he was teased about it. It's more likely something that he's managed to put behind it rather than never having issues in the first place. For Your Own Good: The reason Khadijah doesn't tell Max about her one-night stand with the college professor that Max had a crush on, or that Max's college roommate was a lesbian and had a crush on Max.

With the exception of Khadijah her best friendeveryone else can see and often point out how cold and harsh Max can be, how insulting she is towards everyone and antagonistic she can be towards men in particular, and, of course, how she just invites herself over and eats all of the other girls' food and never pays them back for any of it.

For a while Regine is involved with an organzation called E. Russel loves to ask Regine to "shimmy" for him.

Khadijah also gives the watchers a pretty heavy bounce when complaining about what her half-sister Stephanie wrote on her wall when they were kids, " Khadijah's got big jugs ".

Maxine, though it is not a huge part of her character she has been shown to pass her time with the game boy and import from Japan.

Khadija has a milder but still mentioned interest in video games. The girls go to one when they get sick of being hit on in straight bars. Remember this was the mid's when homosexuality was still something of a taboo subject on network tv. The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Different in that they grew up in different households and Stephanie had the benefit of their father being around while she grew up.

One of the prerequisites to being Regine's "Chocolate Ken" is having a lot of extra money to spend on her.

She goes back and forth with this but instead settles on only wanting to date men with a purpose or motivation in life. She eventually settles down with A millionaire anyway, however. Regine is the biggest hen of them all, not even court-ordained community service with monks under a vow of silence could keep her mouth shut. Ahead of going to a costume party, Regine gets Khadijah paranoid about Scooter cheating on her.

Meanwhile, with Max being dismissive of Halloween, Overton and Synclaire try to get her in the right spirit by scaring her. Kyle and Overton up until the 5th season. Max's old college roommate tells her that she's a lesbian and about to marry a woman. She then reveals that her crush on Max was when she realized she was a lesbian. I Have No Daughter: Printed word for word on a pillow sent to Synclaire from her mother, due to her breaking the family tradition of getting her great aunt Ada's "okey-dokey" to get married before her engagement to Overton.

Up to Eleven with Regine's mother. Regine, to the point the characters jokingly suggest her voice is punishment from God for Khadijah missing church. My God, why hast thou forsaken me?! I guess that's what happens when you don't go to church for two years. Regine's mother loves to dress like this and encourage Regine to do the sameRegine once worked for a boutique that specialized in selling extremely tacky clothing. And her mother shows up to shop while she is working.

From the episode Great Expectations. The club scene is tired. There's nothin' but a bunch of brothers there with beepers and gold teeth talkin' about "Baby, I'd like to put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit. The cop forgot to read me my rights, ok? So here I am ready to put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit! Happens with Overton's Mother's Day gift of less than pleasant smelling perfume.

Who got some nachos? Khadijah's old basketball rival, Denise Hatcher. Not only does she, a professional woman's basketball player, challenge Khadijah, who hasn't played in years, to an unfair basketball game because she claims Khadijah cheated to win an MVP trophy years ago, but then after admits she lied the whole time about Khadijah cheating, and takes the trophy anyway.

What a Jerk Ass. Jerkass Has a Point: While Max can come across as a Straw Feminist she does have her moments, such as when she lampshades the fatal flaw in wanting a big, strong man around to protect a woman from an armed attacker, pointing out that the only thing a man has that woman does not would not stop a bullet.

The end of the series, Overton and Synclaire are Happily MarriedMax and Kyle end up together, Regine finds her "Chocolate Ken", Tripp hooks up with the upstairs neighbor, and Khadijah runs off with Scooter in the final scene of the series, the show literally ends when all of the main cast are no longer "Living Single".

Max's campaign slogan when running for Alderwoman, when she says "Ride the Maverick. Most of the cast has a chance to ham it up from time to time, but Kim Fields gets to do it at the end of every one of the revamped opening credits. After her credits pop up, she starts pantomiming with trumpet before dramatically lipsyncing with the last note of the song. Last Minute Hook Up: Kyle and Max, Khadijah and her boyfriend, Scooter.

Regine gets one in She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother, when complaining about her mother just before she realizes the company she's keeping. Yeah, she was a riot upstairs, rifling through my underwear drawer. Man, thank god I hid my.

Russel is pretty much constantly asking Regine to make her boobs bounce for him. One episode had the two in a literal Masochism Tangocomplete with insults and ending with Kyle leaving Max on the floor and walking away without helping her back up again.

It's no coincedence that "Regine" is French for "Queen", given her diva-like personality.

Living Single (2nd Season Episode Guide)

When Regine becomes a vegetarianshe attempts to force her roommates to be the same by throwing out all the meat in the apartment. Her roommates counter this by throwing out all her veggies and having a huge meat-only BBQ in the backyard. This backfires on everyone, however when Regine snaps and demands everyone's meat products for herself.

In "Grumpy Old Man," Khadijah says she is looking forward to turning 30 "because of year-old men, looking for Mrs. My Biological Clock Is Ticking: After Max delves into her Past-Life Memoriesshe realizes after numerous lifetimes of being a man, this is the first time she's ever been a woman.

As such, she realizes her purpose in life is to be a mother, and thus, needs to have a baby. My Sister Is Off-Limits! Overton is less than pleased when he discovers that Kyle is dating his sister, Olivia.

Averted with Khadijah's half-sister, Stephanie, to whom she practically begs Ivan to take out to get her off her hands for the night. Never Lend to a Friend: Khadijah is against borrowing money from friends. Unlike the usual examples of the trope, this is because Khadijah cannot handle being in debt to a friend and will go crazy trying to pay them back, even if said friend is perfectly content in waiting.

Never Live It Down: In-Universe Regine, who was caught having sex with one of her boyfriends on the roof by her mother still gets razzed a bit over it once in a later season. Man, when are you going to let that go!? Oh god - when it stops being so funny! Maxine, when Khadijah says she is just like Regine because of her flirting.

max and kyle relationship memes

Max says she only does it for fun while Regine is in it for the money. For several episodes Khadijah was dating anesthesiologist Charles, but after some time he just disappears from the show altogether.

max and kyle relationship memes

Khadijah explains that Charles was so busy working at the hospital, the two just ended up growing apart. Only Known by Their Nickname: Minor example with Maxine "Max" Felice Shaw, although she was referred to by her first name much of the time, as well. During the show's Christmas Episode Kyle states his preference for celebrating Kwanzaa, a holiday dedicated towards sharing as opposed to the commercialism of Christmas.

This is the same Kyle who works for a brokerage firm and once claimed Greed as a business asset. Lampshaped immediately afterwards, however, when Kyle excuses himself to supervise a hostile takeover. It does fit in, however, with his love of all things from the African culture. Overprotective Dad According to Khadijah's younger sister, Stephanie, their father was very much like this. Although Khadijah didn't get to experience this personally due to him leaving when she was young.

We get this exchange in A Kiss Before Lying. Interesting to note, all the characters already knew who Greg was, so this bit of exposition is purely for the audience's benefit.

Tell me this is not the Greg I'm thinking of. Tell me this is Greg the mailman. Tell me it's Greg the bald-headed barber. You better tell me it's Greg Brady. No it's the Greg. He left four messages on my machine today. Don't call him back. The one you went out with for five years and then when your career took off and his didn't, he packed his raggedy old duffle bag and left, that Greg? Okay, you might have heard me mention him. A season one episode has Terrence Howard playing a college student to Maxine's late 20s character.

In real life, Howard is eight months older than Erika Alexander. Happens to Regine after she gets her purse stolen, as she starts annoying Khadijah and Synclaire with her obsession of getting hi-tech security system Soon after all the main characters Max and the boys included are suffering for fear of their safety.

Ivan tries desperately to be suave and romantic towards Khadijah, but at best he comes off as a Stalker with a Crush. Played for Laughsand seen more a Precocious Crush. Synclaire agrees to do a nude scene for a play in the episode Raw Talent. Definitely Played for Laughs. Partially Averted by Max when she steals a dress from Regine that she didn't know was a prop tear-away dress for a Soap Opera. Good thing she decided to wear underwear! Another episode features Max posing nude for Keith for one of his paintings.

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Put on a Bus: Khadijah's childhood friend and new beau Scooter gets put onto this not long after the two hook up, as he is asked to go touring with one of the groups he represents. The two share a failing long-distance relationship for awhile before they finally call it quits.

The Bus Came Back: Scooter does pop back up a few times, to re-ignite the relationship between himself and Khadijah, to propose to her, then officially break up, and then finally getting back together with Khadijah again near the end of the series.

Kyle delivers one to Lester, the bully who made his High School life a living hell. How did someone who comes from the same place as me, who had the same opportunities as me, end up as self-loathing and pathetic as you?

Rhymes on a Dime: Lester Tate, Kyle's old High School bully. Played straight by Max when the girls are trying to teach Sinclaire how to do this, but sadly averted when Synclaire's "Sexy Walk" looks more to say "I have bunions and look at my butt" according to Khadijah. Kyle, at one point in the series he even manages to get his tailor to remain the particular way he does his collars for him the "Barker Lapel".

max and kyle relationship memes

Overton and Synclaire, who are a rare case of this and Happily Marriedcomplete with kissy faces and cutsey pet nameseven after they are married.

They even plan to have twins named Syncloverton and Overclaire. Max and Kyle, except they seemed to always go back to Slap Slap after the Kiss until the end of the series, that is.

Soap Within a Show: Stalker with a Crush: Ivan for Khadijah, some of things he says to her can get really creepy, but its always Played for Laughs. Regine for Grant Hill, even after its obvious Grant only has eyes for Khadijah.

At one point Max even says Regine's a disgrace to desperate women everywhere. Russel for Regine, although he mostly comes off as a Chivalrous Pervert. They are somewhere between Slap-Slap-Kiss and Abhorrent Admirer as while he usually ends up pissing her off eventually it's only by the end in most situations as he usual ends up charming her during somepoint at any given exchange.

Eventually this leads to nothing, as Russel eventually tired of waiting for her to wait around for her to decide on him one way or another. When she did want to actually give him a chance, while at Synclaire and Overton's wedding, he'd moved on.