Male and female police partners relationship

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male and female police partners relationship

officers; 2) The examination of the relationships between these stressors, types and Although women in policing suffer from the same stressors as their male as a junior partner or apprentice, and receives treatment and exemptions. Ditch the flowers and the chocolates - instead grill your partner on their It might seem as if being in a relationship with someone on exactly the same including: male lawyers with female architects; female lawyers with male. Being married to a Police Officer is totally different than being Easter is the busiest time of the year for our Boys and Girls in Blue and Realize that your actions/opinions all affect your spouse by connection now. I cannot think of another profession where a wife/partner shoulders so much responsibility.

Even when it is subconscious, the constant mental and physical state of flight or fight is exhausting for them; to be under constant public scrutiny. Try to create a peaceful home for them to unwind in.

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It is really hard to go straight from being a police officer to being fun Daddy, but if we give him some space when he gets home, it happens. This happens frequently if you live in a small town. There have been a few times where Mr. Point Five has suddenly ditched us at the shops and we find him a few stores down, or when we were having a family day at our town swimming pool where we have staged it with him having left suddenly. These things happen and it is for the safety of his family that he does it.

male and female police partners relationship

He doesn't want the scumbags knowing who is family is and then perhaps targeting us next time we are at the shops without him as our protection. Maybe have a chat about the possibility of this happening and have a back-up plan such as a meet place in the shops or calling each other on the mobile.

I try very hard to monitor what I say on public social media with regard to any polarizing opinions I may have, as people may assume my opinion as his. Police officers must be impartial in their dealings with the public and I would loathe for anything I say on social media to come back and bite him on the arse.

My private social media is my own space to be me, but even then I try to be cautious stop laughing, people who know me, I DO try! The example I gave of my behavior affecting him in one of my earlier policewifelife posts is about six months after Mr.

male and female police partners relationship

Point Five and I had met. He had just started at the academy and I had just handed my driver's license in for three months as I had accumulated one point too many. It was the first Saturday afterwards and I grabbed my keys to duck down to our local Coles which were literally m at the bottom of our street.

male and female police partners relationship

Hubby looked at me, dumbstruck. What on earth do you think you are doing? I explained that the car needed a run and we needed groceries.

male and female police partners relationship

But you have no license he says. Well, duh I said, rolling my eyes, I'll drive carefully won't I? No, he said firmly, you won't and he took the keys off me. I think this was our first major barny and I yelled and screamed at him that I was a grown and independent woman. I was fuming that he was treating me like a child. After I had settled down, we sat together and he explained that because I now live with a police officer who is aware of all my actions, my making decisions like that could very well not just cause ME severe consequences, but could also cost him his career and livelihood.

I honestly had never considered it from the point of view that with the knowledge of what I was doing, he would be put between a rock and a very hard place with severe ramifications for him at one end. It was then I realized that not only was my husband to be a police officer, but exactly what that meant to me, as his wife, and how I must now behave in a much more mature fashion and take responsibility for his job as well as my actions.

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My poor choices were no longer my own to make and from then on he drove me to Coles every weekend for three months. I mean, a judge or a politician would be frowned upon if they were aware of their partner behaving in such a manner but a police officer stands to lose his job and his career.

It's a rough gig. I am reminded of a quote from "Top Gun" where Maverick is getting ripped a new one by Stinger: Now what is it with you? You will be held accountable and be crucified by your peers if you step out of line on that one. Accept that the job is dangerous. Try not to worry. I know it's hard when the only words you manage to overhear on that 2 a. They have the training and the tools to come home alive.

When they get called out to god-awful jobs, they need to know that they can rely on you to hold down the fort, so to speak, that you aren't at home worried sick about them and falling apart. You need to have their back; have their six at home. A depressing fact is you could also likely lose your police spouse to suicide in addition to whatever dangers they may encounter in their line of work.

Something to think about. Perhaps not to tell you all the ins and outs of the job, but how they are feeling and how they are coping.

Encourage them to debrief their emotions and be a safe harbor to do so. They may not be able to tell you many details, but they will appreciate the emotional support.

Embrace your new blue family. The camaraderie among the officers and their families is amazing. Soak it in and enjoy. It's like making friends most places; some you will click with better than others but the underlying unity is there. I am willing to bet in 10 years your best friend will be a police spouse.

male and female police partners relationship

When we were up in the Pilbara and there were 50 officers, it was like having 50 big brothers up there. If hubby was out on a job, I had a plethora of numbers to call if I heard a bump in the night, had run out of gas or if my TV reception went out.

Female, male police officers' experiences on the job differ

I STILL raise a wave from the steering wheel at passing police cars on the road -- it's like we are all one big family, a really nice way to live.

I am glad our boys will grow up to respect and love the boys and girls in blue and know that they are to be trusted and can be counted on in times of need. So, those are my top 10 tips to being married to a police officer. Good luck if you are about to take the plunge or are a newlywed. If you are a police spouse and want to add any tips, please do so in the blog comments below.

The job can become the big thing in the relationship.

Female police officers’ on-the-job experiences diverge from those of male officers

Lawyers, farm workers and those in education are more likely to choose similar partners while those in finance, mining and construction were less likely, according to research from Priceonomics, a data services firm that used US Census data to make the calculation. But eventually, couples in the same profession can have a more difficult time achieving work life balance, said Gail Kinman, professor of occupational health psychology at the University of Bedfordshire who conducted research on same-career couples.

Those in advertising and marketing are often attracted to musicians, while police officers are drawn to investment bankers. Instead, think complementary professions In the last few years, researchers have started tracking which professions make a great pair.

Why police are drawn to bankers and teachers marry teachers

And, dating site eHarmony. For instance, eHarmony data found the top 10 compatible matches and communicators, including: Clergy, optometrists and engineers are the most likely to stay married. Worktime instability can actually negatively impact your relationships more than predictable long working hours think a job where you always come home around It may also send a message to a partner that work always comes first, she added.