Line and staff relationship conflict resolution

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line and staff relationship conflict resolution

In a line organization, top management has complete control, and the chain of command LINE-AND-STAFF CONFLICT Due to different positions and types of . This relationship automatically ends up the line official to take better and Line and staff conflicts- Line and staff are two authorities which are flowing at the. Staff and line are names given to different types of functions in organizations. A " line function" is For example, human resources, accounting, public relations and the legal department are generally considered to be staff functions. Management textbooks advise resolving line-staff conflict by explicitly recognizing the.

This gives a wide scope to the line executive to bring innovations and go for research work in those areas. This is possible due to the presence of staff specialists. Training- Due to the presence of staff specialists and their expert advice serves as ground for training to line officials. Line executives can give due concentration to their decision making.

This in itself is a training ground for them. Balanced decisions- The factor of specialization which is achieved by line staff helps in bringing co-ordination. This relationship automatically ends up the line official to take better and balanced decision.

Causes of Conflicts Between Line and Staff

Unity of action- Unity of action is a result of unified control. Control and its effectivity take place when co-ordination is present in the concern.

line and staff relationship conflict resolution

In the line and staff authority all the officials have got independence to make decisions. This serves as effective control in the whole enterprise. Demerits of Line and Staff Organization Lack of understanding- In a line and staff organization, there are two authority flowing at one time.

This results in the confusion between the two. As a result, the workers are not able to understand as to who is their commanding authority.

Staff and line

Hence the problem of understanding can be a hurdle in effective running. Lack of sound advice- The line official get used to the expertise advice of the staff. At times the staff specialist also provide wrong decisions which the line executive have to consider. This can affect the efficient running of the enterprise. Line and staff conflicts- Line and staff are two authorities which are flowing at the same time. The factors of designations, status influence sentiments which are related to their relation, can pose a distress on the minds of the employees.

line and staff relationship conflict resolution

Costly- In line and staff concern, the concerns have to maintain the high remuneration of staff specialist. Line managers generally perceive that staff managers are not accountable for their actions. But if anything goes wrong, they blame the line. Such perception among the line managers is one of the most important sources of line and staff conflict. Encroachment on line authority: Line managers often allege that staff managers encroach upon their authority by giving recommendations on matters that come within their purview.

Staff managers often dilute the authority and be- little the responsibilities of line managers. Line managers fear that their responsibilities may be reduced and they even suffer from a feeling of insecurity.

Staff being specialists, they generally think within the ambit of their specialization. They fail to relate their suggestions to the actual reality and are unable to understand the actual dimensions of the problems. This results in impractical suggestions, making it difficult to achieve organizational goals. Conflicts due to Staff Viewpoint: Lack of proper use of staff: Staff managers allege that line managers often take decisions without any input from them.

Line just informs staff after taking decisions. This makes staff managers feel that line do not need staff. Resistance to new ideas: Line managers resist new ideas as they feel implementing new ideas means something is wrong with the present way of working.

Lack of proper authority: Staff often alleges that despite having the best solutions to the problems being faced in their areas of specialization, they fail to contribute to organizational goals. This is because the staff lack the authority to implement the solutions and are unable to persuade the line managers who have the authority to implement them. Normally line managers are seniors to staff in terms of organizational hierarchy and levels.

On the contrary, staff managers are relatively younger and better educated. Staff often looks down upon the line. Such complexes create an atmosphere of mistrust and hatred between the line and staff. Lack of demarcation between line and staff authority: