Lil kesh and olamide relationship problems

4 Lessons to learn from Olamide, Lil Kesh separation ▷

lil kesh and olamide relationship problems News ☆ Lil Kesh leaving Olamide's YBNL has generated many As long as their working relationship lasted, Olamide stood up for his artists. Other artists whose contract expiration generated issues include Kelly. The issue of age when it comes to Nigerian musicians is a topic that causes Popular musician Lil Kesh has made his views on the matter known saying Olamide built the YBNL family in a way that we all love one another. While some reports suggest there's a frosty relationship between Lil Kesh But the act at the centre of the issue, Lil Kesh has come out to clear.

What inspires you to write such vulgar songs?

lil kesh and olamide relationship problems

Beyond the stage persona, who is Keshinro Ololade as a person? I have a dual personality in the sense that I could go into the studio and come up with crazy songs that would entertain people.

I could also be home alone relaxing, and listening to soft and mid-tempo songs. I went to a number of primary schools, all in Lagos. I also attended secondary school in Lagos before proceeding to the University of Lagos to study Linguistics.

lil kesh and olamide relationship problems

However, I had to defer my admission because of my hectic schedule. Some people believe you came out of nowhere to rise to the top in the music industry. Can you share some of your struggles? I have always been a hustler.

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I started my career by attending several talent hunt competitions, and I won some of them which made me quite popular in school. At a point, I was always hanging around studios because I had no money to record songs. How did you meet Olamide? I recorded a song titled Lyrical in lateand Olamide heard it sometime in Apparently, he loved it, and he said he wanted to meet me.

When I met Olamide, he had a contract ready for me, and that was how my career kick-started. I was blessed enough to record a hit song within months, and my career has been growing ever since. I have always seen Olamide as a king, and I even respect him more now.

Olamide Reveals That Lil Kesh and Viktoh are No Longer Signed To YBNL

How would you describe Olamide as a boss? Despite the fame and fortune around him, Olamide is just like the guy next door. He is easy-going and down-to-earth.

He is friendly with everyone and he could eat from the same plate with you without airs and graces. Was it really your label mate, Viktoh, who introduced you to Olamide?

We used to meet at some talent hunt competitions, and he was the one that played my song, Lyrical, to Olamide. He actually signed both of us on the same day.

VIktoh will always be my brother. We all have our different times to shine. It became popular barely weeks after it was released.

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At some point, people like American singer, Missy Elliot, uploaded a video of herself dancing to Shoki. To be honest, it put pressure on me, because it was almost bigger than Lil Kesh, the brand.

Olamide built the YBNL family in a way that we all love one another. Do you feel you know enough about the music industry to float your own record label? Be that as it may, there are one or two big lessons to learn from the ease with which these two artists are leaving YBNL. This might be good lessons for other label owners whose artists left and the situation caused some bad blood between them. File photo of Olamide and Lil Kesh While it lasted Olamide fought for his artists While their relationships lasted, Olamide made his artists believe they are contemporaries.

He carried them along as one. He made them realize he will fight for them till the end. As long as their working relationship lasted, Olamide stood up for his artists.

Olamide Speaks On Relationship With Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold

He felt his artist Lil Kesh was cheated in both cases. Olamide has always referred to his label mates as his brothers and not his subordinates. School your artists well while the within your first contract Olamide signed Viktoh and Lil Kesh on a contract for two years.

After its expiration, the two artists decided to move on and Olamide did not try to cajole them to stay back. This shows a lot of maturity on his part.