Kenzi and dyson relationship problems

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kenzi and dyson relationship problems

um slippery character, and truly begin the hunt to find Bo and Lauren. Kenzi rides into a warehouse on the underside of a truck and is. However, Kenzi forced The Norn to return Dyson's love by threatening to cut down her Trick and Dyson have a close relationship that began in (La Fae This dynamic changes, with no apparent problems on either side, when Hale. Like everything else, I love Bo and Kenzi's relationship. There are a lot of problems in the show's representation of bisexuality, beginning with the fact that Bo's.

Now that he granted her wish, he's planning to swallow her whole. Somebody call because out on the dancefloor, Dyson and Vex are about to have a standoff. I need to be upfront about this. I am not a "shipper" when it comes to this or any series, but if there is any hot TV pairing at the moment, it's Dyson and Vex. Also, I'm a bit jealous that Paul Amos walks in heels better than I do. Vex's memories have been altered as well and he figured it out ages ago.

Vex also did terrible things to get his Mesmer back. Hale is really ticked off and unleashes a Siren-storm on Vex. Apparently Vex betrayed Kenzi to the Una Mens. Vex, how could you? Kenzi is still trying to escape Engelram and tries to get her spark on.

When she goes to apply more of the Spark Extract, she only finds a note in the jar from Massimo that says "Pay me. Time for the signature Takei "Oh my!

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For a moment, they contemplate not restoring their memories, but Kenzi knows that the status quo isn't right and it hasn't been for a while. The compass is activated, they look at each other, and they say "Bo" at the same time. Aoife is on the prowl for unsuspecting sailors during Fleet Week and has a surprise reunion with her daddy, Trick! Their memories also return, and someone clearly has some daddy issues. Although Trick says he'll help Aoife find Bo, Aoife lunges at him with a knife and says that all that has kept her alive is her hatred for him.

Vex and Hale have also regained their memories, and we are treated to a brief reunion of "Mascara Chat with Vex and Kenzi" before they get down to the task at hand -- finding Bo. Dyson's alarm sounds and he heads back to the scene of his and Tamsin's accident. The final few moments play out like this: Is this what Kenzi nearly had her hands on at the start of the episode? Her memory has also come back and she is overcome with emotion for Bo.

That was quite the season opener! Don't worry, next week it'll be shorter.

I'm just catching up and covering all my bases! Pals at the Dal" -- I predict Faenatics will be adopting this catchphrase immediately! We barely got a glimpse of Lauren in this episode. I'm going to assume that she's in hiding because she's on the Una Mens' hit list alongside Kenzi.

Also, I really dig the red hair! Speaking of the Una Mens, who else is terrified of these creepy dudes? There was zero Tamsin. I'd really like to see that Valkyrie again soon. After surviving Taft's lab, Aoife is alive and well and not happy with her daddy, Trick.

I'm not certain of her motives in trying to find Bo, and don't trust her at all. The woman is trouble! Mia Kirshner was delightful as the Nymph, Cleo. Can we have more of her, please? What kind of lingering awkwardness will there be as a result of what everyone was doing while Bo was wiped from their minds? How long will we have to wait to learn where Bo is, exactly?

Kenzi, Dyson, and Lauren. Although her love for Kenzi is platonic, the two have a bond that changes each of them forever. At the end of the prior episode, Dyson and Bo got their freak on, all under the pretense of helping Bo heal.

Bo and Kenzi investigate a disappearance at a college campus and things heat up between Dyson and Bo. After he heroically saves Bo from being killed by an underfae the ancient, inhuman cousins of the Faeshe decides to tell Dyson how she feels about him but finds him macking with another woman.

Dyson does so purposely to distance himself from Bo, and she gets the hint. The Ash is still interested in Bo, so he sends Lauren to seduce and distract her. Bo realizes what Lauren has done and they fall out. But not before Lauren can set Bo on the right path to finding the killer, which is how we are introduced to one of my favorite characters, the bisexual Mesmer Vex! This really pisses Bo off and just might be the end of Bo and Dyson!

Shockingly, it turns out there was Fae involvement in the murders. Bo saves and revives Dyson, but he ends up in bad shape. She tries to get Bo on her side and they battle, leaving Bo injured.

She feeds on Dyson and heals. The surge powers up Bo and she defeats her mother. The Norn has played a trick on Dyson, though, and did not take his wolf, but rather his love for Bo. Lauren and Bo get freaky yay Doccubus! Bo hooks up with a Dark Fae, Ryan. Collins [32] as Hale Santiago: A Siren and Dyson's colleague as another Light Fae detective secretly working in the human police force.

He can pacify, control, and kill humans and Fae alike with his whistling ; in addition, he can cure pain and heal wounds with it. He is the son of the leader of one of the three most powerful and wealthiest Light Fae families, the Clan Zamora, but despite his family's social status he makes his own way in life, preferring to create his own connections and leverage although he allows Bo and Kenzi to use his high-class social contacts when they need to infiltrate an upper-crust Fae event.

Hale became good friends with Kenzi, with an undercurrent of mutual attraction gradually developing between them.

kenzi and dyson relationship problems

He helped save Kenzi's life using his siren's whistle to cauterize her wound in the Season 2 finale. In the third season, he became the acting Ash after Lachlan's death.

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Recurring cast[ edit ] Cle Bennett as the Ash: He wants Bo to choose alignment with the Light, and orders Lauren to find a way to distract Bo so as to prevent her from attacking and killing Vex — which could have jeopardized the peace between the Fae clans and given the Morrigan a reason to execute Bo.

He is badly injured in an assassination attempt by Bo's mother, Aife, and left in a comatose state on life support at the end of Season 1. She runs a talent agency in the human world where she represents young musicians and artists while feeding off their talents and stealing their lives in exchange for fame.

He is a bookmaker running a gambling business with both Fae and human clients. He was Bo's Dark Fae contact and told her where Vex could be found. His niece, Cassie, is an Oracle and in exchange for a favor allowed Bo to meet with her and reveal information about her birth mother.

A sadomasochist Dark Fae with a sarcastic and raunchy sense of humor, he can control people's bodies against their will, including forcing them to kill themselves or commit murder. Vex is a favorite of the Dark Elders and has a "like-hate" relationship with The Morrigan, serving as her hit man. He plays a pivotal role against the Garuda when Bo recruits him for her team and he uses his powers to delay the Garuda using Trick's blood to reverse the Blood Laws and reignite a war between Light and Dark.

kenzi and dyson relationship problems

Saskia in Season 1: She is the daughter of Trick, the Blood King, and Isabeau. After rebelling against the truce imposed between the Light and Dark Fae and killing a Dark Elder, she is delivered to the Dark Fae for execution. Instead of being put to death, she endures many centuries of imprisonment, torture, and rape by a Dark King before she is able to escape.

She masterminds a suicide bombing that kills most of the Light Fae Elders and critically injures The Ash. When Bo was fighting her mother, Aife, Dyson sought her intervention, for the second time in his life, and offered her his "wolf" in return for transferring his strength to Bo; but he did not realize that what he now valued most was his love for Bo, and The Norn took his ability to love her or anyone else, instead.

The Norn returned Dyson's love passion after Kenzi threatened to cut down her Sacred Tree with a chainsaw. The Nain Rouge appears to Bo when unexplained Fae deaths begin to occur and gives Bo a vision wherein she is the cause of Trick's death.

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When the reemergence of the Fae's ancient enemy, the Garuda, begins to create strange events in nature, the Nain Rouge answers Bo's call to show herself and tells Bo that for her to defeat the Garuda she needs to build a united team of Light and Dark Fae.

He is a stickler for rules and a commanding leader who does not hesitate to assert his authority, punish insubordination, and do away with anyone who threatens the Light Fae and the secret existence of the Fae.

Referred to as a Fairy Queen by Trick and Bo. She is a past love of Dyson, and they are reunited after the passage of centuries and become romantically involved; but although she is in love with Dyson, he is unable to respond in kind since The Norn has taken his ability to love.

While she is initially treated frostily by Bo and Kenzi, Bo eventually comes to consider her a friend.

kenzi and dyson relationship problems

She is killed by the Garuda when she shifts in front of Bo to protect her from the thrust of his sword. She accompanied Lauren to the Congo as a photographer and while there The Ash caused her to be stricken by a mysterious illness that leaves her in a coma — thereby manipulating Lauren into pledged servitude to him and the Light Fae. Bo is forced to kill her when she becomes possessed by the Garuda and attacks Lauren, threatening her life.

Kenzi and Nate used to be neighbours when she was six years old and they meet again by coincidence sixteen years later when he answered an ad for a musician gig at Bo's surprise birthday party. Kenzi broke up with him when the Garuda's threat was most imminent and could have endangered his life, and she was also worried that The Morrigan would steal Nate's life after she offered to be his talent agent.

He is a wealthy playboy who amassed a fortune as an inventor, alchemist, and supplier of rare and costly items. He crashes Bo's birthday party to give her an engraved bracelet that, she later learns, can protect her from a species of Fae.

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After Bo's relationship with Dyson ends and her romance with Lauren is interrupted when Nadia is released from her coma, she and Ryan become lustful lovers without her knowing that he is Dark, and he lets her feed off him. The Garuda transforms into a gigantic fiery eagle, and can possess and control its victims. When the Blood King Trick writes the truce and Blood Laws that ended the Great War between Light and Dark, the Garudas dwindle as they starve to death until only one is left, remaining dormant for eons.

When Trick uses his blood powers to stop Aife from hurting and killing Bo, it revives the Garuda, which then comes in search of Trick to force him into using his blood to repeal the Laws and reignite the war between Light and Dark. He is killed by Bo with Lachlan's venom. Dyson's new detective partner after Hale became the acting Ash.

A mercenary and bounty hunter aligned with the Dark Fae, she is not pleased with being forced to work with a Light Fae partner.

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She is building a case against Bo for attacking and feeding on a member of the Dark Fae, and rendering him unconscious. Initially, she has no problem showing her distaste for Bo or Dyson's infatuation with her, but develops an attraction and respect for Bo, to the point of questioning her own loyalties. She is recruited by Trick to mentor Bo in her preparation for the tests she has to face during The Dawning.

She and Trick fall in love and leave together for Scotland in the season finale. In the pre-Season 4 webisode "Prophecy", Trick explained to Hale that he and Stella had ended their relationship. He appears at Lauren's apartment delivering a research award after she fails to attend the special presentation ceremony.

Taft deceptively courts Lauren until, after several failed attempts, he convinced her to join him in performing cutting edge medical research in his private laboratory. He knows about the Fae and Lauren's involvement with the supernatural race, and wants her expertise about them to inflict cruel revenge against the Fae after his brother was beheaded by one and he was blamed for the crime.

He is killed and eaten by Dyson. Massimo's mother is Evony Fleurette Marquise The Morriganwho gave birth to him in the s but then abandoned him and ordered Vex to raise him.

Clio had the ability to commune with all four elements of nature - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. She helped Dyson transverse the intersecting planes of existence, which made it possible for them to get on and off the Death Train. The two started to develop a bond until Crystal had sex with Lauren after the Fae coerced her to do it so as to gain her trust, and thereafter kidnap Lauren. They were both chained and locked up in a cell together.

She is responsible for selecting Bo to be transported to the Death Train in order to meet Rainer in hopes of breaking his curse.

Appeared in corporeal form by taking possession of the body of human Elizabeth Helm. Appeared in corporeal form by taking possession of the body of human Kevin Brown. Appeared in corporeal form by taking possession of the body of human Cecilia Lawrence.