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Despite keeping their relationship a secret for more than a year, Jake Vargas and Bea Binene feel that German Moreno's revelation of their. Stars: Barbie Forteza, Bea Binene, Joshua Dionisio, Jake Vargas, Joyce Ching, Kristoffer Martin, Got To Believe (August March ). Rhian Ramos; Aljur Abrenica; Bea Binene; Jake Vargas; Bella Flores But their relationship is tested by conflicts from their worlds. . Obvious Child () finds herself in Montana promoting a charity calendar after being betrayed by her .

Since Spanish colonial times, the country has been Asia's largest Catholic country. Over a hundred ethnic groups, a mixture of foreign influences and a fusion of culture and arts have enhanced the uniqueness of the Filipino identity and the wonder that is the Philippines. She gained widespread fame with her portrayal of Alwina in 'Mulawin', a fantasy-themed television series, and as the superheroine Darna in television series of the same name.

Her first major assignment with the network was to portray Lyka in the television series 'Lobo', for which she was nominated for an International Emmy Award for best performance. Her successful career suffered a setback when she recently had to step back from playing Darna in Star Cinema's movie adaptation of the comic series of the same name as she is suffering from some spine problems and had to undergo a few operations.

Although today she is single, she had dated some popular Filipino celebrities in the past and she said in an interview that each one of her relationships has made her stronger and more mature. Marian Rivera Marian Rivera is the only child who started her stardom by getting herself involved with TV commercials and ramp modeling. Skin White and Sky Flakes were the first two commercials that she made. With her beauty, gorgeous looks and acting talent, Marian never expected her life to be with showbiz, since she knew that it would be difficult and complicated to this kind of industry.

Marian said that her destiny brought her into this career and where she will truly succeed and share her talent to a lot of people. Her dream is just simple; she only wants a very good and peaceful life. She wants to have a lovely house and have a business as well so that whenever some things happen to her, she will have a fallback.

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Marian loves dancing, listening to music most especially love songs. Words that definitely describe Marian would be a very strong and sweet person. Her favorite fashion attire would be rubber shoes, jeans and shirt. A lot of soap operas then followed after that. Marian became very popular when she had the role of Marimar, Philippine remake. Now, she has been considered as one of the soap opera queens. She was born and raised in Quezon City.

She is of mixed French heritage. He said that he is feeling bad not only for Navarro but for his family, his friends and those who are close to the actor. Vice Ganda said he feels this way because this controversy including the legal battles that has stemmed from it will take a long time to resolve.

He said that while the physical hurt including the blackeyes, the bruises and body ache caused by the mauling of Navarro - will go away soon, the trauma for those involved in the issue will take a longer time to heal. Kaya I feel so bad for them, for him Vhongespecially. Teresa Dorado never thought that she would end up as one of the victims of successive suicide bombings that have been terrorizing south Beirut recently.

Bale, Suicide bombings have been occurring in Lebanon since July of last year. This year, bombing incidents have escalated to almost every week. So I think our efforts really are just to ensure that we are able to have a more exact knowledge about the presence of the Filipinos there.

Dorado is now recuperating at a hospital in Beirut. The incident occurred around 9: Though the blast left her with a swollen foot and cuts all over her body, especially her neck and hand, she is still thankful to God that she is alive. They threatened they would not stop until the Lebanon—based militant group Hezbollah withdraws from fighting alongside President Bashar Al—Assad of Syria.

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Prime Minister Tammam Salam, President Michel Suleiman and other officials urged the Lebanese to even stronger solidarity in the wake of terrorism and other attempts to promote sectarian strife.

Bill criminalizing the buying of school papers Those who are planning to let their money get them through those school papers—dissertations, theses, term papers, and other reports to acquire academic credentials—should be afraid. In fact there are those who enjoy being single more than being in a relationship. One example is Kapuso artist Sheena Halili, who is very vocal about enjoying her single status.

According to Sheena she knows how good it is to be in love and be with someone, but she is currently focused on her faith. However, she does not go out without her friends. Laging group and kapag alam ko na, [walang chance, sinasabi ko na].

Kasi importante pa rin sa akin na [maging patas], kasi ayokong makasakit or magpaasa. Gusto ko maipakilala ko muna kung ano ako, at gusto kong makilala kung ano siya. Kasi pag ligaw laging best ang ipinapakita e. Basta may gusto sa akin, date na. Gusto ko kapag nakipag-date ako, siya na. She prays for the right guy to come along and be her husband. Khrissie will soon be pursuing a career in Nursing. Very proud grandparents, Jess and Tess Mallari Mabini Money Remittance invited the guest for lunch at the newly opened Barrio Fiesta for the reception.

A native of Camalig, Albay, he will be serving until He can be contacted at b and Emails: Other BCCA officers elected include: Jojo Taduran, vice president for membership and government relations.

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He is a veteran Filipino print and broacast journalist. Estrella Dilla Carpenter and vice president for sports and youth development Noli Aquino. Immigration consultant Arlene Martirez is still the secretary and Monsie Royong, assistant secretary. Ching Ragos, the die-hard Bicolana is the new treasurer while Aida Dolores Lagarde is the assistant treasurer.

The new auditor is Bobby Achacon who served the association as president and treasurer. The other members of the BCCA board of directors include: In the meantime, President Nebres said that there will be a massive membership campaign for the Bicol Canada Community Association this year.

It has also declared an air defense zone above waters separating China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, raising concerns from various countries who believe this would affect freedom of flight in international airspace. In January, Chinese media reported that Beijing is imposing a fishing law in the West Philippine Sea that will require foreign boats to seek permission before operating in the area. Japanese media also reported that China is planning to impose an air defense zone over the West Philippine Sea but this has been denied by the Chinese government.

China, whose recent actions are causing tensions in the region, is claiming almost the entire West Philippine Sea through its so-called nine-dash line, which covers more than islets, atolls and reefs. Meanwhile, the US is sending its newest military assets to the region as part of its rebalancing to the Asia Pacific. Greenert said they would increase the number of US ships in the region to 60 by Greenert said among the assets to be deployed is the P8, which is a Boeing battle aircraft.

There were rumors that the two are not in good terms lately because of three possible reasons: Sana magsama sila habambuhay at maging happy forever. Mukha naman silang masaya, masayang masaya naman sila. Init was down to about 50 percent. Eric Jose Perez, provincial veterinarian. Crossbreed also slaughtered De la Cruz said the PCC started crossbreeding carabaos in the province with foreign-bred Murrah buffaloes through artificial and natural insemination in Protecting females To arrest the dwindling carabao population in Pangasinan, De la Cruz said she met with Perez last year and together, they lobbied the provincial board for the enactment of an ordinance that would regulate the sale or slaughter of female carabaos in the province.

The ordinance was passed. First offenders will be reprimanded and will be required to attend a one-hour orientation on the ordinance. Second offenders will lose their license to Buy-back plan The ordinance also established a buy-back plan in which the provincial government buys breedable female carabaos to be distributed as additional stocks to dairy cooperatives in the province. De la Cruz thanked Pangasinan Gov.

Nationwide trend At the news conference, De la Cruz announced that the PCC was giving two cooperatives 30 Bulgarian Murrah buffaloes each for their dairy project. She said her office and local governments would conduct an information caravan to educate farmers about carabao raising.

De la Cruz said that although the decreasing carabao population was more visible in Pangasinan, it was also a nationwide trend. Joseph Estrada, there should be a law banning the slaughter of carabaos. She said the late Sorsogon Rep.

What is Jake Vargas's gift to Bea Binene: "Hindi ko po alam, e."

Salvador Escudero III had filed a bill that would ban the slaughtering of carabaos. This was approved by the House of Representatives but the measure remained pending in the Senate. What is happening is that most parents were unable to provide education for their siblings causing ignorance that eventually drives their children to cyber pornography to make a living.

They can get there all by themselves. Her eyes sparkle, her voice has a lilt and the smile hardly leaves her face. Aiza proposes to girlfriend Liza A flushed Liza was wearing the blue sapphire engagement ring Aiza gave her during the exclusive interview with this writer in a restaurant along Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

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She introduces herself and orders a light dinner. Liza admits the whole business of being engaged has yet to sink in. I have a five-yearold daughter. I have a job. I can fend for myself. People come and go in my life. The sparks started to fly 14 years ago, when Aiza was 16; Liza, Aiza was in high school at OB Montessori; Liza in college.

Liza would fetch Aiza from school. They exchanged songs and love poems they wrote for each other. Liza takes pride in the fact that Aiza dedicated her very first composition to her. After all, they were both in their teens, and it was their first crack at love. The court ruled on petitions in which opponents argued the law is unconstitutional and restricts freedom of expression.

The judges found only parts of the law unconstitutional, such as provisions allowing real-time collection of online data by authorities and shutting down a website without due process, court spokesman Theodore Te said. It upheld libel online as a criminal offense but only the author of a libelous posting can be charged, Te said.

Those who merely receive or comment on the post are not liable, he added. The law aims to combat Internet crimes such as hacking, identity theft, cybersex and online child pornography. The law was suspended shortly after it passed inbut it can now be implemented except for the unconstitutional provisions. Opponents are considering whether to appeal to the court for reconsideration. They can cut the celebration, because the taxman is planning a roast and may send for them to serve as the pig.

Unknown to them, the Bureau of Internal Revenue BIR has been watching the industry and found it crispy enough to be served up at an investigation for tax evasion and under declaration of income. Out of the 17 most popular lechon sellers in the country, six did not file income tax returns forit says. But tax officials involved in the BIR drive against tax evasion said those businesses were among the establishments that the taxman had started to monitor closely. Should the investigation show that those businesses are violating tax laws, they would face charges, the officials said.

Charges filed weekly To scare evaders, the BIR brings tax evasion charges every week against erring businesses and personages. The drive aims to eradicate tax evasion which, according to the World Bank, costs the Philippine government an estimated P billion in lost revenue every year.

Then, from March 10 to 21, it will also extend the evening runs up to Are there vigilantes out there who are taking the law into their own hands? Aurelio in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. That translates to PHP1. Wow, gentlemen, our cups runneth over. The two have been together for more than a year. Neil also gave her a gift. Bela said she rarely uses the bags Neil gives her, so her boyfriend decided to shop clothes for her instead.

She added that even the signature bags she buys for herself rarely gets used. Many thought it was an actual proposal by a guy to his girl. If ever Neil proposes, does she want something like that as well? Bela said anything goes for her, but she reiterated that she is not ready to settle down because she wants to accomplish many things first. Kris already apologized for this, but it is clear that they have not mended the fence.

She stated that James was just joking about the boyfriend part. Even when she was still married to Jed Salang, Ai-Ai said it is to James she usually turns to for tickets to the games.

Meanwhile, Ai-Ai said she is not yet ready to be friends with Jed, her husband of one month. The comedienne said her former husband must first apologize for what he did to her before offering his friendship.

Jed allegedly abused the comedienne, and cheated on her with other women. Their marriage lasted for only a month. It was recently granted the decree of divorce. Pero kung hindi naman siya hihingi ng tawad, paano ko naman mai-offer yung friendship? He was with two women, who he said are his cousins. Ai-Ai hinted that one of the women may be the third party to the breakup of their marriage.

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The woman was described as petite and chinita. The comedienne said she has heard about her before. Right now, Ai-Ai is in the process of accepting what happened in her marriage.

After this, maybe she can finally forgive him and what he did. She will also prefer to be quiet about it--if she ever meets someone. Philippines Canada aka Pinoy Bulilit.