Jen and wes relationship poems

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jen and wes relationship poems

Over a month later, Jen is still reeling from Alex's death, and Wes wants to . A brief exploration on the kind of relationship Eric and Taylor might have set up at. Read story Time Force: The Forbidden Love Affair of Wes and Jen by what it would be like to kiss him, to touch him, to actually have a relationship with him. Jen Scotts~ Pink Time Force Ranger. Wes's Girlfriend. Very responsible, focused, sassy, and caring. When it comes to Wes, no one can touch him when she's.

I see in this something for the occasional or the reluctant poetry reader and I really do believe if you give a poem a chance, there's a poem out there for every person. It's my favourite art form; it's the most intimate art form, it's a very selfish pleasure reading a poem: Born in Killarney in"I share my birthday with Barack Obama, the late Queen Mother and Percy Bysshe Shelley which gives me no end of pleasure; I think we Leos are arrogant, we know it all sometimes," he was taught by the Presentation Nuns and rhapsodises about learning poetry by heart at primary school.

His father and uncle ran Killarney Printing Works which was founded by his grandfather, and produced everything from books of invoices to postcards, menus, invitations. He boarded with the Salesians in Limerick - "they really promoted film, theatre, art … they were very far seeing", and after a wonderful time in UCC following an arts degree with a Dip Ed and a Master's on Virginia Woolfhe spent four years teaching in Bandon which saw the start of an enduring friendship. Graham Walker was 17 when Niall first met him "and he was wonderful from the off, I directed him in two plays - he was terrific as Jack in the Importance of Being Earnest.

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He was also great at short stories and debating. In the meantime he had married Mary Clayton, whom he'd known since - they wed a decade later. Now retired Professor Emeritus, Mary was professor of Old and Middle English at UCD - "one of the youngest ever appointed" beams her proud spouse, "she was vice-president for 6 years for students and she did wonderful work, revamped and reorganised many things in there, she was also very involved in the mental health service.

I thought of it in March and left in May. I was coming up to 60 and wanted energy for other things, I love teaching but the homeworks, the bureaucracy were becoming more of a reality. He gives readings, edits, writes, involves himself in various literary festivals. In he contributed to a radio series on Dickens, next year he'll discuss a different Shakespeare play every month on RTE's Today programme.

jen and wes relationship poems

He also loves the meditation on visual art - What Lies Beneath - which he contributes to these pages every week. She described him as the one person she knew she could always trust. With Ransik captured, Alex proposed to Jen and she accepted his offer.

Whether anything could have come from this relationship is unknown, because Jen and her team were waylaid while transporting Ransik to the Cryo Prison.

Though they attempted to chase him down, they arrived just in time to see Ransik strike down Alex before escaping into the past. With his final breath, Alex charged her and her team LucasTripand Katie with traveling into the past and apprehending Ransik again.

jen and wes relationship poems

Distraught by the apparent death of her lover, she did as he had asked and traveled to the yearwhere she and the others were stranded in the fictional town of Silver Hills. They were forced to recruit Wesley Collinsa local man with a genetic resemblance to Alex, despite Jen's objections.

Jen became the Pink Time Force Ranger and leader of the team. Seeing only the differences between Wes and Alex, she refused to let Wes join the team until he saved them at Trip's urging. It took some time, but she was finally able to accept him for who he was. In return, Wes helped them adjust to 21st century life - by providing an abandoned clock tower as a place to stay, and present-day clothes.

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Discovering that the clock tower had once been home to a business "Nick of Time Odd Jobs"Jen decided to open the store for their keep. Wes eventually left his rich lifestyle behind for good to live with Jen and the Rangers who welcomed him with open arms. When Wes' father, Mr. Collins, discovered the identities of the Rangers, he attempted to hire them behind Wes' back, but Jen and the others refused him. Over time, Jen developed true affection for Wes. However, when Alex mysteriously returned, seemingly from the dead, and stripped Wes of the Red Time Force Ranger powers, Jen found herself asking which of them she loved more.

Alex had become bitter and stern, "following the book" to the degree that he would accept no suggestions beyond his own, unlike Wes who was team-oriented and friendly. Ironically, it was the differences between Wes and Alex that made her choose Wes.

A man and a poem for all seasons -

Wes immediately proves Jen right by easily destroying Dragontron when Alex had a hard time. Alex returned to the future, finally convinced that Wes was right for the job. Wes also seems to change Alex back a bit as he saves Mr. Collins, admitting that Wes changed his views. Alex is revealed to still deeply care for Jen because as soon as he hears that she's in trouble he sends Wes the Strata Cycle saying that since he's not there himself he trusts Wes to take care of Jen for him.

This causes Wes to start to back off because he thinks Jen and Alex are still perfect for each other after what Alex did he can understand what Jen saw in him not realizing that Jen was starting to fall for him more. Wes makes sure to inform Jen of Alex's actions at a moment when she was seemingly about to admit her feelings for him.