Hashirama and madara relationship quizzes

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hashirama and madara relationship quizzes

Most about Hashirama and his relationship with Madara! From their first meeting, PS: This quiz is a sequel to this MADARA QUIZ! —. ——. —. This Naruto quiz will test your resolve as a shinobi, seeing if you have what it A couple of his signature moves are the chidori and fireball jutsu. . ordinary trinket , it originally belonged to the First Hokage Hashirama Senju. 4 days ago Most about Hashirama and his relationship with Madara! From their first meeting, to the things that occurred between them. Watching episodes.

His powers would include many Jutsus.


Now, do keep in mind that it would be very hard for him to Reanimate a ninja added with the fact that Tobirama would know his own limits of the Reanimation Jutsu because it wasn't yet perfected. Also Tobirama wouldn't summon a ninja like Madara because he'd most certainly know that Madara can break free. With that being said, Tobirama's main arsenal would be the Teleportation Jutsu and in desperate measure, Paper Tandem Bombs practically a suicide Jutsu if you're living.

Hashirama on the other hand would have all his Wood Release Jutsus, super-healing which would heal him from any Flying Raijin Slice attacks. Hashirama would also have his Deep Forest Emergence and Deep Forest Bloom, which are two of the strongest Wood Release abilities and can knock out, if not kill, an opponent. Deep Forest Emergence also allows him to control the area around him. He would also have his special genjutsu and his advanced mastery of Sealing Jutsus the 10 Edict Seals and last but not least, his great power over Senjutsu.

With senjutsu, Hashirama was able to use Sage Arts: Which summoned a colossal Buddha statue of impeccable power. Hashirama would also have his Summoning: I believe that Hashirama would win this battle. It would start out with Tobirama on the attack and Hashirama on the defensive. Tobirama would then use his Teleportation Jutsus and try to find an opening in Hashirama's defences. Hashirama was a Senju, Madara was an Uchiha; it was their duty to kill each other.

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Hashirama set this duty aside, unwilling to take his friend's life. Madara, however, decided their dreams of a peaceful world were impossible, and therefore ended their friendship so that they could kill each other without reservation.

hashirama and madara relationship quizzes

Over the following years Hashirama and Madara continued to meet in combat. Hashirama could never bring himself to kill someone he still considered a friend, and Madara could never defeat Hashirama's superior abilities.

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In time, both Madara and Hashirama became leaders of their respective clans. Under Hashirama's leadership and extraordinary prowess, the Senju began to best the Uchiha Clan until at one point Hashirama had both Madara and Izuna at his mercy. However, unable to find the resolve to kill his childhood friend, Hashirama tried to convince Madara to unite their two clans to make their childhood dreams a reality.

A mortally wounded Izuna convinced Madara otherwise and they retreated, prompting Hashirama to send a cease-fire request.

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Although some Uchiha found the offer increasingly tempting, Madara was unwilling to accept after Tobirama killed his last remaining brother, Izuna. Tobirama attempted to kill Madara to finally end the fighting, but Hashirama stopped him, knowing that would only renew hostilities between the Senju and Uchiha. At Madara's suggestion, Hashirama offered to kill himself in order to achieve a peaceful resolution.

hashirama and madara relationship quizzes

As he was about to end his own life, Madara stopped him, moved by the gesture, and assented to peace. The Senju, the Uchiha, and all their affiliated clans came together to found a village of peace, where children would never need to die in battle.

Hashirama and Madara, rekindling their childhood friendship, called that village Konohagakure. The other countries would soon follow Konohagakure's example and build their own hidden villages.