Gi joe sigma 6 snake eyes and scarlett relationship

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gi joe sigma 6 snake eyes and scarlett relationship

Cartoons: G. I. Joe fanfiction archive with over stories. Reviews: 24 - Favs : 1 - Follows: 6 - Updated: Aug 1 - Published: May 18, - Duke, Scarlett. G I. A bunch of random Sigma 6 fanfics that fit right into the cartoon. Rated: Fiction And I know Hi-Tech and Duke aren't brothers, but so sue me. Wait don't plz . Outside the room Hawk, Spirit and Scarlett went for the door. Duke. The character is also featured in both the G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 animated series .. In the third miniseries, Scarlett is shown to have a relationship with Snake Eyes.

Joe, but is seen to pine after Scarlett from afar. Transformers[ edit ] This series published by Devil's Due, is composed of four mini-series that chronicle a new origin to the G. Joe team, which is formed as a special missions team to defend Earth against Cobra, who has Cybertronian technology. As part of this, Scarlett is one of the few Joes who operates a giant mecha robot of her own. In the third miniseries, Scarlett is shown to have a relationship with Snake Eyes.

Joe licence and launched a new series of G. Joe animated series, voiced by actress B. She was portrayed as the typical tough female member of the team, intelligent and strong-willed. The Movie[ edit ] Like many of the characters from the previous seasons, Scarlett appeared briefly in the animated film G. Joe episode "The Mind Mangler". She was primarily featured in a variation of her outfit, in a different color scheme. She also appeared in season 2, voiced by Suzanne Errett-Balcom.

Direct to video movies[ edit ] Scarlett was a member of the G. Joe team in both direct-to-video movies, G. Spy Troops and G. These movies are more associated with the continuity in Sigma Six, and do not seem to have any direct ties to previous animated continuity.

In Spy Troops, Scarlett serves as a second in command to the team. She is taken hostage by Zartan when he steals a helicopter. She is later rescued by Snake Eyes and the team. In both movies, Scarlett is voiced by Lisa Ann Beley.

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Resolute[ edit ] The G. Resolute series departs from recent depictions of futuristic technology, adopting a more "realistic" take on the franchise.

In the series, it is indicated that Scarlett has had romantic partnerships in the past with both Duke and Snake Eyes. Scarlett is voiced by Grey DeLisle. Renegades[ edit ] In G. RenegadesScarlett is voiced by Natalia Cigliuti. She is a commissioned officer with the rank of Second Lieutenant rather than a Sergeant as in other continuities, and works in Army Intelligence.

Her position in Army Intelligence was originally a desk-bound information processing analyst which caused her to study and practice ninjistu to prove herself capable of actual field work.

Her detailed information background supports the team well. Her first field assignment results in her and her associates finding out the truth of Cobra and becoming the Renegades. Her ninja teacher Snake Eyes follows her once she is forced on the run. Joe and Cobra to team-up to retrieve them. After recovering all of the Transformers, they arrive back on Cybertron.

Joe was originally planned for publication during the same time as G. The Transformers by Dreamwave Productionsuntil they announced bankruptcy, leaving only the first miniseries completed. The story features the Transformers meeting the G. Joe team inwhere Snake Eyes is prominent in defeating the Decepticons by opening the Matrix.

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In the second miniseries set in the s, Snake Eyes is somehow still in fighting shape, despite having been a member of the team in Joe comics, and started a new series that continues where the Marvel Comics series ended.

This continuation of the Marvel series is again written by Larry Hama. Joe comic series that does not connect to any of the past continuity. Snake Eyes is once again a member of the team, and throughout the first storyline, he is a renegade agent of G.

Joe, with whom Scarlett is in communication unapproved by Hawk. Snake Eyes first appears in the Crimean Rivera chasing Nico. Scarlett sends him a message signed "Love Red", which is a code telling him to run. He heads to Seattle where he finds Mainframe[80] and gives him the hard drive that Scarlett requested, containing information about Springfield.

Once there, they retrieve evidence from a secret lab that Cobra exists, before the town is leveled by a MOAB. With the evidence in hand, the two are accepted back into the G. Snake Eyes eventually heads to ManhattanNYC, to meet his old mentor, who helps him heal his mind after his defeat.

Origins, Snake Eyes receives an update to the origin of his wounds. Snake Eyes' face and hands are completely bandaged, and he is now mute because of the explosion. He later appears in his black uniform with a visor and sword, a variation of his original figure's uniform, as part of the second storyline on a mission in London. Snake Eyes started in Maybeing part of the G. Cobra Civil War saga. After Cobra Civil War ended, G.

Snake Eyes continued into the new story arc G. Cobra Command, finally showing why and how he deserted the Joes and what part Storm Shadow had played. Snake Eyes - Agent of Cobra. Device", where some of his origins were explored. He was always portrayed as a trusted and loyal teammate, and even proved to have a sense of humor, as seen when he broke into a break-dancing routine on-stage, and later in a disguise resembling Boy George in the "Pyramid of Darkness" miniseries. In the first miniseries, Snake Eyes appeared in his "V1" uniform, but for all of his later appearances he wore a bluish-grey version of his "V2" uniform.

Additionally, he does not have a rivalry with Storm Shadow in the cartoon, who instead fights with such characters as Spirit and Quick Kick. Snake Eyes is shown in a few scenes of G. The Movieincluding the opening title sequence, but like many of the characters of the Sunbow cartoon, he has a very minor role in the final battle.

Joe series in his "V4" uniform. He did have a few key episodes, and was shown to be working with his blood brother Storm Shadow, who now was a member of the G.

Scarlett (Sigma 6)

Snake Eyes was shown more in this series as a ninja, but none of his origins or his relationships were explored before this series ended. Direct to video[ edit ] Snake Eyes is a member of G. Joe in all of the direct to video CG-animated movies. The continuity of these movies does not tie into the previous history, and more directly leads into the events of G. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are once again on opposite sides fighting each other.

Snake Eyes is shown throughout G. Spy Troopswhich marked his first appearance as a major animated character. He is a part of the team that goes to rescue Scarlett after she is taken hostage by Zartan, but their relationship is not fully explored.

gi joe sigma 6 snake eyes and scarlett relationship

Snake Eyes is seen in G. Venom as the master to both of his apprentices Jinx and Kamakura. In the animated short G. Ninja Battlesa new apprentice code named Tiger Claw is joining the G.

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Most of the movie is narration over original artwork and some scenes from the previous two movies, as well as some new footage at the end. This movie is not in the same continuity as the comics, and events here do not seem to progress into Sigma Six. Resolute[ edit ] Snake Eyes first appears in G. His stomach jumped into his throat as the plane landed. He stepped into the hanger and looked around. After a few minutes, he was leaning up againest the outer wall of a plane and she was sitting on it's wing.

She laughed and said, "Couldn't they have thought up something original. Every group of bad guys wants that. Hawk was waiting on them when they flew back to the base. And there's been a little complication since you've been gone Duke. Duke looked over his shoulder at her.

gi joe sigma 6 snake eyes and scarlett relationship

She gave him a brief smile. They walked into a hallway where they found Spirit looking inside through the one-way mirror. Inside sat a heavy built and very tall black man dressed in camo. Billy flew after him as he walked into the room.

The man inside glanced up at him. Someone's probably already told ya I've got a reliable source. The blonde sighed and muttered, "You have a name? But it's Heavy Duty.

Heavy Duty looked him over fairly quickly. Billy screeched and flew to the other side of the room. Spirit watched the falcon fluff up and click his beak angerly.

gi joe sigma 6 snake eyes and scarlett relationship

Before either of them could react a panel on the ceiling caved in and fell between them. With it came a man, who apparently had been up there the whole time. Outside the room Hawk, Spirit and Scarlett went for the door.

gi joe sigma 6 snake eyes and scarlett relationship

Duke waved them off, before they could storm in. The man was skinny with shaggy red hair and pale; he was dressed in shades of brown and tan.

Scarlett (G.I. Joe)

On his back he wore a backpack of some sort. The blonde smirked as he looked towards the half-open door where Scarlett, Hawk and Spirit stood. Hawk sighed, knowing exactly what he was thinking. Thievin' bird, come back. Billy landed on the table and shoved his head into the bag. The falcon dropped something on the table and spread his wings over it.

As Billy dug into his meal, Duke smirked at Spirit. Hawk watched as Duke shifted through a few files. He's in Maryland right now as part of a group that brings in highly skilled individuals from all over the world to the US. Got plans to fly out of country, too? Duke shook his head. The next day he landed at the base in Maryland. Good thing I listened to Spirit instead. Spirit said you'd be around soon.

He led him through the halls. He's also from Spain and came to America about a year and a half ago. Just don't ask why he hates Cobra.

This is his room. The older man didn't answer. The door opened and two men looked up. Duke glanced at them. One wore a full body suit in shades of black and grey.

The other was a white tank top, black pants and com-bat boots with a toothpick in his mouth. A silver trenchcoat lay over the chair.

Duke walked in and stopped in front of them. Both men were watching him carefully. I'm pulling in recruits for a very top secret team.