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ferb and isabella relationship counseling

Read Phineas and Ferb from the story The Theories About Old Cartoons by Ferb chooses not to speak but can still maintain healthy relationships as he was Isabella has an unnamed psychotic break from reality, caused by abuse from her her giving into Phineas's delusions and being so aggressive to her counselors. Isabella assistancedogseurope.info Phineas and Ferb Wiki ❤ liked on Polyvore .. Couples should totally dress up as Isabella and Phineas. .. Counseling Tools. A page for describing Heartwarming: Phineas and Ferb. Examples from The Movie go here. Some of the songs such as "Come Home, Perry" or "You Snuck Your.

He received nothing more than a sniffle as an answer. In a few years. It would be crazy for us to have children now," he laughed. Isabella stared at him, clearly not amused. Phineas broke away and stood up, ruffling his brow in confusion. Isabella merely scoffed, turning her head away. Phineas clenched his fist, shaking his head in distaste. Isabella's jaw dropped and she gasped audibly. She stood up hastily, taking a powerful stance in front of her boyfriend. They both realized they were taking this argument much too far, but both were caught in the heat and adrenaline of the moment.

Isabella crossed her arms over her chest indignantly. Isabella didn't miss a beat. You drag me over here and start questioning me about having kids with you and you act like there's nothing wrong with that! I never said that!

It wouldn't be horrible to have children with you! Just not right now! And his son was born when he was only twenty-two! Instantly he regretted his words, almost begging some otherworldly power to take back what he had said.

He brought his hands to his mouth, closing his eyes and praying Isabella wouldn't take his sharp words to heart. Unfortunately for Phineas, she did.

Isabella's tears began to flow freely down her face, cascading onto her shoulders and disappearing into her deep ebony hair. Her tears showed what was happening in her heart, and her face showed her mind. She stood firm in her battle stance still, upstanding her furious positioning. Isabella panted harshly, opening her mouth to speak.

Her voice and heart were breaking as she walked up close to Phineas, close enough for her ragged breath to tickle his jaw line. Just… just stop…" "Isabella-" "You're insufferable," was the last thing Isabella managed to sob before running out of the living room and locking herself in the tower.

Phineas merely breathed, glancing ahead of him to see the fireplace, the grand mantle upon it. By the end, they've not only become each other's best friend and part of a close-knit group of life-long friends, but are both much happier, healthier, and more confident individuals, all because Phineas and Ferb decided to reach out to them. Doofenshmirtz and Perry's relationship, especially as it progresses throughout the show. While it may seem like they're mortal enemies, they're actually very good friends.

All the fighting that takes place is really more part of their jobs than actual hatred for each other. Season 1 After the rollercoaster ride is over, we get this exchange: It really was the coolest coaster ever. You guys make a great team. Well, a brother is a brother. But I couldn't have asked for a better one than Ferb.

You know what I mean? Made extra sweet when you consider the fact that they're only stepbrothers, but they're just too good of friends to really care about that. Flop Starz Jeremy encouraging Candace to sing onstage, as well as Candace actually getting into the song and realizing for a few moments that her brothers aren't the nuisances she'd thought they were after all.

Then it's cut short pretty abruptly by Phineas announcing it's their last show Candace Loses Her Head Candace is exasperated to see what her brothers are up to this time as usual, when it turns out they remodeled Mt. Rushmore to include a bust of Candace. Candace's face goes from shock to teary-eyed joy.

And then she frantically tries to show it to her mom — not to try to bust her brothers as usual, but to show her what a beautiful job they did. It got destroyed by lava but still. Jerk De Soleil Perry periodically leaving his mission just to participate in his part of the circus act. It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World It's brief, but after Candace wins the monster truck rally, her step dad hugs her and says he's very proud of her. The boys organizing the whole thing to help Candace build confidence while she learns how to drive.

Mom's Birthday Candace is trying to do something special for Linda's birthday, but at first, Phineas and Ferb unintentionally show her up she tried to deliver breakfast in bed, they had an omelet station.

Then, Doofenshmirtz's latest scheme ruins her plan to get Mom a sundress moths eat it and play a song she wrote all her instruments are shrunken into nothingness. Phineas and Ferb's final gift was a video tribute to their Mom, ending with footage of Candace practicing the song When Candace slips into her parents' bedroom to try to give her mom a birthday breakfast in bed, we see that Linda is sleeping with a picture of Lawrence while he's out of town.

Totally cute, and massive amounts of awwwww No mention that this is the first time Candace pets Perry? Considering how she usually insults him in several episodes later. With a smile, she kneels down to pet him Where have you been? You missed all the fun. Journey to the Center of Candace Doofenshmirtz builds a device that will destroy anybody that can't make up their mind.

Immediately, Perry has a flashback to earlier that morning, when Phineas and Ferb couldn't make up their minds about that day's project. Less than ten seconds later, he has Doof shackled to a pipe and is calling in backup. It just shows how much Perry loves his owners. Jeremy getting a sandwich named after Candace. Candace getting the honor of eating the first Jeremy sandwich.

It gets scarfed by Isabella's dog, but at least she got to wolf the grilled cheese from before down. When he tells their kids about the time they first kissed at a concert, they decide to surprise their parents by getting the band back together to do a special concert for them.

The scene of Linda and Lawrence kissing at the end is very touching — as is the fact that all three kids worked together on it, when Candace is usually the antagonist. The second Ferb senses that there's so much as a possibility of Bobbi ruining his parent's anniversary by not showing up, he prepares to wail him over the head in order to guarantee that they're happy. Doesn't get much more Heartwarming than that! Doofenshmirtz tries to throw his teenage daughter Vanessa a birthday party, but she flies into a rage because he secretly invited all her Goth friends to a party designed for a five-year-old girl.

Something he has apparently done every year previous, to her great annoyance. When Doofenshmirtz accidentally destroys everything and gets blown up himselfVanessa shows appreciation for what he did for her because it ends up making the party better. A bit of a Broken Aesop if you think about it, but still kind of touching.

The end of the episode is just so sweet. Candace's face when Linda finally comes home. She's so happy to rekindle her parents' love. Danny has just finished telling Phineas that nobody remembers his band any more.

Cue the screaming crowds, and an expression of shock on Danny's face as he realizes that not only are they not forgotten other by this one couple, they are still loved by hundreds if not thousands of people.

The Tear Jerker is due to Fridge Logic ; Danny honestly believes they have been forgotten and has just seemingly watched his hopes of a reunion dashed by the same infighting that broke up the band in the first place. So far in the show, Love Handel is still back together, and always seem happy to be together. Phineas, Ferb, and Candace not only gave their parents a great anniversary concert; they gave a band who thought they'd never play together again a second chance at a career and a repaired friendship.

The Best Lazy Day Ever This episode has one of the most twisted, strangest CMOHs in the history of the show whether it qualifies as one or not is questionable, as it's probably unintentional. When Candace finds out her brothers aren't doing any big project for the day, she is initially relieved that she can finally go about her personal business.

However, it becomes clear busting her brothers is all she really does and all that really defines her. Then she starts to tear up out of a personal identity crisisrealizing this fact. In its own insane way similar to "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted"you could say she finds out how important her brothers and their crazy projects are to her. I can't do anything unless I'm trying to bust them for doing something. And if they're doing nothing, then ''Psycho'' Strings play, and Candace starts crying who-o-o i-is Ca-a-andace?

Voyage to the Bottom of Buford The song that plays when Buford thinks of the fun he has had with Biff is a real toucher, especially considering how hard he's trying to get him back. When Phineas manages to get the disc, he jumps and ends up hanging onto the drawbridge that Norm slipped off of, and drops the disc right on the edge of the bridge.

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Unfortunately for him, he's got his hands in an oil slick that Norm left behind and is gonna fall off that bridge unless something is done. Candace thinks hard, looking at both choices of what she has to save here, before pulling Phineas up right when he's about to fall into the river. When he shows surprise at the fact that she didn't save the disc, she hugs him and replies "And let you fall?

ferb and isabella relationship counseling

You may be a pain, but you are my brother. You guys would help me bust you? If it would make you happy. Perry clears Lawrence's traffic ticket. We've seen him being protective of Phineas and Ferb on more than one occasion, but he certainly looks out for the rest of his family as well.

Bowl-R-Ama Drama Phineas and Ferb giving special thanks to Candace when they get recognized for breaking several world records. When Candace gets scared on the ferris wheel she's afraid of heightsJeremy puts an arm around her and assures her, "Don't worry; I've got you.

The reason Isabella isn't scared by the haunted house is because she's holding Phineas' hand. Also, she tells Candace it was great because she had a day's undivided attention from him. When the B Plot Cleanup Crew arrives and Phineas winds up nearly falling to his death, Isabella not only rallies the Fireside Girls to make an impromptu trampoline with their sashesshe manages to catch him when he bounces off And then there's how long he stayed in her arms What's Phineas and Ferb's project for the day?

Ice cream for Isabella while she's recovering from getting her tonsils out. He's such a sweet guy! The fact that it's actually Candace getting all the attention from him sort of makes it even better.

He may be evil, but he's a gentleman. Phineastein says that he and Ferbgor will never lose the platypus monster they created again. We even get a shot of the monster tearing up! You'll always be the number one monster in my book!

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The Flying Fishmongers The boys spending the day helping their grandfather finally realize a life-long dream of jumping a gorge on a motorcycle. And they do it with him just to make it extra special. Oil on Candace Django's painting and his father's reaction to it at the end of the episode.

Ferb and I just wanted to say thank you. We were in a pretty precarious situation back there, and if it wasn't for your bravery, who knows what would'a happened? Ferb was going on and on about it! Phineas and Ferb Get Busted! Candace actually manages to get Mom to see what Phineas and Ferb are doing — in this case, putting plane wings on the family car so it can fly, and building a giant tower on which to park it which then falls on the garage — so Mom sends the boys to a hellish reform school.

At first, Candace is ecstatic to have them out of her hair, but she soon grows to miss her brothers so much that she, along with Jeremy, embarks on a rescue mission to bust them out of there. Granted, the whole thing turns out to be All Just a Dream within a dream that Perry is having, but it's this particular episode that really shows you that, deep down inside, Candace loves her brothers very much and doesn't know what she'd do without them.

Perry waking up from his dream in the end. It's a small thing, but his little smile at realizing that his cover hasn't been blown and his family hasn't been taken away from him is really sweet. You just know that Perry steered the unknown inator in that direction to keep his family safe. Mom forgiving Candace for interrupting her all those other times to see the unseen things that Phineas and Ferb were doing and knowing that Candace was telling the truth all those times and she wasn't crazy.

And then you pick yourself up off the floor. Humor aside, though, it is still considered by many to be one of the most tender songs this show has ever made. The vignettes of little Candace meeting baby Phineas, then of her and Phineas meeting Ferb, are straight up heartwarming.

Especially how tiny Ferb is smiling like crazy upon meeting his new siblings. Candace's pleading-while-crying to Phineas and Ferb in that episode about how their creativity isn't bad, but the best thing about them and how she regrets ever having them shipped off to that reformatory school in the first place easily has the capability to bring a viewer to tears. And, by the same measure, that he saved them, even at the cost of his secret identity, considering he blows his cover a few times in the future.

Hail Doofania Admit it: Phineas and Ferb being the first humans ever to befriend Nosey and earn his trust. Attack of the 50 Foot Sister The entrance to Perry's lair is at the bottom of a koi pond, causing three fish to end up out of the water and flopping on the floor of the lair.

ferb and isabella relationship counseling

Perry refuses to pay any attention to his mission briefing until the fish are safely inside an aquarium. It's a minor thing, but it shows how much Perry cares about the well-being of all of his fellow animals. Monogram agrees to make the fish agents to make up for their suffering, and they're later shown repaying the favor by helping Perry thwart Doofenshmirtz. And immediately after they do, Perry is seen once again helping them into a fishbowl, pausing to do this in the middle of fighting Doof.

Ferb's line of dialogue at this episode's end was a brief allusion to quantum theory and was largely Played for Laughs - but that didn't stop it from coming across as rather consoling, in the face of another failure.

The fact that Phineas and Ferb spend the whole episode trying to help Candace bust them. Granted, they don't seem to understand what that would mean, but still, they see that it's important to her, so they go all out for it. Chez Platypus The song "Evil Love"during which Doof dates a woman who is also into evil, saying that he has never been happier in all his life up until the very end of the episode, that is.

Candace and Jeremy get their romantic dinner in the end. Buford even provides musical accompaniment, despite denying them entry moments earlier. After Jeremy invites Candace out on a date, they hang up and both go "Yes! Perry Lays an Egg Candace showing her brothers how to take care of "Perry's" egg. Too bad it backfires on her at the end of the episode. Even when she does something nice, she can't seem to catch a breakcan she?

Before that, Candace getting misty-eyed over the nature program on baby sea-turtles is pretty cute. Ferb putting a handkerchief on the egg when Phineas mentioned it was getting cold.

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And besides, we're trying to prosecute her, not defend her. The neck's way too short to be hers. It's not like an answer is going to ring us up on the phone. OK, we'll be there. He's asking you and your partner to meet him in the interrogation rooms in 10 minutes. By the way, where'd Rick go? He was really steamed while we were being shown this evidence.

He wouldn't even look at it. He brushed it off like it didn't even exist. This job might be finally getting to him. I'll head over to the courthouse to find your partner. The court was back in session, and now Michael Cutter was busy questioning Linda Flynn, testing her credibility towards Candace. Flynn, is it true that in the past, you and your daughter, a. Because according to these reports which your family filed, you have a history of calling your daughter "crazy"-" "Now look here, sir, I have never called my daughter crazy In fact, last year alone, according to police, you used that word a total of 7 times around your daughter.

It's obvious that you're lying. This wouldn't be the first time. Flynn's past career as a pop star is totally irrelevant to this case. Flynn here was retiring from pop music, she publicly came out with a statement. I have the statement right here. She openly lied to the public. For all we know, she could have a terrible singing voice that could potentially destroy anything and everything made of glass.

So, I ask you, Mrs.

Phineas isabella dating fanfiction

Flynn, even though you say that you defend your daughter and she claims that she's innocent, why do you even believe her? In fact, why should we believe a single word you say! Seeing that Cutter had already done some damage to not only Linda's credibility, but his own credibility as well, Phineas saw no need to question his mother.

Does the defense have any witnesses to call? He looked up at the judge for a brief moment while figuring out his next move. Things were not looking so good for either side, and the last thing he wanted was a mistrial. Defense calls Jesse Wilson to the stand A. The guy who runs the Training Facility the detectives visited in the last episode. Wilson, you run the Danville Gym downtown, correct? She came in, and she had looked like she had just gone for a 2-mile run. She had talked about wanting to get herself a membership at the gym, so I walked her through the steps of signing up a membership.

I admit it, I'm too good a person. I know it was wrong to do. Thank you, that will be all. Danville Detention Facility; Interrogation Rooms, 9: Detective Povenmire entered one of the interrogation rooms. He was led in by the chief of police, and as he entered, he was met with a very pudgy, brown-skinned child with a red shirt, blue pants, and glasses Figure it out, yet? It's already gone to trial.

Would you mind playing it? At that moment, the prosecution was cross-examining the owner of the Danville gym. Their entrance sparked some attention, especially after a feminish scream came from the room. I will have order! Do not give this man permission, your honor!

He pressed play, and everybody listened intensively to what was on it. That Flynn girl is back from military school. The one who yelled at your son. But apparently, everybody thinks she's changed and that she's no longer obsessive or loud or crazy or anything like that? Who changes that quickly? I don't think she's changed at all. She's gotta go back to that military school. I don't care what anybody says.

I tell you, to see that chick go back to where she came from would be a blessing in disguise. The prosecution could argue that it's my mom and my sister collaborating to go on a crime spree or something. Cutter, the justice system isn't just about personal opinion. She's not capable of something like this.

Plus, maybe it'll help explain Detective Marsh's strange behavior involving this case. They all returned to the courthouse and took their seats as Detective Marsh slowly entered the house and took his seat next to Povenmire.

Cutter, do you have another witness? The prosecution wishes to call to the stand Mrs. The waiting for the trial to resume was boring to her, and she decided to take a nap.

Her head was tilted back, her mouth was open, and she was snoring loudly, drooling onto the seat. Cleveland, who was sitting next to her, nudged her awake.

ferb and isabella relationship counseling

She snorted herself awake. In a state of panic, she looked around frantically to see what was going on. Tubbs, you are the Executive Assistant at Stoolbend High School, the school that Candace Flynn was attending before she was expelled, correct?

It was the department of education that ultimately decided her fate. And it was because of her constant obsession with her brothers. That, and the fact that she yelled at one of my kids for no good reason. Are you hearing this! Donna looked back at Cutter. I'm exercising my right to remain silent!

I have nothing else.

ferb and isabella relationship counseling

Get out of my sight. Cleveland Brown to the stand. Everyone in the audience and in the jury started murmuring to each other, exchanging confused looks. That was easier than I thought. Cutter thought to himself. My wife and I came up with it. It was supposed to be for that kid in the black shirt with the skull on it.

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Anyway, we were supposed to mess with him. But it was my wife, Donna, who came up with the idea to target it at Candace.

See, a few nights ago, after she had returned, Donna and I were talking, and she wasn't happy to hear that she was back. She believed that with her back, her family would try to rally and get her put back into Stoolbend High School, and she wasn't about to let that happen.

We needed a girl that looked enough like her and use her to frame her. Since we couldn't find anybody like that, we decided to use my daughter, Roberta.

We put lots of make-up on her so her skin turned light, we bought a set of her clothes, and we dyed her hair orange and shaped it to match Candace's. It wasn't a perfect match, but it was good enough to fool all of you guys for this long.

Detective Rick Marsh seemed to have difficult believing that Candace Flynn was innocent, and had a difficult time examining evidence that proved her innocent.