Facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship questions

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facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship questions

It is the second telenovela starring Facundo Arana and Natalia Oreiro as lead The relationship between the two was more than professional; Facundo Arana had Illinois, and various critical issues faced by the room's physicians and staff. Jorge Facundo Arana von Bernard (born March 31, ) is an Argentine actor and musician. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. . In , he reunited with Natalia Oreiro for another Pol-ka/Canal 13 production, Sos mi He had a relationship with the actress Isabel Macedo for ten years. Alta comedia" () "Muñeca brava" () /10 (22 votes) aka "Wild Angel" () (International: English title) "Sos mi vida" ().

The secretary Mercedes rejects Esperanza due to her violent manners and her dressing style. He takes them to his home, and starts the legal proceedings to adopt them.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship questions

Quique and Constanza begin their own relationship, unknown by most other characters. Their marriage proves difficult; Constanza is demanding and possessive, and despises the adopted siblings, who hate her as well.

He moves to the Conventillo and works as a taxi driver. Eventually, he recovers everything. Constanza moves in with Quique. Production The Veltins-Arena stadium. Most of the filming occurred at the headquarters of Pol-ka in the Colegiales neighborhood. The telenovela took several risks in the creative and production fields, which were mostly successful. For realism, plot scenes set outside Buenos Aires were actually filmed outside the city.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship questions

The result of the match—a 6—0 Argentine victory—benefited the filming, and the episode received This was risky filming, and Arana and Oreiro did not use stunt doubles for it. Braveheartsung by Oreiro. It was produced by Toti Gimenez, widower and producer of the late Gilda. So, Natalia by that time managed to win the love of a multi-million audience thanks to her role in the TV series "The Rich and Famous", as well as the successful solo album Natalia Oreiro.

Facundo Arana was also popular due to participation in the series "Girls. The natural charm and ease of character of Natalia played a decisive role in this.

Both were determined to work hard and engaged in it enthusiastically. At that time Natalia was in a relationship with Pablo Echarri and did not consider other men to be a lover.

Facundo Arana

However, according to Facundo, it was impossible not to fall in love with Natalya. Between the actors, friendly relations were established at once, but during the filming in each of them love raged. In one of the interviews, Facundo confessed that Natalia, with her character and other virtues, is very attracted to herself.

That's why it was incredibly easy to play love on the screen. Fruitful union The stunning success of the series "Wild Angel" inArgentina and abroad encouraged the filmmakers to reunite the actors on the screen more than once. Scenes from the wedding ceremony were also filmed that week consisting of 30 actors and 60 extras.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship questions

Sixth and last filming week started on April 18th This week, on April 19ththere was also first promotional poster released with main cast being featured. The very last filming day was on Thursday April 21st Filming of movie Mi Primera Boda took in total six weeks.

You Are the One (Argentine TV series)

Filming; Celebration of the end of filming in Buenos Aires on Party to celebrate the end of filming took place in Buenos Aires on April 22nd At the party there were present not only director Ariel Winograd and production team but also main actors Natalia Oreiro and Daniel Hendler along with majority of the cast.

To answer how was cooperation with Oreiro he answered: She is such a professional and very punctual and thanks to this the cooperation was easy and interesting!

The pre-premiere was confirmed for Monday August 29th in Buenos Aires. Official movie poster for Mi Primera Boda was released on July 28th altogether with new movie tagline: Leonora is very unbearable; she lives to be a bride.

She wants everything to be as she imagines. For me it is another new character and new challenge. The trailer has 2 minutes and 12 seconds and it is the first encounter of characters and the story for public. The premiere will take place on September 1st in all cinemas of Argentina. The same day the movie should be available in cinemas all over Argentina.

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She also introduced movie trailer. My character wants a really perfect wedding, she has all ready but because of one small mistake it all seems to end up in ruins! During the screening Natalia Oreiro, Soledad Silveyra, Daniel Hendler and director Ariel Winograd gave many interviews to various media, which were published in weeks to follow.

The first Argentinean critics were very positive: Oreiro and Hendler make a wonderful couple! She was born for her role of Leonora, a perfectionist with strong head but yet with romantic heart! Moreover, it was announced that the scene is to appear in 13th episode and to be broadcasted on Wednesday August 24th On Friday August 19th there was an official video with bloopers published by website La Cosa Cine.

The same day it was announced that on August 23rd there would be second official press conference in Buenos Aires in Hotel Four Seasons, while on August 29th there would be pre-premiere in Cinemark Cinema.

To answer a question how was it to work together again after filming telenovela El Deseo in they answered: Natalia is a woman who started very young in our profession but we share the same ideology, not only the political but also life one! I was very happy because already for a long time I wanted to work with him. The script was inspired by real wedding of the director, so it was quite emotional to film. Concerning the cooperation with Spanish actor Imanol Arias Natalia said: Right away I had a feeling like I know her for years, I could not believe we never met before.

I already participated in several comedies, but the difference now is that my character of Leonora is not very nice one. This character gave me a chance to portray a comedy character from completely different angle. I had the script three years before filming took place and we rehearsed a lot before to make sure all looks smooth and without force! I also had several own ideas that all turned out to be part of the final story. I could work with actors who I admire and who understand the genre of comedy.

I was also filming scenes even when we were rehearsing only and in the end I ended up using some of those scenes in the final version as there are some moments that can not be repeated. It is a movie that is definitely worth seeing!

On Sunday August 28th there was an exclusive interview and photos published by magazine LUZ with Natalia Oreiro being feature on the cover. It was not such a tragic wedding like in the movie but it also had very female! It was a theme that was not seen in national cinematography. It took almost two hours each day to get ready my dress, make-up and hair, but despite that I always pushed myself hard to the ground to make the scene! It was clear for us; we had to call Natalia Oreiro.

We called him and he agreed immediately to write the script for us. But he wanted to start from zero simply basing the story line on my ideas. In few days he presented to me three pages of the script and it was exactly what we were looking for!

The dress is vintage from the end of 18th century.