Evangelion rei and shinji relationship quotes

The 20+ Best Neon Genesis Evangelion Quotes We'll Never Forget

evangelion rei and shinji relationship quotes

After all these years, Neon Genesis Evangelion is still one of the most influential anime series of all time. With that being said, what are the best Neon Genesis. Misato Katsuragi: But even Rei Ayanami took 7 months to synchronize with her Eva. It's impossible [Misato kisses Shinji]: Misato: That was a grown-up kiss. Why a Shinji-Rei Relationship Won't Work I just don't think her role in Evangelion was that of Shinji's partner. Period. . To quote Strike Fiss, Like is not Love.

It's defiling my mind! Myself and an EVA. No, I sense somebody other than myself. Are you one of the beings we call the Angels? Don't you want to become one with me? Hmm, but you shall.

I will share part of my mind with you. Let me share with you these emotions. Do you feel this pain? You don't want to be by yourself, correct? We are many but you are alone. You hate it don't you? That is what it is to be lonely? That is what your mind is. It is what fills your soul. You are that sorrow. Singing brings us joy.

The Greatest Neon Genesis Evangelion Quotes That Stand The Test Of Time

It is the highest point in the culture that Lilims have created. Hello, you weren't waiting here for me were you? No, Uh-well, not really waiting anyway. So what are you doing for the rest of the day? Well, usually when tests are over I'll just take a shower and go home.

But I really don't want to go home these days. The fact that you have a place where you can return, home, will lead you to happiness. That is a good fact. I want to talk to you some more. May I come with you? To the shower I mean. Or do you mean no? Are you that afraid of other people?

Man cannot erase this sadness, because all men are fundamentally alone. I have to go to bed. I think you have your own room that they gave you I mean! You know pain is something man must endure in his heart, and since the heart feels pain so easily some believe life is pain.

You are delicate like glass, especially your heart. Yes, and worth earning my empathy. I'm saying I love you. It was intended to enact the scenario we had created. However, it appears to have become dominated by single cellued individuals. We must take it back into our own dominion. You will take responsibility for betraying Seele.

The Lance Of Longinus, which would have impeded the realization of our plan, is now gone forever. The last angel shall soon appear and with its destruction our wishes may be born. Soon, Yui; please have patience. Why am I here? Why am I still alive? In what way are he and I alike? What did you want to say to me? So much has happened since I came here. Before this I lived with my teacher. It was calm and boring in those days. There was really nothing I had to do.

Did you hate dealing with people? I think I may have been born just to meet you, Shinji Ikari. Humans cannot create from nothingness.

Humans cannot accomplish anything without holding on to something. Humans are not gods. But there is one man trying to obtain the power of god. There is a man, who is not one of us, who seeks to re-open Pandora's Box. There is a man attempting to close the box before the hope at the bottom appears. Hope exists in as many forms as there are people. For the human heart is the only place where hope exists. However our hope is becoming substantiated. That is Lilith the progenitor of mankind.

The false successors from the black moon. And also Adam, progenitor of the angels, who are the true successors of the lost white moon. His salvaged soul exists only within you. Yet his resurrected body exists within Ikari. So he also is the same as me. And that is why we entrust you with our wish. All of this I know. Is that why I am here after all?

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka meets Rei Scene

The Fifth Child -- what is he? He is probably the last Angel. Humans forget their foolishness and repeat their mistakes. If humans do not redeem themselves willingly, they will not change. We must not rely on Adam or the Angels. We have no choice but to make changes with our own hands. I pray that Unit 01 will accomplish its task.

You betrayed the trust I placed in you! You betrayed me just like my father did! The Eva series was born from Adam, born from mans antithesis. And yet the Lilim will utilize that which they hate most in order to survive. I do not understand. Why is this happening!? Born from Adam, I can synchronize with it easily as long as there is no dominate soul. Thus Eva 02 is mine! Yes; at least, this is what you Lilim call this thing. This is the light of my soul. You're not presenting me with anything new to work with.

It's a given that everyone else was afraid, but for Rei to show emotion like that really means something. My mom goes nuts every time I step into the ring. Rei worries about Shinji like a mother worries about her child. Misato has to repeat her order to get Rei to leave.

Not only that, she actually looks annoyed. A mother bear will die to protect her cub. The same goes for humans. I'll get into Asuka's actions in that scene later. Remember the only time before this when Rei took independent action was when Shinji insulted Gendo, a person important to Rei. Asuka was insulting Shinji, and Rei again takes independent action. In addition, if you listen closely, you can hear just a hint of anger in Rei's voice.

Of course, she does care about Shinji. But where, pray tell, is the definite romantic connection? She even compliments him.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship quotes

BTW, Asuka is waiting outside his door when he wakes up, but you didn't notice that, did you? The first time anyone has helped her for the sole purpose of helping her Gendo was trying to preserve his piloting pool when he saved Rei. So you're saying that Rei is a complete bitch, and nothing short of true love will make her say thank you?

It sure sounds that way. Shinji WAS the first person to do anything really nice for her. Shinji reaches out to Rei because she reminds him of Yui. To most other people, she's just a creepy girl that they have no reason to talk to. And no, Gendo helped Rei because he see's her as a link to Yui. Rei spends a lot of time thinking, you ever think of that? This is one of the few times she does anything nice for the sake of being nice.

Perhaps Shinji's making an impression on her. Ever notice that Asuka causes Shinji to be more aggressive? Perhaps she's making an impression on him. Well yeah, he knows that he's one of the few people that she talks to. You're grasping at straws here. How often do others know what's going on between two people? And besides, he says she cares for him, not love.

I know about a dozen people I care about, and would even die for. That doesn't mean I'm in love with any of them.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship quotes

He wants to know, she tells him. Not to mention that on many occasions she officially passes information on to him. She knows one of Shinji's friends is the pilot, and that Shinji would be hurt if Touji were to be killed. Now you're back to insulting Rei. Don't you think that just MAYBE, she hesitates because there's a human being in there and she's starting to develop a concept of the value of life?

We've been through this one. YES she cares about Shinji! The rest of us got that point already, but you seem to want to drill it into our heads. She is a sight that calms him, and someone who he feels can help him. Rei is a symbol of wisdom, but then we're getting into the underlying theories around Eva, and since you haven't acknowledged them yet, I won't bring that up.

Anyway, of course she's a calming sight! She's a human quelude for cryin' out loud. Also, throughout the series, Rei gives Shinji advise at times, thus he associates her with wisdom. Back to the underlying story, but this time it's justified. Again, he wants her to help him. Rei is there to guide Shinji, thus he sees her that way. Asuka is Eve as Shinji is Adam. She isn't there to help him, she's his goal. She's there to challenge him, not help him along.

Note, this applies mostly to the movies and the 'mindfuck' episodes, where we see Shinji's subconscious view of things. This is truly significant, because we've seen that Asuka and Rei do not get along at all.

But Rei still tries to be nice, knowing that Shinji is also nice to Asuka. The pause was just to emphasize that this is not an easy step for Rei. Yet she takes the step, anyway. This made no point what so ever. I'll get back to that later though.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship quotes

Anyway, like Rei talking to Toji, this is evidence of Rei's development as a human, it has nothing to do with romance. So, I'm not going to quote it this time. But tell me, Does she say, "My soul wishes to become one with Ikari's. Rei, like every other character in the series is racked with conflict. When Shinji later brings the event up in order to apologize Rei doesn't seem to care.

This seems to show that Rei has so little experience with other people that she has no idea of the effect that her nudity might have upon a teenage boy. Unit Activation Main articles: When the process of synchronization reached phase 3, approaching the absolute borderline, Eva suddenly went berserk and the entry plug was auto-ejected.

Rei was badly injured as a result of the ejection of the entry plug, her left arm and eye being damaged. This is when Rei obtains Gendo's glasses and this is the moment when we learn why Rei treasures them. Just prior to the re-activation experiment, Rei smiles as she puts on her plugsuit, as she recalls when Gendo came to her aid during the failed activation experiment. In the mangaGendo's glasses case is present on the bench next to Rei in this scene.

Rei takes Gendo's glasses with her into the Entry Plug during the re-activation experiment which helps to calm her and thus the re-activation experiment is successful. After the re-activation is complete, Rei tilts her head back in the entry plug and a number of air bubbles escape her mouth [5]this indicates that Rei had held her breath throughout the entire re-activation experiment, showing how nervous she was.

Rei also takes Gendo's glasses with her into the entry plug prior to the fight with Ramiel, as she believed she was going to die during the battle. Towards the end of episode 5, Rei curiously watches Shinji and Eva as he moves out from the cage. The End of Evangelion Main articles: She turns to Gendo, giving him a cold stare, one of her first signs of retaliation towards him.

Rei Ayanami

Gendo reveals that the promised time has come. During the fray above, the two go to Terminal Dogmaspecifically to Lilith's resting place. There they encounter Ritsukowho fails in an attempt to destroy Nerv Headquarters, and is killed by Gendo.

However, while this happens, Eva begins awakening as the trigger of Third Impact. Realizing Shinji needs her, Rei denies Gendo and takes his arm and Adam's embryo into herself, regenerating her lost arm in the process. She then turns and approaches Lilith, stating "I'm home" to which Lilith responds "Welcome home". Lilith ingests Rei's body, and her soul, Adam's embryo, and Lilith's body merge, and transform into a new Lilith, resembling a giant, white Rei.

Third Impact Third Impact begins with Lilith appearing to Shinji in a strange form; Rei's eyes are missing, instead having ominous black pits in their place. When Shinji addresses the being as "Ayanami", the pits turn into Rei's eyes. However, Shinji is traumatized already by the events, and so Lilith appears to Shinji in the form of Kaworu who is believed to be within the new Lilith.

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The result of this penetration is the creation of the Tree of Life. With the tree of life created, and the Black Moon ascending into space, the new Lilith appears as an even larger, angelic Rei. Shinji, choosing the latter, kills the new Lilith, who falls apart and releases the souls of humanity back unto Earth. Shinji wakes up on the surface of Earth, and is visited one last time by an apparition of Rei, which parallels the apparition in Episode Profile and Relationships with Other Characters "Making something Nurturing something is really great.

You can see and learn so many things from the process. With Shinji Rei's relationship with Shinji is one that plays a large part in the series progression. The two meet when she's brought out to pilot Unit 01 when Shinji refuses, despite being in critical condition. The two still are apart at first; many awkward scenes playing out between them, both due to each other's lack of social skills. In one particular scene, when Shinji goes to her apartment to give her her new ID card for Nerv.

He finds her naked; having just gotten out of the shower.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship quotes

Later, when talking to Shinji, he criticizes his father: Gendo, to which Rei responds with a hard slap across Shinji's face. However, once the fifth angel Ramiel attacks, the two start getting close, with Rei protecting Shinji from the angel's destructive beam, damaging Unit 00 and herself in the process. When Shinji breaks down crying after seeing her alive, she responds with confusion at what to do, but soon smiles when Shinji asks her.

It's the first one not aimed at Gendo. From then on, Rei continues to build her relationship with Shinji, despite her abnormal nature. To her, Rei sees Shinji as the first one to give her kindness after Gendo's selfish use of her. With Gendo Rei's bond with Gendo is one of the most complex throughout the series.

Being at least partially derived from the salvaged remains of his wife, Gendo has kept Rei very close to his side. Until Shinji becomes an Eva pilot, Gendo is the only one who is established to have shown Rei any act of kindness. Her memory of Gendo saving her after Unit 00 goes berserk during an activation test has been held cherished to her, so much so that she keeps his burnt glasses held in a case as a memento.

Despite this, Rei claims to not pilot the EVA because of Gendo, but because it is her "bond" with all people. As time went on, Rei became more wary of Gendo, focusing more of her attention of Shinji; even countering Asuka's claims that "She's the special one" in Episode Her disobedience starts when she refuses to take down Unit 03 after being affected by Bardielknowing that Shinji's friend Toji is trapped in the entry plug, even getting herself hurt in the process.

It's taken to extremes when she sorties without orders to fight Zeruel on her own, or when she disobeys direct orders to eject from her EVA when she sacrifices herself to defeat Armisaelprotecting everyone in particular, Shinji from getting killed as all EVA's were out of commision.

Despite dying, Rei returns to life through NERV's cloning technology, and she still retains a vague remembrance of her past life. The trauma causes Rei to reflect more deeply on herself and her relationships, coming to antagonize Gendo as a result.

Thus, when Gendo tries to assume control over Instrumentality through her, she flat out rejects him and instead rushes to help Shinji. With Asuka From the moment Rei rejected Asuka's request to be friends in Episode 09, the two are set up to have different feelings for each other. Rei shrugs Asuka off at first as "the other Eva pilot" during her inner monologue in Episode 14, in part due to her lack of social skills. She is seen by Asuka as a stuck-up girl who thinks she's better then everyone else; constantly being picked on and nicknaming her "Wonder Girl".

On multiple occasions, when Rei is with Shinji - whether it be working or hanging out with him - Asuka gets more fired up [8]. Rei's silence only adds fuel to the fire when it's misinterpreted for arrogance. However, overtime, Rei becomes a lot more sturdy in standing up for herself. Starting in Episode 11, with overgrowing suspicion of Gendo, she shuts down Asuka's claim on being treated better then everyone else. It continues in Episode 16 when ignoring Asuka's frustration at Shinji getting the highest sync ratio and if she pilots the Eva for her own benefit instead of helping others.

Naturally, both moments are meant with bitterness. In Episode 22, after a long period of ignoring each other in an elevator ride, the two get into a heated argument with Rei trying to convince Asuka to calm down if she wants to improve her below average sync ratio stats. Asuka, with her downward descent into depression, lashes out more then usual at Rei, calling her Commander Ikari's doll and even slapping her when Rei says how she'll die if commanded to.

Even with Rei's best intentions, the image of her as a useless puppet stays planted in Asuka's mind throughout the series, and it is unknown if she ever comes to terms with it.