Doggett and reyes relationship marketing

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doggett and reyes relationship marketing

Reyes theorizes that a killer who critically wounded Doggett may have .. A.D. Brad Follmer, whose past relationship with Reyes makes him jealous of Doggett. Doggett teamed up with Special Agent Monica Reyes, who was working out of the Doggett and Kersh developed a bitter enmity, similar to the early relationship and framer with a retail shop near the gallery (nos and 20 Market Street). Doggett/Reyes "Relationship" = Implausible is a essay by Dana Doggett posted to Semper Fi, "a John Doggett & Scully/Doggett Fansite.".

After years of investigating several X-Files cases with Mulder, Scully had slowly grown to believe in the existence of the paranormal. Doggett therefore functioned as "the skeptic", while Scully somewhat served in Mulder's old position of "the believer".

Gradually, Doggett and Scully came to trust one another to some degree, although he and Mulder, who later returned and recovered from his abduction, remained untrusting of each other for some time. Later, he and Reyes narrowly escaped from Knowle Rohrerwho Doggett had discovered about a year prior was working for the conspiracy. At the end of the series, Doggett is likely a regular agent, as it appears that Kersh was forced to close down the X-Files division.

doggett and reyes relationship marketing

He similarly does not appear, and has yet to receive a mention, in the television revival of The X-Files.

Both Phillips and Bochner were considered for the role, but the producers eventually chose Robert Patrick. So, I think he was someone we all came up with together, but his voice came out of my head. But, it was something that was helped in a large degree by casting Robert Patrick. Sheriff's Homicide and was shooting its pilot episode. First of all, he's a knee jerk skeptic so he couldn't be more different than the character of Mulder.

He's an insider at the FBI, well liked, has buddies. Mulder, of course, he's been banished to the basement along with all of his X-files.

‘The X-Files’ Reboot: Annabeth Gish to Return as Agent Monica Reyes

So when he's put together with Agent Scully, who has become something of a reluctant believer, the dynamic on the show changes completely". Entertainment Weekly reviewer Ken Tucker said that Patrick's portrayal brought "hardboiled alertness" to the series, being overall positive towards the new character. Kim Manners Writer s: Vince Gilligan Writer s: Fleming, Michael; Adalian, Josef July 20, Retrieved November 27, Manners, Kim and Patrick, Robert Ryce, Lynette January 11, Tucker, Ken November 3, Reyes was attacked and had to defend herself against Billy Miles, who was shot at point-blank range and should have died, but didn't.

She was unable to prevent a large group of other supersoldiers like Billy Miles from joining him and watching Scully give birth to her son. Once the child was born, the aliens left as Mulder arrived in search of Scully. Directed by Reyes, Mulder found Scully and took her to a hospital.

Following her role in the delivery of Scully's son, WilliamMonica Reyes was assigned to the X-files by Agent Doggett, who assumed that right as he was investigating his superior in the FBI, Deputy Director Alvin Kershfor his dealings with the alien super-soldiers.

Reyes as she appeared two days after her assignment to the X-files. Two days after being assigned to the X-files, Monica visited an office in the FBI's headquarters that belonged to Brad Follmer, who she hadn't seen since and who was now an Assistant Director. AD Follmer provided her with proof that all evidence of Doggett's claim of a chase, crash and fire that had reportedly occurred in the parking garage of the FBI's headquarters had apparently been removed during the weekend, the previous two days in which Reyes and Doggett had not been at work.

Reyes later discovered that Mulder, who had also witnessed the chase, crash and fire, was missing without explanation. Additionally, she later first met the Lone Gunmen. While investigating the death of Carl WormusReyes and her colleagues encountered a super-soldier named Shannon McMahonwho had killed Carl Wormus and revealed information about a conspiracy within the US government to hide and develop a secret programme.

Apparently, the programme would prime America's population to breed a generation of super-soldiers by adding a chemical called chloramine to the nation's water supply.

doggett and reyes relationship marketing

Reyes alone was suspicious of Shannon McMahon and discovered that she herself was part of the conspiracy. Reyes and her colleagues also discovered a Navy ship, the USS Valor Victorywhere the ova of female abductees had been secretly being manipulated for transplantation.

Ultimately, however, Shannon McMahon was apparently killed by super-soldier Knowle Rohrer and the Valor Victory was destroyed by a bomb on board the craft that exploded moments after the agents managed to escape. Shortly after they became involved in the case, Reyes reportedly experienced a strong sense of evil that she couldn't explain and had never felt before. At a mental hospital where the murderer had been employed, Reyes and the other two agents encountered a patient who seemed to know about the murders.

Reyes suspected that the patient was in telepathic contact with the killer and she attempted to prove her suspicion. However, the murderer later shot himself to death before Reyes and her colleagues could intervene and the mental patient, who was actually a master manipulator, managed to escape by tricking the agents into believing he had been shot and killed. Reyes soon moved into an apartment at 67 Bennett Avenue, in a quiet neighborhood of uptown Washington, D. While Doggett was visiting her, Reyes received confusing news that he had been found unconscious after having been shot in an alley fourteen miles away.

After discovering that Doggett was no longer in her apartment and that he had indeed been shot, Reyes became extremely puzzled by the incident but was suspected by AD Follmer of having shot Doggett herself. She alone came to the unlikely conclusion that Doggett had been replaced by a nearly identical Doggett, who had been shot and consequently paralyzed moments after having come from a parallel universe.

She discovered that the man who had shot Doggett, Erwin Timothy Lukeshwas capable of traveling between universes and had killed her double in the parallel universe. Although she was attacked by Lukesh, who threatened to murder her again, Reyes was saved by AD Follmer, who shot and killed Lukesh.

After she turned off Doggett's life-support machine, believing that act would allow the Doggett of her universe to return, Reyes found herself back in her apartment at the time Doggett had been visiting her there. Only Reyes was aware of the events that had since transpired.

During her next investigation, Reyes became panicked when she and Doggett were surrounded by a swarm of flies. Later, she temporarily became trapped in a large webbed sac after unsuccessfully attempting to arrest a boy who represented a biological anomaly as he was neither human nor insect but something between those two.

Monica Reyes

Reyes and both her colleagues came to learn that the National Security Agency had been conducting intense video and audio surveillance on them without their knowledge. Reyes also learned that an NSA agent's baby and Scully's young son, William, had both exhibited seemingly telekinetic abilities.

Reyes looked after William while Scully continued to investigate the anonymous source, who was actually a supersoldier acting as the NSA agent's superior. However, when Scully's life was later endangered by the supersoldier, Reyes rescued Scully from being shot.

After Doggett went missing in Mexico while investigating the disappearance of Texan banker Hollis RiceReyes and a large task force searched for him. Reyes attempted to track Doggett down from the FBI's field office in San Antonio, Texas but, on the twelfth day of Doggett's disappearance, the search was limited by Kersh, who disbanded the task force and confined Reyes to the San Antonio field office. She alone was tasked with locating her FBI partner, though she was later helped by Scully and Skinner without authorization.

Reyes' familiarity with the Spanish language proved useful in both San Antonio and after she unofficially ventured into Mexico, where she eventually found Doggett on the thirteenth day of his disappearance.

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As all memory of his identity had been taken from him, Reyes helped him remember who he was, including the painful recollection of his son's murder. She, along with Doggett, managed to escape from police officers who shot at the agents as they were under the supervision of a cartel that had been responsible for the disappearances of Doggett and Hollis Rice.

While she investigated the murders with Doggett and Scully, Reyes provided an unparalleled insight into the case. She was captured by the murderer, a local detective named Van Allenbut was soon released and ultimately discovered that her interest and insightful intuition regarding the case was apparently due to her investigation of similar, unsolved murders in several past lives.

Each time, the murderer, who was now Van Allen, had killed four victims.