Diana and hasnat khan relationship problems

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diana and hasnat khan relationship problems

Diana ended relationship, says Hasnat Khan. Hasnat Khhan The only problem in the blossoming relationship was the media. They would. Dr Hasnat Khan: Diana film betrayed our love “Part of the problem is that I work in an environment where there is a constant chart the story of his relationship with the princess. relationship with Diana is rubbish. Dr Hasnat Khan, Princess Diana's former lover, has spoken out criticise the film Diana, which portrays the Princess's love affair with the Pakistani doctor. Prince George Never Knew', Jemima says Diana sought her advice.

diana and hasnat khan relationship problems

Was it really her way of taking revenge and trying to get Hasnat back? And was there a possibility that, if she hadn't been in the car that night, Diana and Hasnat would have found a happier ending?

diana and hasnat khan relationship problems

But as I started contacting Diana's circle of friends, a different version of her story began to emerge. Diana is the one who actually decided they weren't suited. It had nothing to do with religion or her fame. She didn't think he would be the best person to help co-parent William and Harry. She didn't think Hasnat was a suitable father figure. He had his own issues and she didn't want to give the royal family an excuse to find fault with whoever she chose to end up with.

She just couldn't risk it.

Princess Diana's former lover Dr Hasnat Khan says new film is based on 'hypotheses and gossip'

Her family was pulled apart after her parents split and her mother lost custody. The last thing Diana wanted was for William and Harry to have anything resembling her own upbringing. She and Charles had finally been granted a divorce in and together they had been able to shelter the children from much of the drama playing out on the front pages of the newspapers. And that was top of her mind when she walked away from him.

Facts About Diana's Relationship With Hasnat Khan That Will Explain So Much

In the end, Diana was very honest with Hasnat about why he wasn't right for her. She loved him but not enough to compromise.

diana and hasnat khan relationship problems

The challenges were extreme and plentiful. She said she'd never met anybody like him. Khan recalled to police that once when the couple was out at a pub, Diana wanted to order the drinks because it was something she'd never had the chance to do before.

diana and hasnat khan relationship problems

Khan has always been tight-lipped about the emotional aspects of their relationship, offering only sterile compliments such as that she was "very down to earth and she made everyone feel at ease. Their love affair started out top secret. When calling the hospital, Diana would leave messages for Khan using the name "Dr. Armani," according to the Guardianand when going out with Khan, Diana sometimes went so far as to disguise herself with a black wig and dark sunglasses.

For one thing, Diana was hounded by paparazzi at every turn, and that was not a world Khan wanted to be a part of.

Diana ended relationship, says Hasnat Khan

He and Diana couldn't make it work. Jemima Khan, a friend of Diana's and wife of Hasnat's distant cousin, told Vanity Fair that Diana was "madly in love" with Hasnat Khan and "wanted to marry him, even if that meant living in Pakistan. Diana may have tried to make Khan jealous.

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View photos Photo credit: Getty More In the final summer of her life, Diana caused a stir when she was photographed aboard a yacht embracing Dodi Al-Fayed, the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, who was then the owner of the famed department store Harrods.

Years later, Khan would reveal that he had heard about Diana's relationship with Fayed on the radio. His eventual marriage in lasted barely 18 months. Dr Khan realised that if they married, they would have to live in Pakistan to have any chance of a normal life together. There was no way the Queen or Prince Charles would have allowed the heir to the throne to be raised abroad for any length of time.

Dr Khan said last year: Everyone wants a relationship to be going somewhere. She said her final farewells. Her publicity-seeking behaviour was, say her girlfriends, targeted at just one man: Of course, we will never know her real motives. It is part of the mystery that remains Diana.

Certainly her romance with Dr Khan was highly unusual, although she had long since thrown away the handbook on how to be a conventional princess. As for Dr Khan, he now works as a heart surgeon at a private clinic in Basildon, Essex, while quietly building a charitable cardiology unit in Pakistan. His aim is to provide free care for poor children in this rural region, something the princess and the doctor talked of nearly two decades ago.